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Keeping it real
before the inverted rainbow.
I'll be wishing to skip the drill
somersault on my sweet high-lows
till the sun is up
because i can keep the spot from the woes.

The poison circling in my eyeballs
and the placards i hold shift letters.
White light, sharp and short.
Release the white cherubs in your mouth
to receive cheers and chops.
Swing arms till we tire
and retire to uncertainty
Sweetness got cold... again,
cold toes and fingers,
dried lips and nostrils.
Sweetness held her right knee
to chide the pain that swallowed up the joint.
She couldnt fight her way through this one, atleast not alone.
Every time she saw her reflection, the reflected image would blur.
Broken mirrors trickle blood.
Candles spoke of a promise to suffocate her.
Guilt in person is the chandelier above your heads.
Its stare, the weight of an entire mansion.
Piece by piece, sweetness grew sour.
Outside the wooden spectacle of her painted steel doors were daggers,
daggers that held their own weight
daggers that spoke of her recent previous days,
daggers that promised the winter...
distrust makes the future certain.
Forgive when its hard
Love when its tough
The piller and the doughnut, two treacheous thingies. Steering through the ooze of the sugar deep. Do me ****** business on the veins of malicious music.
Come unto these brown earth,
trading temple secrets and sweet lies.
Sea serpents hourly weeps upon dastardly islands.
Three nights you came,
with such nuptial purpose and local gabbage.
Thine reluctance retire not.
Pardon shall you draw from the grand liquor that hath reached your lips.
I shall not fear clapping oracles.
This is strange Romans 13 vs.13 maze men trod.
Nature shall be shortly single for particular accidents.
Beyound a common joy and glad Father,
i button-press this beauteous acquaintance.
This spherical earth,
whose to say we are
not enclosed in the eyeball
of a gaint.
A black gaint
with seven eyes,
twinkling dots on its skin
with two different ears.
One ear in yellow
and the other in white.

This pyramid class,
whose to say we are not layers of brown earth
buried in our sub-conscious.
Layers of dirt
earthing shallow and deep roots.
One root for the poor
and the other for the rich.

This triangular music sect,
whose to say we should
decide what our ears should listen to.
Ears with drums,
beating different tongues and emotions.
Each drum for indigenous and foreign music.
The Great assembly
spirit, body and soul.
A violent tempest
hold your positions
let your senses stray outside universe.

Wait for it
It came rushing
in spiritual elegance
filling our vocals with beautiful language.

He declares
" Daughters shall prophesy,
Young men shall see visions,
and Old men shall dream"
Pink bubbles
blue water
earth abstractables
fire the lamplighter.

Great depths
its steam like fountain
unique heat
sheer wall faces.

But, today that lake went dry
almost empty
no longer boiling
grey water
that smelt like sulphur.

This is what happens
when evertime you are afraid to fail.
Let the determination
boil inside you.
And boy will you steam success.
What should we look for?
What do we think we want?
These new things
These new tides
So graciously presently themselves
Visibly or vaguely

Time is uncorruptable
Space is expandable
Actions are expendable

What choice do we have
When Expectation
points a fire-arm at us.
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