Life is never a plan,
            there is no map.

But lets get lost in it together.
Some may think where

But where just
          not there
               version of clean.
Poetic T Dec 2018
Do not judge
I,m the same as you.
Values that we hold
Every day we show
Respect for our
Sisters & our brothers.
I would treat another, 
The way I want to be treated.
You and I are the same inside.
Where all difrent but all similar
Poetic T Jul 2018
We are all thoughts that aren't
                              as tuned as others.
But even though we see through
                              different lenses
some lessons can be learnt
        from the refraction of others view.
HarmonB May 2018
Once upon a time...
He was the happiest person you would have known

Once upon a time...
He realized how sorrow full the world was

Once upon a time...
He noticed how sorrow filled he was

Once upon a time...
He took out his heart, so that he wouldn't feel

Once upon a time...
He forgot about his heart, and was no longer human

Once upon a time...
He became a robot, that wouldn't stop no matter what

Once upon a time...
He fell apart, but he would put himself backtogether even though it would happen soon again

Once upon a time...
He stayed like this, and he dosen't remember how long

Once upon a time...
He fell apart although this time the pieces wouldn't go back together

Once upon a time...
He forgot how to put himself back together

Once upon a time...
He was confused, something was diffrent

Once upon a time...
He felt something in his chest, like a bass drum that played itself

Once upon a time...
He remembered something very dear to him

He rembered he was human
I feel my heart again, but I don't remember emotions, its so new and strange... all the while painful, it seems I still carry what I carried before. But something is diffrent...
Gabby Apr 2018
She was the one who said yes
When everyone kept saying no
She was the one who asked questions
When everyone kept silent

She was the one who whent left
When everyone was walking right
She was the one who touched the sky
When everyone one was kissing ground

I was the one who got insipired
By curiousity and interest of hers
I was the one who followed
Through her open doors

Where everything is alive
Where everything is alright
Where screams are right
Where curiousities live

Away from dusty boxes
Of already forgoten people
Who didnt think or feel
That there is another way

She was only one sane in this world
Of plain things surrounded by coldness
Without her I would be lost in numbness
Dying slowly or already gone

She gave me answers
To questions I didnt know that exist
She showed me colors
That nobody sees

Maybe she just got me insane?
Poetic T Apr 2018
Some of us are just carbon copies
of others wanting
              to be other than ourselves.

We should embrace our individuality,
or become stale,
                   weaker copies of another.
Why do other have a need to copy others, we should embrace our individuality or just become lesser copies of others.
Unknown Gal Oct 2017
The Moon would like to let everyone know that it is done
It is sick and tired of chasing after Earth
No matter how beautiful it seems
  It always ends the race two steps behind
  But dear moon doesn't have the whole story
You see the Earth is also chasing after love
But it does not pine over our dear Moon
It hungers for the Sun
The last 4.5 billion years spent
In the sun's soothing lullaby
Its oozing radiation, and humming warmth
Butterflies flutter at its core
But ill-fated as all love story's are
There is no love left to return
You see,
The Earth's surface is a little too bumpy for the shining sunrise
Don't blame the sun it did not call upon this bewitching manner
The sun is not believed to be apart of this foolery
It is not in enchanted by the all powerful
It does not fall in love
Nor does it  spin for another
It stays in motion for no one
It is a humming ball of fire
Burning everything in its path
You tell me a good love story
I shall call you a fool
You label me pretty
I shall label me Sun
For just like it
I am my own sunrise
I can, shall, and will Ignite
Ignite my prince charming
Ignite all such fairy tales
I am not you're pretty princess
Puckered lips and giggled laughter
I am the queen who shall show no mercy
I will show you true meaning
Of fire
Of fear
Burned bodies turned to ash
Ignite my darling
Posting this took a lot of courage from me and so I do really hope you enjoy it.
Poetic T Sep 2017
Where footprints in the sand once stayed,
                      one is now washed away..
And we look around hoping one day ours
                       will be joined by another's.

Different from before,
                       But for now we walk on the beach
  looking at each sunrise,
                     because there is always another day..
Pauline Russell May 2016
A square that was a little twisted
Didn't want to lay on his side like everyone insisted
Instead he wanted to stand on his pointy end
Look and see just what become of him
Because he did not want to be like all those that had come before
He'll now be a diamond, forever more
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