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Ebor Genzi Sep 2016
set fire, burn, smoke
my tiny brain broccolis
awkwardness feels like a trend these days, huh

my poetic license: neurons look like broccoli
Ebor Genzi Sep 2016
Years of nothing, bliss
Trivial com plaints, placent
Years in a day, lost
Ebor Genzi Sep 2016
I noticed the border grow greater
Strained order, impatient

Creeping numb
Sweet straw swaying
           and thin

My breath

Gives room for You to come in

Ways open

In fact, the doors are broken

I'm choking
exploration of an experience
Ebor Genzi Sep 2016
My troubled hands
trembling as I truss
trusted tricks

Tragic tropes, tracks
Trampled trips and trippy trends

Trawlers tread
Trebles tremored
Trimmed but trackless

I      don't know  
this means anymore

a testament to trump's traction with his target demographic

— The End —