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R Guildenstern May 2020
I looked at a list
felt close like a cyst
I didn't know the names, But the feeling the same

So far ,but close,very close
Understand is for goats, and the following notes which he read
I think said, is no matter, the faces and names all the same
Children of Kain were not able, the disable, the design
I came to the list just to hide ? the young girls always die
Dyed, the curb or the road, the front of the truck he was bold
Everyone didn't know, but for dresses he was told,

those boys shouldn't come home.
Such distress, what a mess
At the end were connected my friend,
in those eyes, no surprise.
But surprised at the noose that she made
for a girl so afraid,

put it all in your mouth
oh yes that's how its done, shot gun shells in the sun
So why do i cry, deep inside. its all out
the sorrow, the sadness, the crazy, the madness
the meaning of words, could never expose,
the cement that they chose, over next
what came next?

Nothing my dear ,its all nothing from here
its all nothing, and nothing ,
Its nothing to fear, as the moment drew near
only the car, no body, no smear
See the woods, peaceful woods
the horizon, then nothing.

The Finish.
R Guildenstern Jun 2019
Are you hear for something searching
Something hidden in tall grass
Down the path from left Bermuda
Just keep left until the pass

Are you searching for the rabbit hole
Searching in the the mud
Walk until you see the eagles and the badgers looking smug

Come until you smell the dew from the east but in the west
Traveled by the winds of Venus                 the other side is just a gasp

Still standing not yet moving                 most can’t reach it without help.

As I said just travel left                     although the road shall pull you right
But the road is just a lantern                   with no oil for the bright

Come and see and you shall find
just down the steps into my mind
Yet the entrance is not far if you’ve come in search of searching

Some will leave before they find
Down the path of grass and roses     stinging thorns they have not chosen

Yet left is right in search of bright

The wolves have spoken with the birds
The gentle whispers
The wind of words

Is it you who search the path
The rabbit hole you’ve come atlas
R Guildenstern Feb 2019
I bought me a horse
and the stable came too
as well did the water, the waiting the blue
I ride him now always
before not as much
but then was hobby
and now is a crutch
I think of him always
he follows me close
and others will comment
and stay for a ****
its only the one time
but that time is forever
cause you don't ever stop
this is life, this is ever
what was before is before, this is now
you would kneel to no master
but for Henry you bow
R Guildenstern Feb 2019
Just a man in a box
Around him the rocks
Below him the mud and ontop is a fox
He can push it right threw
End up in the dew
drowns by the day but by night only pray

Well then
Spare me your ax
Bring the nails and planks
brining  women in tow
A precession we go
Today is the day that un righteous blood flow
No matter the spatter of tears. Bring the ladder
Lay the planks in the order. From tallest to shorter
And their you can nail the man to the corners
No cross for this cause.  Only pain and sharp saws.  
Every plank  shall be cut. By the seam and then tossed
If you were so kind cut the seam by the spine where the heart it still beats.

Across the chest not the feet
Pleaded the mother of Crete
Make it quick
So the pieaces are fresh for the tomb
In the lime God can find even men who were sown.

This business of death what a horrible stench

Cut the boy up  so that I can repent
R Guildenstern Jan 2019
We ask God for s Sign,
if we receive something we don't like
we call it bad luck.
R Guildenstern Mar 2015
When it rains it pours
And when it pours it floods
And when it floods theirs death, sliding with the Muds
And after death is sadness
And after sadness sorrow
Light a lonely candle as to have some light tomorrow
Sadness is not followed ,nothing grows in such a soil
You may have a happy feeling but the promises are hollow
And all that's left the ****** as she lay the heroe rest
For his lips forever aching as the fire filled his chest
R Guildenstern Jul 2014
Come to me my summer breeze and ease my gentle passing
The rains  have fallen hard like thunder bolts must have been lacking
Leave not yet another breath another pill not taken yet
Ive met the men in smoke and all they speak is of the raking
A blinding light
A shepperds night
And all thats left is linger
For i may be a million trillion things but i am none tonight
And now i  close my eyes and whos to say that we are stars to stars and sky to sky
I hear no lies for all is all but many
And each reality is made to pass by those in willing
So shut your eyes my dear sunrise and die into the darkness
Cause all that shines is ending like a world without beging
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