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Waiting for your life to begin

Waiting for your team to win

Waiting for the bus to arrive

Waiting for your kid to strive

Waiting for the rain to pass

Waiting for the bell after class

Waiting for the job of your dream

Waiting for things to become what they seem

Waiting for inspiration to come

Waiting to become rich and then some

Waiting for a person to change

Waiting for motion to become a range

Waiting for a bad mood to disappear

Waiting for your head to clear

Waiting for your boss to see your worth

Waiting for heaven on earth

Waiting for what is your due

Waiting for a cue

Waiting for someone to understand

Waiting for your enemies to be banned

Waiting for the world to get better

Waiting for that liberating letter

Waiting for something that will never come

Waiting for things to become undone

Waiting for wisdom to teach you

that waiting is just loosing time to get through

things I don't want to see

things I dont' want to show


a mirror showing the real me

a mirror not making me glow


the enemy speaks to me

the enemy hinders me to grow


a battle between the enemy and me

a battle I'm not always willing to owe


the worst and the best of me

the worst I would like to stow


the real me should be set free

the real me should be able to flow


it seems logical to always be me

it seems not always easy though
Sail the seas of life
get lost
be found

Fight everyday battles
win some
loose many

Discover life's mysteries
receive criticism
be rewarded

See the beauty of it all
a funny cloud
a falling leaf

Look for guidance
find my way
do it right

Realise that someone's help
can be asked for
feels good

Notice that someone's advice
can be wrong
can be right

Come to the conclusion
that the only guide
is me
learning lessons
my way
She says: the rain is beautiful

He thinks: I hate getting wet

She says: let's go for hot chocolate

He thinks: I just want to go home

She says: we should go hiking tomorrow

He thinks: I loathe crawling through the woods

She says: I love you

He thinks: she is beautiful


He says: yes it has its charm

She thinks: he is romantic

He says: that will warm us up

She thinks: he does everything I want

He says: anything you'd like my dear

She thinks: I'm so lucky we like the same things

He says: I love you too

She thinks: he is ugly
I hold my breath
at our boys at play
not noticing
that I am watching

I hold my breath
looking into your eyes
washed over
by all this love

I hold my breath
following a bird's flight
rising high above
becoming a dot

I hold my breath
smelling freshly cut grass
childhood dreams

I hold my breath
at the blowing wind
playing with leaves
on our trees

I hold my breath
to achieve a stillness
to center myself
on importance

I hold my breath
just to calm down
my running
through life

I hold my breath
almost every day
just to savour
my happiness
When you plant a seed

you do not know where it might lead.

Will it become a pretty bead?

Or will it grow into wild ****?

When you plant a seed

you do not know what it might need.

Will it know how to proceed?

Or will it grow up to exceed?

When you plant a seed

you will have to concede

that it will get its own feed

that it will grow at its own speed
The one who grieves
the fallen leaves
weary eyed, closing eaves
they are taken by thieves

The one who believes
the fallen leaves
are a past he never retrieves
interfering with the life he weaves

The one who perceives
the fallen leaves
as parts of him plucked off his sleeves
an unfolding he peeves

The one who achieves
to see fallen leaves
as past gifts one receives
for the growth that relieves
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