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Lila 6d
Tapping Talking Yelling Running Laughing Crying

Too loud it’s too loud

Pressure on my shoulders is what sets me off

ITS TOO LOUD AND I AM too tired to comprehend everything
Lila Mar 25
One day I will wear a crown and it will not fall
One day I will look in the mirror and say “ you’re beautiful “
One day I will dance without a care in the world
One day I will be a confident queen and I will rule my mind, it will not rule me
Lila Feb 8
Are the stars really gone in the bright of the day
Or do they just retreat until the night comes there way
What do the stars do while they hideaway
Do they dance through the sky to make the birds proud
Or do they sleep in their beds made up of clouds
If the stars really do just go away when the sky is no longer that dark shade of gray
Then how will they know when it’s their time to play
Lila Feb 2020
Stars fill the sky and light up the night, but for some reason that doesn’t count as a miracle

Colorful flowers grow out of the earth but somehow that isn’t impressive

The world is constantly turning but we don’t get dizzy and people don’t think it’s incredible

Why can’t everyone see that little things are miracles too the fact that we’re even alive is a miracle in itself
Lila Dec 2019
Some people think I’m weak because I cry all the time but really I’ve been holding everything in to long

Some people think I’m easily scared because I’m tiny and sweet but really I’ve looked in the face of fear and yelled at it to go away

Some people think I’m Vulnerable and that they can use me because I’m indecisive but the thing they don’t know is that I’m fine being by myself

People misjudge me often but I don’t look my part
Lila Dec 2019
Sometimes I wonder if you look closely at my eyes, you can see every thought from my head and every image that I’ve seen?

Sometimes I wonder if my cheeks show the tears I’ve cried, as if they leave an indent on me

Sometimes I wonder if if you look at my smiling face, can you see all the words I’ve said all the cry’s for help I’ve silently whispered?

Sometimes I wonder if you look at my hands, can you see that I’ve used them as weapons against myself?

Sometimes I wonder if you look at me close enough you can read my whole story, every thought, every tear, every word, every touch can you see the indent that life has left on me?
Lila Dec 2019
I look at all the girls with their perfect hair and their eyes sparkling or their new shirt

They hold there boyfriends hand and know someone thinks they are pretty

I watch romance movies and so badly wish for it to come true

I read books about perfect guys who always know how to say the right thing

I sit there just wishing for a boy to tell me I’m pretty and make me laugh

But I just keep waiting And waiting and waiting
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