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Sarbirah Parker Mar 2016
Time after time
People just give up on me
I am way to dark
Past these soulless eyes I guess no one can see

I'm like no other
No one will stop my thoughts of train
Taking no note of who surrounds me
Could I be insane ?

No one will ever know
And I don't really fear
Don't use your light to attack my dark vulnerability .
I actually like it here .
Nisren Nov 2014
Oh how I ache to see you.
To be in your enchanting aura,
basking in the warm glow emanating from your radiance.
Your beautiful hazel eyes consume my soul,
blushing and smiling, our lips met.
Pc Aug 2014
although the voices in my head may not be real
               i still listen to what they say , and even feel what they feel
                  so if you too had dreamt what iv'e dreamed
          It would all be surreal
                  but its a nightmare, which derives from memories
                                     life is what you make it
                                we all have similar tendencies
           its simple mathematics
                   you start with parenthesis, experience the exponents
                      and multiply the time wasted, divide that by zero
                                and your in the same situation
                      it a numbers game in addition to the subtraction
                are the only thing go on forever, its a LimitLess attraction
Sarathustra Jun 2014
I sit in a car where everything moves slowly, where every sound I hear, I think about it first.
True presence, true gift.
I see my self like I am in another dimension.
And even when I think about the things that I think,
I think them over again.
I am very diffrent from low.
And I like it.

— The End —