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Bellpepper Jun 2021
Just because the social media is silent,
doesn't mean you're safe.
Israel violated the ceasefire. Palestine is still suffering. The Genocide is still going on. The ethnic cleansing is still going on. The Israeli settlers and police/army are still beating up innocent Palestinians. Kids are still dying. Just because this isn't trending on Social Media doesn't mean we're done yet. Palestine...we're with you.
Israa Sheikh May 2021
From the river to the sea,
Palestine will be free.
We want no death, we want no violence
But test us once, we won't show tolerance.
We value all lives,
Because all lives matter
We held our courage high,
We won't let it shatter.
Test us one or test us all,
We stand united and we won't fall.
We value the lives no matter he or she,
from the river to the sea
Palestine SHOULD be free!
All lives matter!
Bellpepper May 2021
Dear Palestinian women,
I'm sorry
I let them

**** your son
Like I

Let them

**** your father

And I'm sorry
I've been so ignorant

But I

Promise you

I won't

Let you down again.
Innocent Palestinians are being killed. Let's pray for the casualties and donate to them.
AA May 2021
My heart breaks
it aches
Everytime i go on a platform
and see all of the unjustice in this world

It aches,
It breaks,
at least ten times a day
all over again, when I see the leaders treating unjustice like a play
Free palestine
Moji K Dec 2015
let me paint this picture
let me put it straight

his eyes closed for the last time

she lingers but a moment
her fingers on his cheek

his lips are ashen grey
the smile from before now so far away

he carried his flag with pride

his standard flew so high
but they shot him in his street

his martyred soul with the god he loved
his mother left praying over his shell

a nation chained
a voice lost

mothers left broken children left crying
a clan, a nation, a blood that is dying
no intent to support terrorism. this is a poem about the unjust occupation of palestine.
Karl Oct 2014
lying in the street
a thin shell
and broken on the inside

some ****** with a gun
rifles for the kids
at the storefront

let them learn
before they can’t forget

i say
this will run
as deep and dark as you allow
whether or not you can tell

         get on your feet
          it’s a thin wall
         and won’t weather the shells

i tell you
we americans have agreed
you are either prisoners or refugees
and we must know which

if you are prisoners
you are criminals

if you are refugees
you are blameless

there is no room in our heads
for honest prisoners

and no such thing as
a guilty refugee

tell me brothers
what crimes have you committed
to be in such a prison
how black are your hearts

tell me sisters
what monstrosity displaced you
what savages took your home
let me help you

a man from here once said
let those without sin
send the first rocket

tell me, friends
who is to blame
because we in america
need to know
who to root for
Afiifa Jeylani Jul 2014
What's shameful is that you support those who claim to be oppressed, whereas the rest of us are left in stress.

But, you know what makes me laugh. You think that you're blessed, when the reality of it is...
You're in fact, obsessed.

You worship the oppressor, whilst your people protest and request that you suppress the genocide that you believe is their mess.

Shame, I forgot... It's just a contest.

Cafiifa Jeylani ©
Scary yeah, but honestly I was fuming when I wrote this poem. So yeah I hope you guys like it ✌️
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