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LGY Feb 4
Oh, Shadowmare,
I ride on your back,
please charge forward for god's sake.

Hopping over squares like a maniac,
oh please,
you're making me giddy alright.

Only at the outpost,
will you be satisfied,
horsing around playing mind games.

On the hill,
the enemy in fear, asking,
what's the stallion doing up here.

Soon the enemy king choked,
and died of a heart attack,
We won the war,
after all.
Juan Jan 8
I can picture pumpkin rain
Falling from October’s sky
Even wisemen dare to try
Reason’s gambrels to enchain

When this pulp falls on the leaves
And by liters floods the streets
We shall dance under these drops
While we sing grotesque swift songs

I can picture pumpkin rain
Falling from October’s sky
We no longer can remain
Neo Sep 2018
A society of replicas march
heads bowed.
Feet that grind heavy over concrete ground.
To admire their deity,
with empty smiles
Lives on trial.
Lives in denial.

From people to clothes
movies and shows
Communication stripped vacant of what we all know.

A society of replicas march
heads bowed.
feet that grind heavy over concrete ground.
Robbed of beauty.
Blind to earth.
but what is there to see,
when all you see is dirt?

A society of replicas march
heads bowed.
Feet that grind heavy over concrete ground.
eyes magnetized to their devices,
pulling their faces to their vices.
With glossy eyes
fueled by bitter lies
internalized to home.
But still to claim
no better relationship,
Than between man and phone.
Easterly Sep 2018
Basking in the same star hardly makes souls familiar,
It takes time, sometimes even lives,
Yet familiarity becomes a curse 'tis that souls depart
And all depart- some by death, some by hatred, the omni-vice,
So I sit where I'll be free from too much of familiarity
No one to wave, no one to read out loud the epitaph of my eyes,
Unknown crowd is a bliss- the first mother one ever cherishes,
Covered on the lap velvety ******* the milk of possibility
Yet be carefree to the cruelty of a union resulting into solidity.
The star revolves- crowd thickens and familiarity lessens,
Unless, one joins even bigger crowd,
O harbinger of equity! Talk the same tongue, dressed in the same shroud,
All the same space, all the same meat, same journey, all equally proud,
Worms too rule like the ruler who did justice to his throne,
So familiar on this top, I'm one jump away from home.
Justyn Huang Sep 2018
You shout at the void
and wait for the echo
but like a duck's quack
nothing comes back

(why is the duck not quacking)
I cannot hear it though
I know its beak is moving

And we keep shouting
at the day

A duck quacks back
This was my first absurd poem
Justyn Huang Sep 2018
is as throwing
a fork at a banana,
Giving them nicknames
And a narrative and calling
the event a Funeral, for
every banana that's
Never made it out
Alive o'cafeteria
Sorry I gave
twisted              !
a me-                O
aning                B
as my                a
lyfe                   n
**                     a  
lds                    n
nun                  A Justyn Huang
PoserPersona May 2018
To separate the word from it's identity
Is quite the delightful mind game
How things are agreed to be described or named
is just convention for communication; a key,
for organization of knowledge. Nothing more, less, and neither.
While unable to negate this absurdity, ultimately, why bother?

For example, the universe, or reality for that matter, is not "good" or "bad." It just "is" and, thus, not even that (by "that" I am referring to the aforementioned "is" of course, but also the formal definition of "that," however, I also ironically don't mean that either by "that" as I mean nothing, yet I also don't mean "nothing" by "that" as I intend "nothing," "is," and "that" to be both metaphorically and literally interpreted while also neither simultaneously, which is seemingly contradictory). Did you follow that? I apologize, but it's a paradox to try and explain this concept/whatever about words with more words, thus I can only hope to allude to it or otherwise imply it. Lend me your ear again, or your eyes I suppose, but also neither... Sorry! One more time:

A palindrome isn't even a palindrome by it's own literal definition, but it's literal definition is also that of a palindrome. The word "palindrome" exists both as a palindrome and not a palindrome and also neither simultaneously. Schrodinger's cat, but no, too, and also both and Gorgias, Parmenides, Zeno an
juttu Nov 2017
A million children that could've been
A million children you've never seen
They're drying up in the towels
Rotting in the sewers
I've sprayed them on the walls
Wiped them on the curtains
They've gone down the willing throat
And in the public toilets they float
They are all racing
In the sewers
On the toilet seats
and the dripping walls
In a *****
On a lonely shore
They're racing  
Millions of them
Because they're programmed to race
To be THE one
To be first
To exist
And they're all dead
My million children that never were
Jack Blevins Nov 2017
aeons of stability
against the grain of the counter-odds
here we are
still teased by that finicky fickle face of adversity

the oldest of the bunch laugh back
their dentures pelting the pompous face
one of them mutters
"now, now, talk is cheap, get some sleep"
For Rob, bearer of absinthe

Could it have troubled Pandora’s mind,
On learning where Hope springs -
At the base of her box she chanced to find
The cruellest devil with angel’s wings?

To foresee it seep into our veins -
Leave us to trip, blunder and fall,
Cause mankind monumental pains,
And make a mockery of us all.

As the drowning atheist looks to the skies -
Before a wave knocks him to his demise
Into an absurd and uncaring ocean.

Somewhere a poet quietly smarts
The excess love from her swollen heart
And on a page whispers her devotion.
A poem inspired by the work of Charles Baudelaire that mostly came about because I told a guy I'd write him a sonnet when I was drunk and it still seemed like a fun idea sober.
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