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Salomé Albrecht Sep 2014
"Now listen, my best friends mommy, I'm sorry
For hugging you
So tight"
Is what I couldn't get my mouth to say
"Sob, sob, sob"

She dropped me off, my best friends mommy
That day
When my daddy shared his news
"She's left"

She was never really here,
Believe me, She was never REALLY here
Is anyone really with you when they don't love to be?

Now listen, mommy
These are the things I was sure of
One - my tears burnt my skin as daddy hugged me hello and gave me the news
Two - you weren't coming back, were you?
Now listen, mommy,
I was ten years old, still a baby
Expecting the world
(Not really) ( I expecting you to come home to)
Salomé Albrecht Sep 2014
S at on the lowest step looking down, down at no one
E xhausted just looking up, up at everyone
A t the beginners mark, marked with frustration
T ook me by surprise, surprised they'd come back for me
My first Acrostic poem.
Salomé Albrecht Sep 2014
He said it on a whim
Or did he?
"You're brilliant"
To me

Shoulda' felt giddy, like I do
He did, but I didn't

Oh, dear heart
he didn't mean me

Yep, I knew
He meant him
He saw himself in me
In me
Salomé Albrecht Sep 2014
No, I'm not in love
But I love him
Or do i?
For who he is
Salomé Albrecht Aug 2014
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