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Kylprin Dec 2020
Stand there sit there have you forgotten
About your car honestly
Drive by standby waiting
For her love to stay
One love two love three love waiting
Look up above
Fall down crawl around lately
It doesn't look like she's coming around today
But tommorow is another day I'll be waiting
In the drive thru in my van
I'll be singing to your favorite bands
What a mysterious land
Kylprin Dec 2020
I can't believe you listen to the radio
Funky songs and static news
I love this tune
Starry night and bright lights
I can't wait until I feel right
Kylprin Dec 2020
Together forever
That is what was thought of
But it is gone and forgotten
What could two lovers do
I thought of the promise that was long but not forgotten on what we were supposed to be
I lay here with the memories of a forgotten lovery
How could two lovers be
Kylprin Feb 2019
Sunny days watered eyes
No matter what close your eyes
Tear out what's inside
Kylprin Feb 2019
Loud world I find silence
Love my own pain
Don't want to forget yesterday
Wash away the pain
Bullet in my brain
It won't take it away
Sitting idle and awake  
I won't forget my mistakes
Kylprin Feb 2019
Ohhh plant my garden, keep the weeds I have a need

Take me to the fruit they seem to not be able to grow

I must labour another year

Please forgive me dear

I forgot to say I planted your seed

If only you wait a year you can see what it can be

Ohh please

Forget the failed growths I believed
Kylprin Feb 2019
I've gone to go
Somewhere I don't know
I've read online that I'll be just fine

— The End —