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Mims Sep 12
I got so used to falling in love with people that lived behind screens

So you can imagine my surprise

Falling hopelessly in love

With someone who was right in front of me
Long distance, long distance, no distance at all
Mims Sep 3
I smoke **** because it makes the headaches go away
My brain pounds against my skull
And the lights flicker and
The sharp pain follows me home
The drugs made everything dull
I mean, can you blame me?
A life full of sharp
Washed away with an inhalation of smoke
The tramadol didn’t work
The codeine didn’t work
But the smoke

Mims Aug 17
I say I hate them
The boys
All of them
Really I hate me
For letting them treat me
The way that they do
Mims Jul 27
You used to use it against me
You used to say
“You’ve changed”
“You aren’t the same person I fell in love with”
The pain
The blame
Of changing with your growing age
You used to smirk
After you flirted
After you insulted
After you won
I used to imagine what it would be like to kiss your thin pink lips
I thought I could predict the way you would kiss
The way the knives prickled off your tongue
I am surprised they are not
Red with blood
You used to do a lot of things
You used to play god
But you kept forgetting your own rules
Was scared of your inconsistency
was scared of how much it took to get you to love me
Was always scared of something
And that something changes constantly

Used to
Be scared of you

I used to send you messages littered with
“I’m sorry”
“I love you”


Used to do a lot of things

But we don’t anymore

All the memories
All the ticks
With our friendship
Mims Jul 24
Hold my ******* hand

It’s dark here
And the fire sizzles
And the heat hurts
So hold my ******* hand
As my head pounds
And the sobs escape
And the night takes another life
Hold my ******* hand
As I feel her grow farther apart from me
I held your ******* hand
Through your parents fighting
And the nights spent crying
And your loved one almost dying
Even though I was tired
Even though I was hurting
That’s what we do
We hold each other’s ******* hands

And then you bit my ******* fingers.
Ungrateful; profane
Mims Jul 3
Do you remember it?
Do you remember me?
Do you miss it?
Do you miss me?

Mims Jun 22
Break open my subconscious

You won't like what you find
Back off
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