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Mims 4d
And some days
I don’t even want to eat
Evolutionary phenomena
Distorting my own body
Obsession with being empty
And some times
I wanna plug my nose
And have the inside of head
Cloud with deep breaths
Scratch behind my eyelids
My mind is destroying me
I am desperate
I am on a life boat
In the middle of the sea
There’s isn’t that much life left in me
No one is coming to rescue me
I am alone
The same way
I have always been
Neglect hides In my teeth
My parents didn’t take care of me
My dad never said I love you  
Old cavities
Mims 4d
I hate starting over
Because all I can do is bask in the failure
Mims 4d
Somewhere amidst the mess
We kept ourselves afloat
We played house
We moved in
We fought
We joked
And I look back at it
The same way
You watch destruction
And flames
I see it now with an unhealthy
And an upsetting amount of fear
You were all I had
And you were never even here
Mims Jul 7
Maybe I’d be ok
If I was farther away
Or you dropped off the face of the earth
If you sunk into the ocean floor
Instead of showing up to work
If I were engraving your curls on ancient stones
Instead of asking you for my old shirts
Perhaps if I was older
Or less In love
I would have been ok
I wouldn’t have given up
My heart is a chasm
My sadness a gorge
Down down down
I miss the hurting
And to be honest
If you wanted me back
I’d probably throw myself off that cliff
I know it wouldn’t be safe to
But safety here?
Barely exists.
Mims Jun 22
I’ve been drunk or high
Or something close to ***
Most nights
Every night actually
If I’m being honest
And anytime I’m not
I’m searching for a distraction
Or sinking
I loved you
In many different ways
But this part is the worst
By that I mean
the leaving
Mims Jun 12
If you say I will get through this
I will spit in your eye

No one survives life
Mims May 16
I am in fact
A solar system with no planets
No plans to survive
Within something else
Someone else
Outside of my own existence
I will not create history
Or remnants
There will be no collateral damage
There will be no effect
My head
Is it’s own
My arms are only my arms
The stars are only my own
There is no one else
There is nothing else
All I will ever have is myself
Persons try
To orbit me
But eventually
They leave
They die
Or move on
Or get ****** into someone else
Something else
It’s alright
I keep myself safe
The closer the meteor is
The closer the end is
So I kept myself
Despite your best efforts
I recognize everyone as temporary
Everything is so far away
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