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Authors Quote: "Trust in His power" he said, I was lost like doubting Thomas
displaced in a moment of doubt and erased from all of certainty

Questions unanswered for so long plagued at my senses
if only I had a crystal ball, then I'd know for sure
Dreams that never had a chance skirt my dis-satisfaction
steam opened by the pressure of my two hopeless hands

"Trust in His power" he repeated while recanting the bible
if only I had Faith the size of a mustard seed then
I'd grow tall and secure just like the Sequoia tree  
on a snow packed mountain, soaked to the bone with TRUST

Years of not understanding the simple truths of Him
if only He hadn't picked a cankerous mole like me
"Everyone should be proud to be called son and daughter"
this is what he said, then He whispered, " Come to me !"
(Title taken from Sara Etgen-Baker)

In this little island before my house
I hear not a sound not even a mouse
muted trees of valor stand still in grace
I think I almost won the race

Tracks of history live here on this island
I recall the day you took me by the hand
nearer to forever I feel so content
no leaf is stirring inside this tent

A silent symphony plays on in my head
needling my heart like pliable soft thread    
In this little island before my house,
I hear not a sound not even a mouse.
Oh heart of mine be still as feathered quill
like poetry Divine we are well paired, consigned    
Oh self of innermost desire stoke me like fire  
and fill my hub with poetic bliss attire
Oh love, oh love, my dove, fit me like a glove !

Oh joy of my soul bring forth your kiss
in fervent mesmur draw me in and sweet concur  
Oh  jewel of my pine, be my templed nave    
my loyal stave that saves
Oh love, oh love, my dove, your sent from up above

Oh enchanted one immobile as the noon day sun
steady as a rock you stand as you take me by the hand
Oh lover of eyes, lips and ears make room  
for a rose of scented value, I am yours,  
Oh love, oh love, my dove, fly me to the moon

Oh love, oh love, my guy, please don't be shy
say you'll be mine until the day we die.
Quote: Put on the dauntless spirit of resolution.  
By William Shakespeare *
Fearless as the moon on a non lit night
this old warrior soul of mine keeps on
Settled within this omnipresent light
I feel safe here and I can do no harm
Undaunted in a sky filled with promise
a brave soldier both bold and valiant
is spirited through an Angel's dromos
by a catadromous hour, of fragment
Audacious as the stars that light the way
this former fighter willful as the rain
will search for his relief then seize the day
as even dregs of pain will soon refrain
This restlessness fighter soon will cease his roam,  
then he will finally know, he reached His Home
Quote by Author: Each one of us owns a spark of the Infinite,
and since the soul is imperishable, we can go on forever !  

Every thought and every action causes a reaction  
and since your life is a magnetic field
your energies are the catalysts for creation and devotion.  

If you are kind, sincere,  accepting and possess self control
then you will attract positivity in your life.  
Your positive behavior and rightful speech is a reflection
of your soul's power and  its infinite ability for goodness.  
You are most capable of affecting others with authentic
karmic genuity,
if you live everday with purpose, and benevolent intention.
Love is a breath of fresh air in the park, a sapling inhaling sunshine
Open your heart to it and it will surely make you feel wonderful    
Veer towards it and it will take you through the dance of life
Each and every one of us is capable of such, just don't ask too much

Icebergs melt at the sight of it, so do icecaps in Love's Hemisphere
Scintillating emotions bubble up when it draws close, so enjoy it !

Eager to please love is always on the roll cruising right past go
Veer towards it and it will take you through the dance of life
Eye candy it is not, its much more than that, its enduring and strong
Regard it with great passion and zeal, for it is something you can't steal
Grow with it and know that when its true love, it never dies, like the    
Rose, even when the petals fall away, the memory of its scent remains  
Enameled in your heart forever and a day, Love is like the evergreen tree
Enlisted in nature's plea, it is always well taken care of, by the devotee  
Night never closes in on it without a sweet goodnight, love oh love, it is !
Quote by: Tom Woody

Every sunset closes the door on a day of pain and sorrow. And each sunrise opens a window to a fresh, new start. What will you do with yours?

A sunrise yawns and suddenly I'm born again, to hope and joy
within the windows of my soul a shutter opens and I slide
glad that the sunset has blanketed my body with marrows of dark

From blush of night to pink of day, I dance upon God's open sky
enclosed inside a heaven where even Angels sigh
happy to be part of a Universe I sit enfolded tween' the stars

Surrounded by God's love it matters not the time of day or night
as I shift from dark to light with eyes wide open true
I know that Mother Earth will open wide her arms to me and you

A chasmal moment of grace appears on the horizon to break the morn
encircled by flowers, trees and rivers, I know that life is good
no matter how many hours night throws at me feet
no matter how much pain or sorrow I feel, I will never be defeated.
Poem by: Mystic Rose
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