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I am a man who's not difficult to love
I will love vulnerably and intensely
Never compare you with any other
And my only expectation will be that
Our love belongs to only you and I

Within the sparkle of the sun the music of your eyes
and on your scented pillow a sudden flash of truth    
"we can reach the other side"
Silken kisses that slide inside my heart
full of memory ray  
Whispered secrets that make no sense
innocence of one lovely afternoon
what better way to spend our three o'clock
then wrapped inside each other's gauze, ;
emotionally in love like the first day we met
we sparkle like the sun, matching each others smile  
More brilliant then a thousand watts
More jubilant then seventh heaven
More blessed then angels at the archery of God
we are, ... thank you  !
I bequeath to my heart none else then pure love
and in the meantime all that is me around me and inside me  
I entrust to my Father in heaven;
Each and every thought I think, all feelings I insip
I bring forth to the alter of His mercy;  
I pray for strength and understanding, by the settle of my night  
May He send forth His Angels of  consort
and help me to attain a fitful sleep
as I breathe slowly and deeply, into the arms of love .
I cannot tell you what love is for it is not tangible like cement  
but I can tell you this, you cannot beg for it borrow it nor rent
I never did quite figure out what makes it come what makes it go
one thing I know for sure is this, when I near it I begin to glow

Love is not an easy word to whisper in the thick of angered rage
nor is it something you can slip between the lines of a written page
Love is to be lived without devour from patience to understanding
you need to treat it like gold, if its to be your Lancelot of everlasting

I could never pin the moment of love's conception nor when it died
but the one thing I did realize with age is this, if its real its bona fide
if life is a gift, love is the all enduring essence of all that is good in me
and I cannot imagine giving it to someone, without giving it for free

I cannot tell you what love is for sure, but I can tell you its all I need
love is a two sided sword, it makes you happy or it makes you bleed
I never did quite figure out what makes it come what makes it go
but one thing I know for sure is this, when I near it I begin to glow.

Quoting: Veritia Venandi  "Eternal light shines through darkest eclipse "

When the heart breaks down and darkness wraps the soul
like a shawl made of wool with web like little aching holes
We long for the break of dawn to arrive and for stars to leave behind
their itsy bitsy spark of light
When we have been devoured by deception
lied and left to be discarded ,
the only thing that blesses is the morning
with her absolvent light ;
For what crime does a heart do when all it does is love
to the point of no return,  
what heart can stand the test of time once cracked in two?
It needs the tenacity of eternal light,  
even through the darkest of eclipse,
it needs a fighting chance, to cleave the night.

We are like the four seasons of the earth, spring, summer ,fall and winter
First we are born like newborn babes springing into life by push of womb
then we are pulsing like heartbeats in a world that surrounds our battle cry  
Slowly we become summer letting our branches stretch strong and solid,
we still have spring in our step but we now got fires of July in our blood ;
Then falls arrives and places burnished reds and golds in our aging coat,
flecks of wisdom in our eyes and laughter lines around our aging mouth ;
Winter arrives and kisses us with her frozen dollops of snowflakes, it is
then that we first realize that our limbs are not as subtle as they used to be.
We are like the four seasons and for a good reason
one minute we are a lighthouse , a beacon
and the next we are like clothing, out of season
Time is everything and nothing in this journey of self discovery
we need to keep pace with ourselves and change accordingly
If we are to reach a ripe age of reason, then we must learn to love
each and every season of our life.
Do I Hear Amen to that ?

Tick tock the stop watch goes round without a sound
counting the minutes and seconds that surround us
We live our lives quietly turning hours into making
while our dreams  wait, whether realized or not they
stay within the realm of our life's lifetime, tick tock...
There are years of building up there are years of
paring down,.  There are years of joyful giving,
then there are years , we don't count as living.
Some of us hold on to the golden ring until the end
and some of us give up long before the diner bell
Some of us rehash the same old things and habits
some of us make changes that will last a lifetime
Tick tock, the stop watch has a mind of its own .
Sometimes we live as two, and other times alone,
We cannot measure the quality of a lifetime by
just one hour. It has to be measured in the end  
of ones lifetime. Either way it  will always arrive on
time, according to our internal clocks.  Tick tock...
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