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****** into my sofa,
The infinite space of it.
The faces of my friends are melting off,
Like heated wax running down a candle stick.

I loaded the universe into a gun,
And I shot myself in the head.
I can not tell if I am breathing.
Am I alive or am I dead?

I’m strapped to the outside of a rocket ship with nothing in the way.
I’m taking off, and I just keep going. Reaching a height higher than heaven.
There’s nothing to orient myself. No time. No space. No self. Nothing but darkness stretching out all around me.
A roar of a million voices are screaming over each other, they’re resonating in my head.
I’ve come into orbit. Everything is beginning to crystalize.

Surrounding me are complex geometrical patterns of love and understanding.
Gibberish wall textures are whispering messages through their feelings.
This is all too much to take in,
It is like the universe orgasmed into my eye.
I just want to go home,
I think I am going to die.

A sense of calm echoes through me,
Probably brought upon by the faces of my long lost family.
They have so much dimension to them,
So beautiful, light and shimmering.
Looking like something out of religious doctrine,
They came out from the open.
Released me into my primal light laser body,
Everybody has been laughing at the joke never spoke.
And now that I get it,
It is infinitely funny.

It is like the sand man blew his sand,
Taking me on a train to dream land.
They are showing me everything,
I can not even begin to understand.
How am I supposed to understand infinity,
When I can barely understand a single moment.

I see God in a head of lettuce.
I feel the earth's rotation,
As I spin around the sun.
God handed me the universe loaded into a revolver,
And fired me into a flashing rainbow shower.
Friday's smoke opera has rendered me dumb.

Bathing in a melting rainbow,
The cosmos is dripping down my skin.
Infinity is stretching out,
And withdrawing within.

I become the colour,
And the colour becomes me.
I am in everything,
And everything is in me.

Coming out of the woodsmen's cloud,
I hear a child screaming out.
I didn't know what it was then,
But now I know what it is about.

The trees are no longer silhouettes,
My destination is not my goal.
I am in the middle,
Wherever I go.
This is my most ambitious piece of literature yet.
datanami Feb 3
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Technology out of Control
A Night Like No one else Has Seen


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16/64 Psytrance song titles, sorted in mirror alphabetic (ascending by last letter)
Alex Smith Jan 17
A mind full of patterns
In every which way.
And cycling
On my walls.
Waves of colors burst
And I forget myself.
Fly into my spiritual dimension
And ascend.
Then it ends.
And I feel some clarity
And comfort
Wash over me.
CallMeVenus Jun 2018
Hey you, you look like my lover
Hey you, you remind me of how things were when my heart was whole
Hey you, let me lick your golden fingers
Hey you, will you let me recall her in you?
Hey you, will you allow me to paint you over?
Hey you, will you let go?

Lover, lover, lover let me **** your power you are not weak
Let me take your flower in the middle of the summer somewhere in my corn field.

Am I playing the god with my own mind or just gone crazy?
I hope you like this new body

Lover. Lover. Lover stay. Let the juices flow in my brain. Stay my DMT.

Devil over the shoulder and just last week I burned the last bridge reaching for you in places you do not exist.
Today is 3 months since the love of my life commited suicide. I got high yesterday and I've written this
Hannah Oct 2017
It hit me with surprise as I was standing there beneath a starlit sky. I was so aware of life, so aware of time that I became petrified I would never again return to my kind. But when I opened up my eyes I saw the same starlit sky, and upon this realization I began to cry. For I longed for the place with swirling lightening tides. For the home I’ll return to upon my own sweet demise.
Jim Morris Oct 2017
Here I present in a nocturnal theatre
with harmony
here you see
with vibrant excellence
with velvet opulence
swaying to thee electric
revealing truth
with language left uncouth
no sleep to dream
a psychedelic theme
everything is in tune
beneath the full moon
with gentle embracing love
get rid of
our cruel bindings
thee undermining ego
thee primitive ego
honey dripping
essence flowing
burning incense
pick A soothing seat
thee ceremony is about to commence
with a thunder rolling drum beat

Lady Snake
raise glazed eyes
time to awake
lonely shuddering skies
no one is around
in this small town
O' Sweet seductress
under stress
towards­ the stage
of beautiful rage
O' lovely writhe
Breathe....... Breathe
she blithely replied
I will lead you
to thee other side
through and through
a spiraling trance
hold my hands
with A soft kiss to yield
in radiant strawberry fields
dancing with sweet delight
below pale moon light

Gaze into thee eyes
of A voodoo girl
no one gets out alive
reveal the spiral
osculate the great serpent
by thee vast and ancient lake
not to repent
deep blue, beneath thee serene moon
they watch over and croon
lost in trance
a burning desire
to dance
around a diminishing fire
another chance
A new temple rises, same mistake
lost in A romance
Lady Snake
I am fearful
of the coop
A world seen in clear crystal
tangled in A loop
wake dreams, hopeless augury
hideous laughter, drowning in mockery
laden under A spell insane
oh, disdain
we'll meet again

Wake up, it has begun
in dawn of the hot desert sun
there's a wandering man
riding in an old sturdy caravan
on the serpents highway
mornings delightful prey
amber clouds lying still
stalking behind vast hills
arriving at a creaky shed
where he'll have him dead
solid bare hands bludgeoned
his eyes foretold
tormented, his eyes now gleam
on his knees, he begins to scream
having him beg mercy
it's been quite thee journey
for what it's worth
no pity, only mirth
forget about thee ancestral roots
his black snakeskin boots
with spurs of rich gold
now sold
thee end is the consequence
a scarlet carpet of opulence
furled his battered body and set ablaze
traveling through A thick haze
with darkness trailing behind

He who walks alone
thirsty, weary, and roaming
thee unsettled desert
with arachnid dwellers
on this archaic land
dead shrubs all over the hot sand
of A golden serpent
through its shiny cold scales
hung high upon a pine
shivers sent down his spine
from a sudden faint hiss
forked tongue flicks
seemingly disapproved
from its dusky jeweled fangs
from where it hangs
the scorching sun reflects
with flash blinding success
he now roams a path of exile
every **** dire mile
venomous snakes hissing
with blatant hostile rattling
A vagabond in despair

With a shamanic testimony
in enchanting ceremony
ruby glass haze
set ablaze
now, drifting away
without dismay
greet the king snake
by thee ancient lake
black sky of dominance
in fragile minds temperament
pelting tears
surrendering nears
face to face
osculate and embrace
with fearlessness
sheer pursuance
breathtaking artfulness
the serpents eyes
and crystallize
catacombs, mystique's seen traveling
lost spirits envisioned beneath
in thee cold streaming labyrinth

Neon moonbeams enhance
in unbroken trance
a flower child
walks in the vast wild
with incisive eyes vibrant
observing serpents
stoically upright
in thee collective twilight
ancient serpent deity's
one soft pink, another Egyptian blue
breakin' through
in seductive ecstasy
the serpents are attune
writhing to croons
beneath thee Elysium moon
around ancient ruins
thee serene lake glistens
while the spirits listen
and dances in curls
and insane spirals
around his infantile spirit
see it, don't fear it
ancient symbols and fractals
are all around us
his wild hair reaches for the trees
and dances with thee calm cool breeze
captivated with blissful ease
a 7 poem piece, totaling 27 lines, with 666 words total. about my acid, mushroom, and dmt trips.
A B Perales Sep 2017
is what
bendo Jul 2017
i brushed up against the spirit molecule,
and now my paintbrush is stained
with the most vivid and true of colors.
i tripped into the abyss
only to be greeted by the floor
of the gods.
A scraped knee, in a mental mecca
is a sure enough trade off for me.
Kevin May 2017
Surrendering myself to a most omniscient and superior presence I do recall--
a bliss of serene emotion, nothing could befall

A wormhole of colorful fractals my eyes consume;
absent of all fear, my soul begins to bloom

A beautiful vessel of the innerverse I take;
a tour of the mind, humbly I wait

Indescribable realms I am apprised, conceptually unfathomable to the conscious mind;
Scenes of divine aesthetics flood my eyes, myself I begin to find

Intense elation-- equivalent to a lifetime of ******* I am granted as I come to;
Forever indebted to this ritual which has been deemed so taboo
This poem is inspired from a DMT trip :)
Timothy hill Mar 2017
Dmt and lsd are cousins.

Lsd pure drip's to candy my perceptions change so vividly.

Every thang is ultra crisp and brilliant.

Noticing my life is full of great thangs.

Limits scatter as I push threw the curtains.

Going past the realm of occucerences.

Seeing from all points of reference and creating ideas with pure imagination.

It's said life's  like a dream we our experience all our extensive outer layers.

Habits are formed with great success.

Yet pull away from the rest and summit your own version and test.

Lsd and dmt mix with grade a ***.

Seeing perception of all life and forms.

Each instance, all life is equally the same.

God is creation, big bang is creation.

Holding your own reconstruction of belife.

So as feet patter on a wooden floor.

Your mind starts wondering what else there is.

Beyond are place in the vast expansion of the black space.

Do you love your life is it flawless.

Or are there blushes and bumps.
Life dmt lsd perception changes.
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