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Poetic T Jan 19
If we were each a penny,
         and were thrown

in to a wishing well.

We would float,

     because who wants
to be like all the rest..

Its always good to be yourselves,
            not  to drown in a well of
others  wishes of
how we should be.
Poetic T Dec 2018
Do not judge
I,m the same as you.
Values that we hold
Every day we show
Respect for our
Sisters & our brothers.
I would treat another, 
The way I want to be treated.
You and I are the same inside.
Where all difrent but all similar
David Irvin May 13
When we were young
we had no care in the world,
we were free like a bird
like an eagle that soars high

As we get older
we are told diffrent truths,
what to believe in
what to percieve

Little by little
our hearts voice got lost,
thinking with our minds
not feeling the truth

Together as one
we played as a child,
no hate for another
all races as one

Life punishing blow
not to think for yourself,
to do as others do
not realising
the truth

Hate didn't exist
as a child
we only knew love,
Sometimes we got in a scrap
but made up so soon

Hate only grows in fear
but never in love,
let's make hate a legend
love one another as a friend
Taken from the ebook: Forever and Always we live
David Irvin May 9
Time with you was like heaven
a bed of roses everyday,
joy was always in my heart

I lived to love
there was no dark,
beauty sand in my soul
no words
could truly describe

But now I am lost
you went away,
you never said
goodbye that day

We argued about
something trivial,
a silly thing
nothing at all

I left not thinking
not to see you anymore,
we'd always been together
since we were kids

I wished I hadn't of argued,
I wish things
could of been diffrent

A time I am now at a loss
for now you're in heaven
God took you back

Will you wait for me?
for I don't know
how long i've got

I sit and think
of you beauty,
how you brought wonder
to my life

I wish the words I speak
reaches you
somehow in heaven

Will you wait for me
If I am late,
I will always love you
Sometimes it's when we lose things, that we truly cherish what we had. Taken from the ebook: Love is the voice of heaven forever and always we live
leila Jul 2018
to hold you back I can't
I don't know why
maybe this is an illegal demand in my faith maybe I am more alone to accept like this maybe I am..
let me analyse this matter
hold you back
what means for you what means for me
sometimes you are exhausted of everything every one
exhausted to accept relations maybe you are not safe in one's touch
this matter is beyond a simple faith this matter is not only a matter of fact which suffers you
you can't hold back cuz you found a new word on some one's hug this is completely different from your own world diffrent from what you feel inside
I can't hold you back with not saying this word I'm sorry
I just watch it watch all
I'm just letting your hug touch me without any mutual action
the word that I'm giving and explaining is only trust
maybe it is assumption.
Kate Oct 2018
I can feel my heart throbbing right now
It’s damaged, but none the less optimistic
But that’s the problem, my heart sees the best in everything and everyone
And in result, gets hurt
My heart is trying it’s best to piece itself back together and bandadge all its wounds
But this time it’s a little diffrent
This time it’s having trouble fitting every piece into the right spot
Like a puzzle piece where it does not belong
I can feel my heart throbbing right now
It is sitting in my rib cage in a state of blank confusion
“ Why can’t i fix myself this time ?”
“ Why does it hurt so bad?”
“ What do i do now ?”
My heart asked
They say there is no wound time cannot heal
That things can only go up from here now that i have hit rock bottom
But this time, my heart has no motivation left
It is tired of the same disappointing routine of building itself back up just to break again
So instead, my heart decided to put up walls
Walls that would guarantee no one could be let in
Because when you depend your happiness on someone else
They have complete control of your emotions
Do not give someone that kind of power like I did
I can feel my heart throbbing right now
Katinka Nov 2018
when something tragic happens
people are there for us
they go with us through the break up
through death and pain
but with depression it is diffrent

because it doesn´t end
but people get sick of hearing
you are not fine

they want to see you recover
but I can´t
Depression is not a sickness you can get over

It follows you around
like a cloud blocking the sun
and now and then rain will pour down
and it will all come crashing in

It´s the never ending feeling of pain
of panic
of nothing

and then I feel bad
and I´ll self-pity myself
and now I feel so stupid
because there are people
people who have it worse

and here I am
drowning in self-pitiness

but that is exactly what depression feels like

It feels like I am drowning
while everyone else is breathing just fine

It feels like the fear you have when you miss a step
but you never reach the ground
so the fear won´t go away

It feels like ropes tie you down
you can not move
can not stand

I can not do anything
do anything right

and all I want is this to end
but the only solution seems so hard to procide
not even that, I can do

I am not doing good
but no one wants to hear about it
because it has been to long
without improvment
so I´ll just fake it
maybe if I tell myself long enough
I am fine
I will be

— The End —