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C G Andrews Jul 2012
Let's let the men talk.
I'm tired of women ******* about
inequality when they choose not to
do equal work.

Our system is fair.
It's proven that a woman will
rise to an equal position as a
man if they put the same effort
into the job.

Don't you have kids?
Why are you competing for
my job when you have
a family to support?

What?  Women are more likely
to make a rational decision?
There's science behind the logical
mind of women?  Your decisions
are not wrapped around your
menstrual cycles?

That's ridiculous.
Go back to the kitchen.
Let's let the men talk.
C G Andrews Jul 2012
I dream of sand.
I found it years after the war
in my socks or pants or boots and
it remained with me.

My washer is no longer filled
with it and my clothes no longer
abrade my skin but yet I still
dream of sand.

I have ceased to dream of bullets
and blood.  I dream now of the
glimmer of hope on a weather-
beaten face.  I dream of strength
and courage.

These are not dreams of brave
"American" soldiers doing their
duty, but rather dreams of brave
Arabs making the best of a life
which has seen oppression from
tyrants both foreign and domestic.

I dream foolishly.
I dream that our differences can
be overcome but in life I am
repeatedly shown that they cannot.

I dream.  
I dream and hope that tomorrow
I do not wake
C G Andrews Mar 2012
I rose too early.  How was I to know?
The warm caress of summer kissed
my cheeks in March.  I was well informed.
The daisies told me so.  I waited patiently
while trees broke out in pox-like blooms.
I waited while lilies flowered. I waited.
Now the frost has come but I lack the seed.
I lack the strength.  I wish to bloom.
I wish.
C G Andrews Mar 2012
I, oh I
Just love what I’ve done inside
I, oh I
Just love what I’ve done inside

I came into my putrid eyes
And drowned below my lonely cries

I, oh I
Just love what I’ve done inside
I, oh I
Just love what I’ve done inside

I slipped into the garden that fed the beast tonight
And I walked away from you, my dear, without a single fight

I, oh I
Just love what I’ve done inside
I, oh I
Just love what I’ve done inside

I ruined your golden precious love
Just to bring myself and my soul above
I raised myself to the highest ground
And beat you till your heart was bound

I, oh I
Just hate what I’ve done inside
I, oh I
Just hate what I’ve done inside

I transformed into the nightmare that sleeps in warmest care
And stripped your heart and gorgeous soul upon a thorny chair

I, oh I
Just hate what I’ve done to you
I, oh I
Can’t stand what I am inside

I, oh I
Just love what I’ve done inside
For I, oh I
Can’t help what I am inside

So I, oh I
Have finally died inside
Oh I, Oh I
Say let’s die
Let’s die
C G Andrews Mar 2012
Twisted thoughts faking flesh of man
Tell me now exactly who I am
Driving need of what I was meant to be
Will I allow my eyes to see

I saw this girl more than any else
Even more than myself
I saw an angel full of grace
Who shared my ever damaged face

I seared her flesh to see no more
And convinced myself she was a *****
But as I drove her far away
I knew I wanted her to stay

The wildest ramblings I’ve ever made
Are a cover for what I want to fade
But it remains, I’m still in love
With the girl of the morning dove

She is my soul, she is my need
She is the crutch I need to feed
She is my heart that’s broken twice
She was my only good advice

She is an ever lovely face
And my mountain of disgrace
She is my ***** of burning fire
My death upon a funeral pyre
C G Andrews Mar 2012
Face as fair as pale mountains
With fire in the sky
She was my first love, my last love
My heart until I die

She haunts my every waking day
With dreams of what could be
Fallen now, far from grace
I struggle just to see

She placed me far above my worth
And fooled I was at last
A broken man left to dream
Of what has come to pass

For once I felt, because of her
I was above the rest
But now I drown beneath the sea
Of what was for the best

The best for whom, I cannot say
I am no sage of time
For all I am I wish one wish
That she could be just mine
C G Andrews Mar 2012
I watch helpless as you walk
away, torn between the desire
to fight until the bitter end
and an urge to give in to despair.

It’s hard to imagine that never
again will a poem be written
for you by my hand, nor
a song be sung by my lips.

We will never again walk through
the park, hand in hand.  I will never
again twirl you in my arms in the
middle of the mall while you laugh
in embarrassment and happiness.

I will never stare up at you with my puppy-
dog eyes nor will you ever again see my
face light up in a smile.  My laughter will
have disappeared forever from your ears.

Never again will my strong arms
make you feel safe and secure.
Never will you feel my tender touch.
Never again will your lips feel my loving kiss.

You will never feel our hearts
beat as one while we release
our pleasure simultaneously.

Never again will you see the
adoration in my eyes while
we make love.  You’ll never
again hear me say I love you.

This was a choice I never believed
you would make.  So, never again
will I be a fool.  Never again will
I love.  Never again will I trust.

Never again will I be
anything but
damaged goods.  

Never again.
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