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Ed C Mar 14
Its hard sometimes
to feel the lust.
To feel the genuine gaze of longing
from eyes that see passed flesh ripping pulls
and grasping fingers. Your nails
leave trails along thighs that disappear
into the hairs. Like rivers on a map
where streams are crossing
violently and parallel.
Think about it
Poetic T Mar 9
If some one stabs you in the back,

               see who pulls it out.

There the ones you have to be careful of.

Because if they saw who did it and didn't
stop it..
         they just wanted to see you in that pain.
Kunbi Mar 1
Now it ends.
The lies and the deception.
Now it ends.
What I thought we really had, a connection?
Now it ends.
All the love and affection.
Now it ends.
Take your luggage and find a new destination.

All I wanted was to share your real emotions.
But you showed me you were more than just a distraction.
When you leave I hope my life recovers from this state of depression.

Now it ends.
Who you are.
Now it ends.
Who I am.
Now it ends.
My daily conception.

Leave my wretched soul because I am not giving you anymore attention.

  ­                                      Kunbi_dia
You anticipated, Now it’s here
Ki lo feel?
grace snoddy Mar 2018
for so long,
i made one with the cracks in the road,
making sure i never stepped on one.
and i never cared to notice
how tired i was from doing it.

maybe it was because
the innocence
and easygoing youth
shielded my eyes
like the white linen curtains
that used to hang lazily on my window.

for so long,
the nine o’clock news
never bothered me
as much as it does now.
and the fact that everyone seems to drag their feet
at the same miserable pace
never struck my mind.
days keep growing faster
at an undetectable rate,
and i’m just starting to see that.

maybe it was because
reality tore the drapes down,
letting all of the light
shine on the things that were
left in the dark.
because growing older
was one of the things
that i chose
to leave in the corner.
Oh my, noone ever told me it would be this hard...
To be so in touch with your emotions,
Right from wrong,
But still choosing to do wrong.
Is it the selfish gene taking over,
Or is it the fear of the unknown?
Am I too caught up in the safety of this home,
To break through and be on my own?
Poetic T May 2017
When I was knee high to nothing
I asked inquisitive questions...

And with those answers I became me..

I would want too, if now, I asked the question??

If you are which you say? why so many books!!

If reality was based, wouldn't one book suffice,
But you made conflicting interests, like baiting
a hook. Why do we have to be slaves to ourselves
always begging on knees. To those of confused
reflections seeing you in themselves, but all the time
wording it to make them hate, difference of man
and woman others not he same as me?
but you conflict with love and preach the other thing.

If I was to ask one thing?

"Were grown now, out of the cradle of insecurities,
"Are hand needn't be held, were stronger without you,
*"I am me, not a reflection of your confused morality,
Shawn Mehaffey Jun 2015
It's not that I don't feel I'm good enough for you,
It's just that I think you deserve the world.
I might be only one man,
And the world is too big for me to carry,
But I'll bring you the moon so you'll feel the weightlessness I feel around you.
But I'll bring you the stars, the ones you used to live amongst so you'll always shine.
It's not thay I don't feel good enough, I'm a very happy person.
I just really do believe and want so far past and beyond the absolute best for you that the pursuit of it seems like a task I fear I may not be able to accomplish. But ****** I'll try
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