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An immortal component
in all being chosen
when firing from body fast
through rapidly spinning tunnel vast
walls emblazened with Aztec figures
chattering very fast in various languages
rocketing out through them
into a vast void to float
suddenly seeing many interchanging symbols most
passing into afterlife plane
deathless soul continuously born again
in many times places and planets
a huge intergalactic adventure with many facets
a lifetime on one planet given
just an instant in limitless time driven
over the course
of immense enterprise of souls journey force
evolving consciousness more and more
each planet a soul school to learn
radically advancing through levels term
depending on actions from previous lifetimes
to manifest current lives rhyme
gaining more awareness each time
to be more awake and recognize the signs
continuous birth and death
of planets and souls galaxies and universes met
coming back full circle into the now
which is all there somehow
Understanding planetary crisis
view with evolutionary eyes memory of 14 billion years behold
struggle to evolve
from this vantage point
either side of the coin
of current situation breakdown
environmental personal social now
evolutionary drivers pushing across
towards a new galactic humanity most
crisis's occurring are needed
bringing awakening of species heeded
responding to these crisis's
a new focus arises
from compassion and creativity
taking a quantum jump collectively
capable of conscious evolution
co-creating with nature in union
planetary management social transformation
although a dangerous time
entering nature leading to
a universal humanity true
far transcending our current world
more responsible foretold
managing complex ecological system
pro-creation to co-creation rhythm
all members of a planetary body
multidimensional rebirth not oddly
We all have our own destiny,
written in the celestial mystery,
Mayan cycles in the eternal so trippy,
transition of ego death can be accepted,
our souls last forever protected,
fear is only a shadow from light of awareness,
experience deathless consciousness,
nothing but a transformative change,
a quantum jump strange,
fictional in the cosmic game,
rearrange dance celebrate and play,
welcome the unknown foresty beyonds,
all webs of being are woven better,
we are all one from the beginning until forever,
ceremonial tribal & shamanic let's gather together.

— The End —