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Lost Indeed Jan 2022
I am tired.
I just want want to watch TV.
And write poems.
I want to lay by the sea.
And love someone more than me.

I wanna cry.
But I have no tears.
I want to dance.
But I have no ears.

But then, you came along.
And I realized that we are both sinners of the same kind.
Singers to the same song.
Both are pieces of a broken mind.
Lost Indeed Dec 2021
Falling in love with you.
Is a gamble that I know I will lose.
A doubt I won't have.
A question I won't make.
A chance I will take.
A warm I will crave.
Lost Indeed Sep 2021
I shall walk this earth alone
To forsake what is mine.
I will write all poems and sing all songs.
To find what is gold that doesn't shine.

I will dance to the stars.
And meet all gods.
I want to fly my heart to mars.
To conquer all the odds.
Lost Indeed Sep 2021
There is a tear in my eyes but it doesn't belong to me.
It was harvested by your words.
And cursed by your seed.

The path is carved.
To the silver river flow.
My heart is now broken.
Because you took my soul.
Lost Indeed Sep 2021
If I had to dream about you.
It would take me a thousand nights for the eyes.
Cause in the windows of your soul.
I lost mine.

You dance to no songs.
But you move to the colors of the sky.
Maybe Im just colorblind to your emotions.
And deaf to your poems.
Lost Indeed May 2021
I am not sure if I am alive.
But here the sun is good and I can see the sky.
I can feel that the end will me make me cry.
But we will enjoy today or at least we will try.
Lost Indeed Apr 2021
I would say that in my life.
I've seen the dark and the light.
I fought for what I thought was right.
And I saw the end with fiery pride.
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