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Bill Nellist May 1
Socially distanced he whispered,

"it says covid on the death certificate,

but I'm not a sap,

it was the clap".
May I be infected
with a sureness
of your love

May it spread within me
like an IV flowing confidence
in my okayness

In the face of fear
and desperation may
I be a cove of calm presence

May you be well
whole and robust
in every cell

In this time of solitude
may I encounter
the awesome power of now
Bill Nellist Mar 27
A nut tree grows,
at Four Lane Ends,
along with crows,
and passing friends,
who briefly dance six feet apart,

While fears prance,
sparrows dart,
beneath the rose,
and wild bird song,
my love grows,
ever strong.
Bill Nellist Mar 23
Behave as a virus,
your inner light our sun,
radiating kindness,
through this journey begun,

Shine over our struggles,
breathe warmth into ice,
for no matter your troubles,
you can always be nice,

live in each other,
bloat us with love,
my sister,
my brother,
let there be nothing,


but love.

— The End —