Skye Applebome May 2013

Fire, pain and flashes
Screams, cries and moans
Begs for help, begs for mercy
Walls where air should be
Air where walls should be

I'd listen to you
But the voices in my head tell me not to.

Hollow Steve Dec 2014

Stricken by the absence of color,
and the absence of rainbows that once sung to me.

Nullified and numbed by the irrationality of my ego,
and my hatred for sanity.

These are punctured wounds by the hands of the stained glass,
as this shattered hourglass speaks gibberish to me.

I'll take all the blame,
it was all my fault anyways.

As if my world wasn't trippy enough,
the only thing standing in my way is my hesitant side.

So let violence sing one last time...
Scream for me poetry.

Brendan Barber Feb 2015

Many of us wanna be trippy,
Sliding through life,
It is very slippery,
Cutting acid with a knife,
Popping shrooms like a hippy,

This causes us to get high,
Leave the real world and say goodbye,
Saying fuck our lives,
Like everything was a lie,

This is whats really trippy,
"When you are trying to get something out of water there are ripples that appear,
Never knowing if the ripples will cause it to come into reach or flout farther away."(my own quote btw)
Think about that the next time you wanna say bye,
Because you will miss your chance to survive!

Elena Ramos Mar 2014

I want to touch the sky
be high
feel the coolest breeze
i want to feel peace
i want to ride
and never come back

yovanny andres Feb 2014

psychedelic music trembles the soul.
lost in the moment, crawling over the floor.
big pupils gazing across the room.
shady characters wavering through the house.
a dog licking her ear, she looked him in its eyes.
she told it she loved him, and hugged it tight.

Cyrus Agons Jun 2014

Unlimited essence of floatation
The slow turn of rotation
Flying across the vast stitched multiverse
Extreme wave of beauty, but with a curse
So large, infinite if you will
Though, at float I am, still
Moving towards a planet
Gazing deep within it, I can tell it is stranded
The low gravity warped around my astral shell
Not enough to send me to a dwell
Paralyzed as its beauty is spectacular
The dark, purple atmosphere moves upon deeper into my soul
Absorbing and soaking its cosmic realm, my eyes center towards a trickle of light
A shine calling upon my invite
Invitation towards the 3rd Heaven
Still trapped within the box
The 2nd Heaven
Leaning closer, my aura and the planet's begin to lock
An increase of gravity as it embedded
Embedded a mere astral body on towards a new oasis
The closer I began, I noticed how my eye was so basic
Or was it
Creating barriers, I mustn't
Now upon the barren, desert soil
The dim black and purple formed as crystals
A plant sprouting, as the roots coil
Gazing upon the birth of one's self, a force trickles
Awaken from the deep slumber of meditation
A possibility of an infinite number of myself brings an essence of incredible invasion
Or perhaps, I'm moving forward within my soul
Moving closer towards a reality-based goal

Mauren McNair Jun 2015

but i already felt the ground slipping out from under me
and the walls are getting a little too close to breathe
and i can't tell the difference between tripping and just a bad dream

somebody wake me up

xyloolyx Sep 2014

only wanted to enjoy the same unusual things
with like-minded people

the concierge of dystopia fnording cocaine
messing around with the octopus
cyberpunk nightmare with blue sky
expect a deluge and then wonder what happened to it

evaporated anxiety due for a downpour
catacombs rented by the hour
she typically cares about those
who don't care about her
abandoning me without consequence
don't ever come back
ungrateful swine of nowhere!

loyalty exists only in a parallel universe
where they locked themselves up
and destroyed the key
they feed the rich and ignore the poor

in the end the strugglers will prevail
and the ones who had it easy will suffer
game shows that punish the ignorant

rage that never ends
scoring infinite points in basketball
and still losing the game

only wanted to enjoy the same unusual things
with like-minded people

Deavion Hunt Jun 2016

Trippy. Trippy. Trippy.
I was gone of everything acid.
Acid Rain.
Acid Drugs.
Acid Love.
But most importantly your acid words.

Your words had me trippy
They were bittersweet to my tongue
Slowly poisoning me
Yet they were addictive to my heart

Trippy. Trippy. Trippy.
Acid Smiles.
Acid Hands.
Acid Movements.
But mostly your acid everything.

Your lies had me on cloud 9
They were psychedelic to my soul
Slowly killing me softly
Yet I continued to trip of of them
they were addictive to the mind body and soul

Dizzy-lo Jan 2015

I walk with eyes in a blur my world in a daze I've been in the land off the tree burners the truest learners of the game they ain't about to chase the fam they stay the same we got our minds trained ride or die down to sacrifice on the streets blazing watch us fade away in the rain yea let me release my brain today ya who's to say reality isn't the trip and the trip isn't reality man we on a cloud so high my heart start to race as a tast gods gift gave me wings to fly away to a better place left no trace of past bullshit I stay ligit trippy minded just live the life you know and never pass up the show stay true lol

xyloolyx Sep 2014

this game has no rules
wikipedia is full of it
z-list celebrity
remember that nobody cares except you

this statement is a statement
this statement exists
this statement has letters
poets just want to jump in

sighs about the decrepit state of humanity
thanks to those who make it worthwhile
and eternal damnation to those who don't
enjoying my indulgent freedom here
hanging up

megan Feb 2014

my mind has deeply forgotten my relevance to the world
because these compulsive movements are beginning to engulf my sanity
but i loathe every second of not being able to feel something impossible
because i’ve been able to surge into the depths of my own soul
to prove that happiness can and will exist under the sensible psyche

Cyrus Agons Jun 2014

Surfing across the glaze of light
Multiverse into one, this universe shines bright
Condensed energy upon my sight
Mystery upon this 'life'
All is multiverse stitched into one universe
All universes stitched upon each other
Tension upon layer and layers
Heaven, Hell, reincarnation, all are bound by makers
One moves upon a series of 'matter' or vibrations after the shell is removed or gained
However rather low, high, negative, or positive energy, all is remained
A mere barrier designed and captivated by a mind
Grasping your vision, your perception, your multiverse
Either a hinder or power surge
Forming pieces of ones quilt to converge
A poisonous psychedelic
The rarity of an ancient relic
It is yours, whatever it may be
Hold close, as it is all you may have
As the 'universe' of the multiverse leans and meets according to so
Then raving within your conscious, you see a brighter glow
You pursue, you make the most
Using the now gleam to move upon the multiverse you hope to have
Doing all in reality in order to keep the spark alive
What seems to be drab
What seems to strive
All according to the beholder
We keep these lights seemingly closer
Whatever they maybe
Whomever they maybe
What has never begun to start will never be over

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