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  Sep 2018 olb
Mr Quiet
I could give you the entire universe but then I would just be giving you yourself.
When You Used To Call Me Mine
Part 14/14
My new EP "s e r e n d i p i t y" is out now on Soundcloud! Hope you enjoy it :))
  Mar 2018 olb
she is the heaven
you would go to hell for
  Jan 2018 olb
A sunny day, lovely and  temperate,
Like flowers blooming and swaying in harmony and blushing by the kisses of sun and caress of the zephyr......
His touch was instigating same sway on my face and smearing colours on me with bold strokes, heaven was shining on me, i was in celestial joys.....
I was lying, in his lap under shades of Cedar tree....
His hands and eyes plucking out stars from within me and pasting them one by one in my  wonder waiting eyes.....
He gently pulled my hairs, trying to make a braid out my hairs and i was smiling in desperate glory of being crowned as queen in his fame and glory....
In seas of his funniest underneath smiles, just wrinkling corner of his lips, i drowned....
And i had no life jacket.....
His fingers were making waves in me and  rivers of my half conscious mind were  draining into his sea.....
His eyes feeling up curves of body giving me chilling and sangfroid feelings, as if i am bathing in sandalwood, convincing me that i am a princess, as i looked in the mirror of his devoted eyes says ...
Feeling his rose stained breath, i   kissed, of all desire on his cheeks enticing his passion ...
Wishing to die in valley of his arms and in eternity of his warmth....
And to be born again every time with him in all temporal frames...
olb Jan 2018
I have yet to say that word to you
I am cautious
because last time I said those words
they were not true
and you are too perfect
for that perfect line
to be untrue
I love you
I love the way your eyes are like the colors blue and green are fighting for the spotlight
I love the way those eyes look at me and give me comfort
yet have the ablility to light a fire inside me that roars uncontrollably and refuses to go out
I love the way your lips move on my body in ways of innocence and passion
I love the way those lips speak words to me that lift me up or make me melt
I love your body and the way mine can fall into the rythm of yours
I love that you love something much greater than yourself
I love your mind because it is so wildly beautiful
I love how our souls run together
and when I'm with you I feel whole
  Dec 2017 olb
She was like a blooming flower
That shines every summer.
With the wind
That flows in her hair
And stars that sparkles
In her eyes
And the crescent moon
That curves in her lips
She made everyone
Look to her twice.
No, she is not inlove to anyone
She love that finally,
She learned to love herself
Beauty starts with you. Learn to love yourself first and beauty will show without you even knowing.
  Dec 2017 olb
Fox Friend
The way I yearn for you
is comparable to the way
that the sun refuses to be
even after it sinks
behind the mountains.
The glaring red hues
stain the sky
if just for a moment
after the sun has finished
providing light,
just as pictures of you
continue to invade my
The glowing strands of color
and wave
and grasp out
until they tire and slip
quietly, sadly
beyond view.
I too will tire, but until then -
let my lovely sunset unravel
for you,
my darling.
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