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When they tilt
towards the light
they dissolve
into droplets of joy
and run like water
into my heart
Clouds streak the
setting sun’s radiance,
like waves, like feathers
bowing leftward. A soft
rain falls, a breeze blows
gently from the west.
And from me the sound
of pipes, of words and
exultation, lamentation.
It is in me that the sunset
is exulted. It is in me that
the border of the blue and
purple is seen, the amber
of the center. Around me
the gloaming is falling.
I see, and am whole. I live,
and am not fractured.
This is evening.
This is evening.
vanishing tail
after three the rock
goes with it
white petals
now the clouds have
white petals are drifting
between clouds
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