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maraccini Dec 2021
Twas dark outside on Christmas Eve,
alone he cried, betrayed, deceived.
Liars, hypocrites, backstabbing thieves,
alone he mourned, he was so alone.
Red jacket, white shirt, white gloves, red tie,
black pants, black boots, and a beard painted white.
Down, down the chimney, he slips out of sight
Was she hanging tinsel with some other guy?
He walked into the room his vision distorted,
each cough with blood his body contorted.
He dropped the bottle, then picked up the revolver;
it's time to decorate the Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas
maraccini Oct 2021
Lost in a world that is broken,
hiding from any fascination tonight.
Watching you through fading light,
hidden joy farthest from sight.
You are not like the others
who masquerade smiles and deceit.
This world is vile and unworthy;
a festering blight of selfish intrigue.
Please believe me when I say
you are not alone; you're just like me.
Beautifully unhinged,
with every word you bleed.
maraccini Oct 2021
Loving me is easier than you think,
just like a candlelight dinner with poison in your drink.
So, I ask you please never hurt me,
if you do I promise you they'll find your body on the floor.

When two people fall in love—it's beautiful,
but when one cheats on the other—
it's time to grab the kitchen knife,
run into the room and cut out both their eyes.

So, ask yourself a question, should you just take my suggestion,
to avoid all future aggression; I hope that you are listening.
Or we will drive to the mountains as you're in my trunk pounding,
then I stop and start counting all the bullet holes I fire in you.

Loving me is easier than it seems,
just like the beautiful ocean, drowning as you scream.
So, I ask you please never hurt me,
cause if you do I promise you they'll find your body on the shore.

Happy Halloween
maraccini Sep 2021
Abysmal adulation,
my spinal cord reverberates harmonious change.
Obscure illusions,
immersed inside inquisitive provocative thoughts.
Who can deny such devouring primal endeavors?
Beneath each aching desire—
strangled deep in the memory I scorn.
Pen in hand, I hear the call,
when one door closes
my altruism is key.
maraccini Aug 2021
Infested, impaled, slaughtered meat, and brimstone candy—
slumped on a throne with a pirate's dagger under a skeleton key.
Drowning children in a gaping gutter of godless servitude,
putrid streams dripping puddles under the disemboweled.
Drink the fornicating disease, backmasking a kaleidoscope clown,
forget me not as my ship docks, I will surely help you drown.
maraccini Jun 2021
Hold my head under a beautiful ocean;
watch me struggle with the glorious view.
Sorrow brings tremendous emotion
with pure devotion I think of you.
Ignite self, ingest opposition,
listen to the sounds as I decay.
Drowning keys, withered strings,
nestled in the spine of each vertebra.
With all my might I take this cup and drink;
I take this flesh and partake in the final feast.
We die from life to finally see the wrong blinded by the light.
Each drop I give in the pool I create must linger forever online,
without this I am nothing.
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