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Nala Alfira May 2022
it's such a wonder that
these hardness and roughness
make me softer and gentler

after i fathom the devil's story
the downstream is a sea of mercy
wisdom unravels the impurity

and someday when you laid down, wrinkled
i'll say no curse, but apology
and pacifying eulogy

for i hope you'll land on grass too, not fire
and we left with amnesia of the bad blood
only peace and party in our eternal world
Nala Alfira May 2022
can you be brave enough
to acknowledge that it was just
a fateful unfortune

can you be strong enough
to accept and let go of
what's been taken from you

can you be merciful enough
to see your monstrous form
and shower her with love

you can endure anything
if you let yourself to
what to do when you revisit your traumatic memory
Nala Alfira Apr 2022
sometimes it's not the money
but the way it was taken

sometimes it's not the bruises
but the memory

sometimes it's not the wording
but the meaning

sometimes it's not the action
but the intention
and the implication
that hurts
Nala Alfira Feb 2022
the light ripped the darkness apart
and in that daybreak i see my future

things i nurture will be taken away
dreams i want will never come true
people i love, i'll need to let go
pain i suffer, i'll have to endure

i'll lose it all,
but i'll be fine
as long as i remember you,
i'm complete
about coping with recurring traumatic life events
Nala Alfira Dec 2021
it's beyond your control
why cry over it?

it's not yours
why claim to own it?

'no' is just a result of two random possibilities
take it, leave it, grow out of it
one-sided friendship hurts me more than the romantic ones
Nala Alfira Nov 2021
am i a trophy
am i a crown
am i a flower
in your bouquet
do i shine
like a gold
in your eyes
you make me feel like a lifeless object
Nala Alfira Oct 2021
what you need to ignore
is the people who hurt you
not the pain they've caused
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