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they always talk,
but can't listen.
it's okay.
i'll listen to your stories,
every detail of them.

when i look at the mirror,
i always think you're pretty.
so don't compare yourself with others
and just focus on us.

you were always so selfless.
but honestly,
among other people,
i love you the most.

i would fight fiercely
yet wait patiently
for you.
so please, accept me.
love yourself.
Nala Alfira Jul 17
you didn’t notice that i’m fading
you have your family
i don’t have mine
you were
for you who are alone in this pandemic, we're in this together
Nala Alfira Oct 2020
my chest's burning like
i'm ready to slam my phone
and i'm just so sick of

adjusting my feelings
revising my words
setting up my smiles

to keep everyone happy
avoid another contrariety
runaway from the reality

a baby born crying then
you forced her to laugh
i recently realized this is not healthy
Nala Alfira Oct 2020
why do we born
to be weak
to be owned
to recover alone

why do we taught
not to say no
not to be heard
not to be complete
Nala Alfira Oct 2020
you were right in front of me
but i missed you so bad
like you're not there

you only wanted to be loved
why can't i give it
why can't we
to each other
i'm sorry, i
didn't love you enough
Nala Alfira Sep 2020
i've invited her to
a dark place which
is called my mind and
she stayed with me

i've taken her to
a rushing river which
is called my tears and
she swam in deep

i've walked her through
an eggshells path which
is called my traumas and
she held me tight

i don't even feel like
i need to make her stay
cause she will
this level of trust is... rare
Nala Alfira Sep 2020
i don't hate you
i fear you

and you make me stay by
teaching me that

to love is to fear and
to fear is to love
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