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Lost Garden Dec 2018
A very important bird hit my mind with its beak,
With a message from the long lost leaves,
Shattered memories travelled to a far mountain peak.
You'll have to work hard to gather them so wear your greaves

I have come here as a delicate cue,
For your evanescent self to be soon in sight,
Don't be conquered and affright.
Towards the veritable direction, the bird flew.
Amanda Mar 2018
Fill the hollow crevice of my existence
With light, show me a warmer way
Stop numbness from taking over
I am slipping further0 into dismay.

Down the senseless pit of despair
My direction is out of control
Darkness paralyzes my mind
Strangling thoughts that crawl and roll

Constricting my body until I give up
I kick the air but cannot land a blow
The empty space will never stop resisting
The sound of my own scream has become my foe.

The endless void swallows my voice
Here the tears I cry fall forever
The lies I have told mean nothing now
I knew my will was always meant to sever.

Faced with nothingness all around
This is my life; a ******* hole
It's slowly shoving me outwards
Little by little, pain taking over my soul.

Chaos has reality gripped
In a tight but unsure grasp
Confusing the mass of color
And motion contained in its clasp

Bullied by the tidal wave of isolation
Head above water though it is strong
Giving up the ability to move
Surviving by the current floating me along.

My consciousness is traveling lethargically
I no longer feel my torso or limbs
Attempt to wiggle a finger but it won't budge
It takes all my strength to speak and part dry lips.

This is where existence ceases
Where time's beginning meets its end
An unending loop of monotonous emotions displayed
A breif instant in which Eternity life does suspend
This started as how I felt when I was crippled by heartache and doubt but switched lanes kinda. It's random I suppose. But it sounds pretty.
Serena Oct 2017
I am not alone in my mind
Echoing corridors
Home to the unknown
Turning corners
When I will run into something
Or Some creature.

A leech
Taking advantage
Of my fragile thoughts
Feeding off of my insecurities
So I try to have none
Strive towards confidence like holy water
Dousing my consciousness in hope that I might convince them to leave
Or maybe I'm just trying to convince myself
And maybe the leech is self doubt.
The first line came from a journal one of my classmates presented, and it inspired me to write this.
False leaders only want to control us
They create lies and tell us we are born impure and imperfect
never realizing we were created to be perfect
with a mind so susceptible to manipulation
we believe and believe, but all paths lead to the same door
I've opened it,  we all  hold the key to end this war
Be wary that there are those who view others existence as a mere opportunity to use, or create profit off of. These people will barricade themselves beneath a facade, that will lead many to believe them. These people view their fellow human beings as property, and will use them for their own selfish-desires. These people are afraid of intellectual thought, and promote a sheep-like lifestyle. Some may try to use your imagination and destroy it, using you for their experiment.
Life holds so much beauty. Even if you tell yourself there is no meaning, it always finds a way to show us it exists. Acts of kindness, or the sun glowing in a sweet orange sky, our purpose is to create and enjoy this world together. There are only exterior forces which stop us from achieving this, and those forces are merely an illusion.
If I could read you like a book
I’d read you from cover to cover.
What would I find as each leaf turned over
To find me more and more hooked?

Your expression the preface?
Your walk the reference?
Your thoughts - the appendix?
You should copyright all these.

Your table of contents
Your chapters and headings,
Short stories or pretense,
Or expression of longings.

Each page a blessing
Reader and writer forever conjoined.
Read/Writing without resting
No writer’s block or pages deformed.

One page flying into another
As the story of you unfolds.
Could I be a footnoted lover
With a love that remolds?
Or perhaps the main character,
One to gray and grow old?

Placing one hand on your spine
While the other opens the divine.
Oh if only I could read you like a book
I’d read you from cover to cover

Memorize every line.
The are many meanings in this piece. Least of which are the feelings between two lovers or those evoked by a poem or a book. The most important meaning is that connection to the Devine that resides in each of us.
Greta Wocheski Oct 2016
i see that they are watching me
and an experiment i be
but i cannot be bound
and i will not be oblivious
for there is only truth in conspiracy

- g.w
Divinity Aug 2016
One must possess a certain level of chaos to live a life of liberation
Sputter Outlaw Apr 2016
Written here lies Death
Stolen from thorny bed
To ohcre hills supreme
Listen, Hark his corny scream.

Where ist thy rest
Thy nest
Thou bubonic plague
Thou quenchless drought
Thou fierant rage

Speaks silent midst of hill
Least silent under my windowsill

Aught but light takes this cheery gill
Not Death’s wide spread
Despite it’s fevered ill
In many minds doth overtake
In simple minds, an earthquake.
But gathered in our princely arms..
Big F You to these ailing qualms.
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