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Imagine the frustration
of one's soul as it observes
the mind and the body
thinking and acting in ways
so contrary to it's being
Set me afloat
on a slow moving river
Aboard an old raft
with Pop's rocking chair
I'd puff on my pipe
and rock on the water
waving goodbye
to the world's phantom cares
I did not know
where I was heading
for most of the night
with a drink in each hand

Until I woke
early the next morning
face down on the beach
one eye in the sand
Tom Dodd Aug 2
How fitting the dog
ignores the one who mocks him
How telling
that it amuses me so
Tom Dodd Aug 2
No wind blows harder
than from those
who think they know everything
Tom Dodd Aug 2
There are those
who have been blessed
with a high education
Schooled in the arts
of the finest prose

Perhaps wisdom's not found
in a storehouse of knowledge
But begins with awareness
of what one does not know
Tom Dodd Jul 26
Go to sleep my friend
Your day's at an end
No use in re-living it
again and again

Gather up all your troubles
and pack them away
Leave them high on a shelf
for some other day
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