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Skylar Del Re Oct 2018
in everything I do
i think about you
a part of me is missing
when you aren't there too
i know that im hard
ive heard it all before
supposedly im crazy
a challenge, a chore right to the core
but my heart is bigger
than you'll ever see
I'll never take from you
only give what you need
if all that you want
was all that I had
id give you everything
if you asked me for it
ill always remember
and always forgive
that's who I am
this is how I live
compassion is my favorite fashion
and loving is easy for me
just dont take, and not give
i too gotta live
this love feels so good, but it doesn't come free
it comes with understanding
long hours, so demanding
nights of tears, hours into years
anxiety, deppression, and fear
but i swear on all that I am and could ever be
you'll never find a love that will love you like me
Skylar Del Re Oct 2018
which way to go
when your moving slow
your mind says yes
your heart says no
your body feels weak
fall to your knees
send me a sign
give me some peace
i need answers
or maybe some sleep
i look to the sky
i want to know why
i can feel my skin
thick on my bones
my bloods running thin
searching for hope
all i can do is look for the truth
i find it in you
so I hold you close
we will pull through
although I feel sick
at times its hard
not to give up and quit
one look in your eyes
a kiss on your lips
with you i am home
you save me from this
you are my rock
when I feel alone
my light in the dark
first real love ive known
so for you I stand
all i need is you
please take my hand
never let go
in all that I do
all i ever will be
together forever
me plus you
you and me
Skylar Del Re Oct 2018
the best things in life
hide out in plain site
i found light when i looked in your eyes
at first I didn't see
my love right in front of me
but fate had a different plan
to lead me to my magic man
love was patient
love was kind
and now i get to call you mine
no one better to stand beside
the only one i can't deny
so come away with me tonight
get lost together under moon light
to find a love so strong
so true
nothing better that i could do
then spend forever next to you
Skylar Del Re Oct 2018
you are my north star
no matter how far
I follow where you are
my heart is a compass
pointing in your direction
north, south, east, or west
cosmic connection
true perfection

no matter the weather
i would search forever
to have you next to me
i would climb the tallest mountain
i would sail the stormiest of seas
to be with you, your all i need

like an explorer, you mapped out my heart
soul mate directions even in the dark
you are my new world
so much to discover
this beautiful life
with you as my lover
and so i am yours
our journey begun
twin flames united
melting two into one
Skylar Del Re Sep 2018
monsters dont lie under my bed
they live inside the noise in my head
they wait behind my eyes
whispering sweet lies
waiting for when they can come alive
absorb the strength i have inside
sneak beneath the soles of my feet
never skip a beat, or ever sleep
wait until i am weak
to lead me to thier world beneath

these villians dont hide in shadows
never lead your side, and always follow
they lure you in at your worst
make sure you have to put them first
take all you have ,but still you need
your heart and soul off they feed
make you forget all thats worthwhile
take over who you are,
rest easy while you're in denial
when you are in the dark they scream
so loud and clear, no escape from the dream
when your in the light they talk too
no matter where you are they always want you

how do you escape your mind
no release, begging please, give me the light
demons knocking at my door
always searching, wanting more
how are you to win this fight
who will save you from thier night
can you find the crystal site
to lead you into moonlight
sometimes you have to face the fall
hit rock bottom lose it all
to get back up and start a new
find your path, search your truth

armor up and prepare for battle
you are stronger than these shadows
remember who and what you are
and all the beauty you have to live for
these temptations are not real
only ghosts that you can feel
fight for your life
as the war begins
never surrender
and this too you can win
Skylar Del Re Nov 2015
Trying to forget the memories
that have been taking over me
but the clock said its time
for my mind to unwind
sometimes they just remain
and you know it will never be the same
it hurts the worst
when you become second instead of first
it's hard to let go
when all you used to know
was so beautiful and real
and the moments were nothing more than happiness, sincere, surreal
and now were in two different places
once so clear with two different faces
they are not our own
they are our past
we try to grow
but love still lasts
maybe its just me
but i think that you can see
that it all made sense
it came and went so fast and intense
but i know you are a part of my heart
whether you're with me or we are apart
just know that you have buried yourself beside me
two vampires longing to see
the light in the dark
or maybe i'm just too black to give up my heart
sometimes i can't even feel it beating
your eyes and arms i find myself longing to be feeling
the clock has to be wrong
maybe its been too long
i can't really tell anymore
all i know is you have a key to my locked door
whether were open or closed
all i ever want you to know
is how much your smile means to me
its so beautiful, i could see it on repeat
like a record that's overplayed
but its that song that always makes you melt away
and that's what you are to me
a song that i cant bare to sing
because its far to deep
like an ocean drowning me
but we stay afloat
i'm sorry i had to go
and you were the last to know
but the fact that were still smiling
makes me know that no matter what we'll always be shining
thank you for everything
what comes next we'll have to wait and see
what will be
will always be
Skylar Del Re Oct 2015
It took me so long
but now i finally see
it was always you
nothings wrong with me
all i ever did was try to make it worthwhile
all you ever do is take away my smile
you are so miserable
you hate yourself so much
so you try to ruin me
destroy everything you touch
i can't believe you
why can't you see
that the poison that you seep in
is the black inside of me.
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