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M Vogel Oct 2020

How do I stop looking..
when do I let go?
Your need is my view
(my access to you)
and if and when   you
no longer need me..
then I'll smile  a smile;
but until then,  I
would even
pull you to me as
my own, forever-
   if that is what you need.
And for that,
part of me wants to
but the better side of me
wants to say,

    you’re welcome.

Maybe all those things
you already understand  
from me
but one thing I know for sure--

if you keep moving towards the good
you are going to be
view-******* for life,

     in the best of ways.


     and you’re welcome.

In this place, can you reassure me
with a touch, a smile  
while the cradle's burning
all the while the world is turning to noise
Oh the more that it's surrounding us
the more that it destroys
turn up the signal
wipe out the noise.

Man, I'm losing sound and sight
of all those who can tell me
wrong from right--
when all things beautiful and bright
sink in the night
Yet there's still something in my heart
that can find a way
to make a start

To turn up the signal
Wipe out the noise.

codice verba
Radhika Lusted Sep 2020
When life gives you lemons
What do you say?
Do you keep them for yourself?
Or give them away?

Will they be sour if you eat them?
Or sweet if you leave them?
You’ll never really know
If you never receive them 🍋
Malina May 2020
i give more than i receive
and i wonder if i deserve more.
but if meeting half way,
and giving less than i feel,
is how to gain equality in our love,
i don't want it.

i can't pretend there's no pit in my stomach
or tug on my heart
or smile on my face
whenever i see you.

no matter what i do,
i can't make your fire burn brighter,
and hotter
for me.

so am i naive to stay
for the affection i receive
when it takes more than it gives?
or is that just love:
it's imperfect.
and i choose it,
every day.
just thoughts- i overthink and overanalyse everything so i'm definitely creating a problem that's not there so it's better to write it down than dwell
Amanda Kay Burke May 2020
I spent my last birthday in tears
I won't make that mistake again

Walking in the woods to clear my thoughts
With birds keeping me melodic company

I give a round of applause after their impromptu performance

The attention they receive from me is the attention I hope for on my special day this year
The way they they make their exit is the way I wish I could make my entrance
On wings
Landing from an elegant flight fashionably late

But bones are not quite hollow enough yet
And I'll cry if I want to
I stand upon the mountaintop
And raise my banner high
I feel the inner confidence
A strength I won’t deny

Though obstacles I daily meet
These hindrances I shun
For with my constant confidence
Unless I quit - I’ve won

My banner I display to all
That they too may achieve
I cultivate my confidence
And always I receive
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MisfitOfSociety Jul 2019
I got to rediscover my lost communication.
Open up and be a receiver for enlightenment.
I feel happy the more I look at you,
But while looking at you,
I also receive pain times two,
Because I remember that I can't have you.

As long as I am happy to see you,
I don't care how many knives will cut through.
I don't care if I'm not the reason for that smile of yours,
As long as I see that it is yours,
It will still be the greatest view.
My bunnyyy
japheth Jun 2019
i have so much


to give



to receive.
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