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Simon Nader Dec 2020
Joining us just to gain
We thought you were trust
But living for the pain

Surgeon of death
Just the image of blood
As you remove the breath

Who are you?

Are you the devil
Lady with the lust
Lowering your level

Purpose of a liar
Attaching yourself to life
What is your desire

What do you care?

(Chorus 1)

Doctor treason - what are you looking for?
Doctor treason - Manipulation of the *****

You fought with us
When we all did thought
You were just

Reason Brawler died
Traitor within yourself
And the way you hide

The Seven are falling

From one blood to another
We started to fade
Death of the brothers

Sensual ***** within
The blood you caused
In the end...

As the story unfolds

(Chorus 2)

Doctor treason - what are you looking for?
Doctor treason - Manipulation of the *****
Doctor treason - The fall of the seven
Doctor treason - No access for you in HEAVEN

(Guitar Solo)

As death roaming around us
Soon the ropes shall be unleashed
And our heads will be hung or rolled
It all started with your distrust

(Chorus 2)
Simon Nader Dec 2020
Why can't we laugh again?
When you laughed at my lies
Polar opposites from the other
Yet, you were there for us
...and for me

You loved the thrills
And the battle
As I cower away
If only I was there
Yet, my gloom in my heart

We went to war
The Executioners around
I saw the smile on your face
As our hearts do race
When we were
A team of Seven

As the rain started to fall
Knowing better days are gone


Can you hear the tears of a coward
My comrade has fallen
Can you hear the joy of a loser
My Aniki won't be calling
Can you hear the cries of mine
My friend never walks tall

(Guitar Solo 1)

All I ever was in my life
Just a man in shades
To play around with others
A pretense of a being

Now on a mission
With a group
Faking my triumphs
As he believed it all

Now, I just remember the smiles
As the present has my tears
Now all I can now wish... be productive for one moment

(Guitar Solo 2)

Before my days go to dark
Wish to bring you this letter
To a friend inside of heart
I may have lied many times
But my feels towards you, ANIKI

Simon Nader Oct 2020
She isn't willing to lose
Knowing how to play the game
Coming for blood
And she's betting everything on

The young lady shows thirst
And she will get it all
However she wants it
And whenever she desires
Burning her lust into the fire

Like the spider ready to feed
Preying on her victims as they... BLEED


Don't you gamble with the devil
She knows all the tricks
As she goes for the ****
Don't be... gambling with the devil
She sets her eyes to win
Now, she drags you down to hell

Grabbing you by the heart
Squeezing the life away
Such a dear thing to value
Will be taken away by her hunger

The succubus
Licking her flaming lips
Searching for the kiss
That shall engulf the soul
Of the ****** one
Playing between her fingers

Fingers deeper in the nether region
As the flames go wilder from inside


(Guitar Solo 1)

From the angel to the demon
Removing all the white
Just for her to win in this game
She plays against the wretched
The ones play the fake innocent roles
Now, the bets are off
She's ready to come out of the flames
To rid those sinners back to where...

(Guitar Solo 2)

And she goes
"Don't play innocent with me
From my eyes, I can always see
Who is the devil in ones EYES

Another game is set
Another hapless soul
Tried to cheat death without dignity
Welcome to her vicious reality

She's licking her lips
Her lust in fire
Placing all the bets to be the winner
As she about to drag another sinner
To the fiery depths of...


Now, she drags you down to hell
Don't gamble with the devil
She knows all the tricks
And she brings... you... DOWN!!!!
Simon Nader Sep 2020
Now, all we are
Marching to sea
As the waves are crashing
Into the massive blue

Brothers and foes
Engage of war
On top of the mighty
To settle this score

Gunfire shots
Many dying beside me
Azure beauty
Turning to red
As many both sides
Falling to be dead

The beautiful scenery
Is painted with our blood
Falling into our watery grave
As the tides shall wash
Our bodies with time
Many men will be forgotten on this day

(Guitar Solo 1)

The heat of warfare
Bombs are falling
Like the rain and hail
Duties are calling
Through ships we sail
On final days of life

Many of us shall sleep
At the bottom of the sea
We're getting shot
From left and right
How many are going to survive

(Guitar Solo 2)

Sun ascending
Into the crimson sea
The beauty of the sunset
Final moments of reality

Bodies are afloat
As the theater still moving
Which sides does history go
Doesn't matter for me to know
Shot in the chest
Life is fading
Just another pawn
Shall fall into the beauty
Once was blue
The bottom shall keep
On the floor in which I eternally sleep...
Simon Nader Jul 2020
Open your eyes to the digital world
In which war is waging on
With no one can understand
Choking us all with this hold

Snowflakes falling down
Words become false
Inside of this net of lies
Flooded as we all drown

Beware of the ones...
...that are ready to backstab


Welcome to the web of hatred
Trust are thrown out of the window
As the bugs through did spread
The piper pipping for the follow
With rats roaming on the lines
Welcome to the web of hatred

Intolerance are blasting high
As devils reclaiming their thrown
Asking to be followed
Or your existence shall die

Evil in the minds of youth
As the sword wielding on
With no end in sight
Many hiding the brutal truth

Harlots dancing inside Babylon
The tower is rising to the skies


(Guitar Solo 1)

Who can you trust in the of the day
Speaking your mind
Whether from the left or right

Pay the price
For seeing and speaking

(Guitar Solo 2)

Black widows spindling their creation
Through the net of evil
As the devil taking control
The hive almost complete acceleration

Can you still find truth of love
Or taken by many from the deep
They want the truth to sleep
As evil coming from above

Bricks of Babylon is growing more
What has this place has in it store

Simon Nader Jul 2020
Depth in which you sleep
In this beautiful slumber
Blue is the scene
With the cold heart
Comes this love along with you

Clarity of the waters
Gentle are the waves
As you take me there
Now, to descend
In which love shall be true


As we scream
(Down the ocean)
(Down the ocean)
(Down the ocean again)
As we believe
(Down the ocean)
(Down the ocean)  
(Down the ocean again)
When love is real

Whispering to the cascading light
Underneath the moonlight
Mermaid does await
Together to become true
The one with adoration inside

Like the child
As you hold me tight
Embracing in the freezing waters
To give warmth and the sun
As the waves of endless sea
We become one


(Guitar Solo)

As the waves of endless sea
We become one
Eternally sleep

Simon Nader Jul 2020
Inside the underwater hell
I have befallen into the unknown
Crazed up beings are around
From everywhere you go
Is this my new home
Or is this my new discovery?

From the mutated
To the gun blazing inferno
Deep below the sun
Encased city filled with maniacs
Through the hallways
Will I ever my escape
Or the madman at the end of it all?


I am lost
I am unknown
Just trying to find an exit
Through the troubles of my life
I am hidden
Unwelcomed host
Just trying to break away
Through the troubles of this place
Welcome to Rapture

Decisions of mine
Shall I save or harness
And it is all up to me
After battling the steel monster
Who protects them all

Yet, as I avoid the freaks
Jumping from all corners
Just a stranger in a strange land
Under the waters of dangers
I roam through the passage ways
As they wail through the darkness
That I must walk through

Where can I go when I scream...


(Guitar Solo 1)

Many history written
And many stories untold
I must uncover the truth
No matter how much it hurts
What's my purpose inside
As I fight through the darkness

Will I ever find my way out
In this sensational creation
By our human kind
That are willing to destroy

Is it ideology
Or control
From the mastermind
Who wants to control us all
Chemicals of death
Through bodies of victims
Turning them into monsters

For the sisters
And myself
I have to push on...

(Guitar Solo 2)

The human creation
Of a world underwater
Turned to nightmare
Yet, the party had just started
As I gun blaze those beasts

(Chorus) x 2
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