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John Tan Apr 2020
Be wary of them,
Be wary of their cunning ways,
Don’t be fooled by their cheerful deposition,
Cause behind all those facades,
Lies a cruel heart.

At one glance, you might miss it
As they have a way of luring you in,
So much so that your instincts may fail you,
But fear not, as time will eventually tell.

In time, it will all be crystal clear,
In good time, you shall see
For everything eventually reveals itself.
NM May 2018
There was a man, who I found bleeding,
What were the odds, the chances of meeting?
He held his heart, said it was dying,
Frantic, I kneeled and helped this man- without even trying.
When I screamed for help, I was unbeknownst,
That I had grown...a little too close.
Without a second call, he grabbed me and clawed away at my soul,
The man who I found bleeding? Was a man no more.
Recollecting on trauma and distrust I have for people due to it. It's both a blessing and a curse to love and care so deeply, and sadly, such foolishness has lead me "devoured" before.
Cierra Hope Feb 2017
In high school,
It's all just fun and games
Of who has better aim
And who can get the knife
deeper in your back.
Julie Schnell Dec 2016
The ashes of a once strong love*
Lie spread across the cold floor
Being trampled on
By the feet of those
Who claim to care

They are all liars
They do not care
They whisper behind your back
And as they try to take the knife out
They stab your back even harder

You try to trust
You try your hardest
But it all crashes down
Surrounding you
Like the sadness controlling you

So you lay down
On the cold lifeless ground
Surrounded by the ashes
As you try to think
Of a single reason to take another breath
Rob Sandman Mar 2016
Can you see them?-lookin' for me to be them,
lookin' for my warmth to breath life to them,
the hollow men,yes men,fallow men,come follow men,
no heart no mind-mindsick and eyeblind,
sheep talkin' like wolves that I find,
most despicable-Dis-gusting unpredictable,
following the wind as it blows on their wick they're all
candles in the strong wind gutterin',
snipes from a distance yeah they're all utterin'

Great threats from great hollow chests,
that up close-don't stand inspection,
empty vessels-makin great noise,
hard men behind keyboards hands -poised,
with the poisoned pen ready to dip in the deep well,
of hatred they bring from deep hell's,
inside,a void,avoid if you can please employ-
aversion tactics needed,don't need it,
vampyres that need pyres,yellow they bleed it
Yellow right down to the backbone believe it...


the hollow men,yes men,fallow men,come follow men,
Yes men Hollow men come follow men  
Yes Men-Shallow men come follow men, the hollow men,

The hollow men,yes men,fallow men,come follow men,
Yes men Fallow men come follow men  
Yes Men-Shallow men come follow then
while I tell you bout the Hollow men


Yeah, **** right I can see them.
Trolls in holes. I'm willin' to bleed 'em.
Society's detritis,
..delighted by the slightest sign of weakness.
Bleakness of their lives underlined by the lies they employ..
.. in their contrived..
..cyber sphere.
Scavengin' on carrion.
Peckin' at the carcass. Behind the veil of anonymity.
Sit in darkness as they hammer out calamity.
No nobility or amity. Cyber-highway poison.
I got the remedy.
Hollow husks skulk and lust..
..for coat-tails to ride on. Soon turn to dust.
Rusting hulks their disgusting bulk decaying on the shore.
Soon to be forgotten.
The Yes Men, the Hollow Men, the fallow men.
The everything is borrowed men.
The no tomorrow men.
The follow slowly to the gallows men.

*The Hollow Men, Yes men, fallow men, come follow men.
Yes men, shallow men, come follow men.
Yes men, Hollow Men.
Never follow them. The Hollow Men.
The Hollow Men, Yes men, fallow men, come follow men.
Yes men, shallow men, deal in sorrow men.
Yes men. Don't ever follow them.
A fool strolls to the gallows man.
New Work,just finished, ready to go down on track soon,
but makes a fine poem too, collaboration with the Jay from E.C.
One and Only Mar 2016
I feel so little,
It's so hard to keep trying
When none notice you.
What wrong have I done to you? I was not the one who stopped trying, I was not the one who fell apart and succumbed to everything else, I was not the human who became a robot! I wish I could say you are nothing to me, but Lord knows I still love you.
One and Only Mar 2016
It's been some time since we've spoken,
I don't mean a one word greeting...are we broken?
I've tried everything there is
gave my pride up for this!
Are you saying it's all for nothing,
That my efforts are simply rotting?
How quaint of you to think that,
How kind of you to say
that all that I've done
will be forgotten, washed away.
How the heck do you think I feel?
That all I had been working for was never even real?
I trusted you so much,
and then you started to change.
When I made my decision,
We were still family.... Just estranged
I didn't give up,
I still cared
I couldn't stop!
But all of it
fell on deaf ears not attempting to hear,
unseeing eyes not willing to try,
dying souls not daring to live,
closed mouths not striving to speak,
shattered hearts not struggling to be made whole!
My efforts were in vain
and yet why can't I release myself from this?
Why do I still freaking care?
I shouldn't care for you, I shouldn't acknowledge you let alone smile at you. ALL OF YOU! You talk **** behind my back when you were my most trusted friends, the best of the best among all the rest??? **** it, I've had one person on my case before, you made it a horde, thousand more! And yet I can't find it in myself to stop trying.... my so called friends.... who the heck do I trust now??
UnknownAuthors Mar 2016
I have tried too many times
reaching out my hand with no kind returns
pulling back my hand to find
just broken fingers, scars, and burns
Jace Kassem Feb 2015
The types of people
vary as they do.
And here I will count
the types of people for you.

Type 1:
They pull you close
and say it's okay
and you would just nod
so they could go away.
They pretend they understand
and that you're like their soul.
They try to help
but in your heart, they leave a hole.

Type 2:
They say they don't care
and just leave you to rot.
They say that you always think
they're something that they're not.
You think you're lovebirds
They think you're less
You always expect the best from them
which leaves you in a total mess.

Type 3:
They're there when they need you
but not the other way around.
When the sky starts turning gray
you won't be hearing a sound.
Do what they want,
then leave them be.
That's what they're asking
from you and from me.

Type 4:
They give flowers and roses
and say they'd give you their life.
They smile to your face,
and to your back, they hold a knife.
They talk sweet all the time.
At least when you look.
But when you turn they wouldn't think twice
about hanging your head on a hook.

Type 5:
They like to see the pain.
It gives them joy.
They like to remind you
of how you're a little boy.
They hate you openly,
which is better than type 4,
but only if you could take the curses
and the hurt anymore.

Type 6:
They're the closest to your heart
and the best you'll ever find.
They understand your soul
just like they understand your mind.
They care about you,
but they're so very rare.
They're the type of people
you could never spare.

So check on yourself
and see where you belong,
for sometimes with less than a word,
everything could go wrong.
Type 1: People who want to help but end up hurting you.
Type 2: People who you like but they don't like you back.
Type 3: People who are only there for their own good.
Type 4: People who are backstabbers.
Type 5: People who genuinely hate you.
Type 6: People who are true friends.
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