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Low-Key Jun 2016
Waiting for the train to go or the bus to come
Or for the plane to go or the mail to come

Waiting for the phone to ring
Or for the day we become king

Waiting for it to rain or snow
Or for that river to gurgle and flow

Waiting for the answer yes or no
Or for the day we can visit the places we want to go

Waiting for the day we meet the one
Or for the time we make a home run

Waiting for the good news
Or for the day we don't make  an excuse

Waiting for the light to change from red
Or for the roads that lie  ahead

Waiting for our health to get better
Or for the that acceptance letter

Waiting for  the day we can retire
Or to feel inspired

Waiting for the right guidance to come our way
Or for the day everything will be okay

Waiting for those fights to end
Or for the day we won't have to pretend

Waiting for things to happen , we all have a queue
Or maybe we should stop waiting and just do.
All around the world , people are waiting for something to happen , for that one miracle , stop waiting for your life change , be the change

— The End —