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Poetic T Jun 2018
oblivious to surrounding
seeing inner strength

a cane guides
I aged a small number of hours,
     none the worse
since posting about Daylight Savings Time,
     a radiant playful verse

teasingly succeeded against being terse,
a cogent tangential thread,
     where passage of "time"
     ranks front and center

     this central theme constitutes cultish obsession
     with vibrant youthfulness
     as if senescence a crime imposed
(at birth) on every purse

son, thus a healthy and prominant grow wing
(nee bursting out all over)
     market and cottage industries didst swing
into high gear (make that overdrive)

     addressing telomeres shortcomings
     justifies tamper ring
with chromosomal genes
     to sustain bug eyed sales figures,

     asper amazing grace full spy king
scales into the stratosphere,
     with cosmetic surgeons *** ping
where, (particularly among
     baby boomer generation)

     appear younger looking than offspring
(albeit, whereat either gender undergoing
     bust ting bosoms and tightening tushies)
     to foster said tune, where billions of dollars

     come into play, I haint joe king
this feeding frenzy removing without a trace
     (of surgeon's needle) unsightly wrinkles,
     stretch marks, blemishes, et cetera
     (over a life time) fulfilling vanity

in the name of eternal quest to dupe biology
     paying mega bucks postponing twilight/ evening
years not yielding to depredations when dotage
a stark reminder what natural aging doth bring

superficial (skin deep) transformations,
     which cannot reboot major organs
     allowing elderly to rock with van
halen again, since primary maximal apex

     i.e. post adolescence/
     early adulthood marked urban
boisterous antics, the tacitly accepted behavior,
     that would appear down right foolish

     as if elders played kick the can
     if chronologically old geezers let Mother Nature
     rightfully round up steering committee
     gently rowing rickety ship of lovely bones
     dutifully paying (chump change) to the bargeman.
Christmas spirit!
Come on... let me hear it!
Christmas spirit!
Good math!
That's some holiday smarts, Jake!
But if you add another, that's a holiday heartbreak!

I took everything, and I chased you
I knew, I put a lot of things at stake
For the amazing feeling from you which I ache
True love, I know this, you and I can make
I simply fall for the same things
Despite the past mistakes
I thought with me and you
Both of our hearts were caught

..Simply not true
Cecil Miller Sep 2017
Ain't no woman for me, no, no,
'Cept the Lady Annabelle.
I'm gonna tell the story,
'Bout how she put me through hell.

I said to my Lady,
"You can have whatever you claim."
She took her box to the Northern fields;
She filled her box with the sugar cane.

I said, "Why'd ja have to break my heart?
Why'd ja have to break my heart?"

Aint't no kind of feeling
Like when your heart is in some pain.
And it don't help at all to know
She filled her box with the sugar cane.

I said, "Why'd ja have to break my heart?
Why'd ja have to break my heart?"
Facebook me at CJ Miller to hear a rough draft musical version. This is the start of lyrics to be set to a slow to moderate blues bass rhythm.
John West Oct 2015
I am typing on a keyboard
I dream about fords
But unfortunately
I can't afford them
To me they are a gem
A gem that stems
From my brain
One day I'll have to use a cane
breadwords May 2014
i walk like a melted elephant against the pouring onslaught of cloud’s breath,
swallowed down the swollen gutters of chicagoan generosity,
pounding the fluorescent orange asphalt,
pressing into the dampened niches of the night,
and cooling the hot entrenchments of
a million angry soldiers deep down,
O! way down deep,
deep down in
the river and the rain.

— The End —