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Mick Nov 2022
mouth full of broken teeth
no wonder I don’t smile like I use to

I can’t feel you on me
and I’m dying for a reminder that you’re still here

I miss you
I stopped having nightmares a long time ago and now I’m just trying to remember what it was like to dream
my chest is heavy and I’m so sorry I couldn’t love you right
Please don’t leave
Mick Nov 2022
****** isn’t scary anymore
and neither are the withdrawals

I’m not afraid of anything except losing you
Mick Feb 2021
all of my friends hate me
well so I guess I wouldn’t really call them friends, huh?

and it’s fine
I think my wife hates me, too

that one caught me by surprise..

I guess I stopped checking for razor blades and forgot how tragic needles could get

I wish I could **** myself without feeling so guilty I puke

I wish my ex would die and my ex best friend stopped looking so ******* happy

I wish I didn’t hurt you and I wish my mom didn’t die and I wish I hadn’t hurt her either

wow I love you and this is so ****** up

I wish I didn’t believe you wanted me gone too..

throw a ******* pity party I guess
I only get to once a year
Mick Jul 2020
so much has changed since I met you

I  live in a different house now, left the old one behind
but I still keep my mom's key tied around my neck, an apology for all the things I couldn't take with me

I haven't driven down my old street since my dad left
he still calls me sometimes but I wonder if I'll ever really see him again
or my brother

I bought a new car, a Honda, go figure
and it almost feels like the last trip I took with my mom when I drive it
West Virginia, and how I thought we'd still be driving for days

and of course there's Her
I wore a pink cactus shirt when I married her
stayed in our home town for our honeymoon

so much has changed since I met you
and I miss handfuls of last year
and being a kid, coming home to my mom in our old house
but I'm happy here

I'm happy now
Mick Jun 2020
I'm scared
almost all of the time of almost everything

I haven't felt at peace since a lot of things went down
and I'm still learning to live through that

I wouldn't write about it if it didn't still hurt

relapsing after being clean for any period of time is trying
and almost all the time I take it too far

being in the city scares me
I am terrified of running into old ghosts

and being with you scares me too
because I am convinced good things are not meant to be
but I'll be ****** if I give up just because it's scary
Mick May 2020
I’m going to marry this girl one day, and here’s why

she has shown me that she’s not willing to back down from a fight
when things get tough she gets tougher and we deal
she pays attention to small details and works to show me every day that she thinks about me constantly and that this will never only be one sided
when I told her I was an addict she applauded my good days and she stood by me in my bad
and when I told her I was scared I’d relapse again she bought Narcan and stayed up to measure my breathing
I have never for a second had to doubt whether or not she would be there because she always is

And I will spend the rest of my life trying to show her that her love was not in vain
Mick May 2020
I am too critical about the smallest things
it’s not hard to set my blood to boil
but I’m a short burst before I’ve forgotten where the anger came from

My girlfriend is the most gentle human I have ever met
she never wants to agree on little things, like how to spend the afternoon because she always wants to do something better (together) she loves quality time that includes physical affection and I’m probably The most hands off lover she could have picked
But I’m tryin to get better about it for her

She’s all early mornings and Extravagant dates
She and I are total opposites in more than one way

But she is the most incredible person I have ever known and I wouldn’t change a **** thing about her if I could
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