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Lucid Sep 2014
in the beginning
you were my fire

your breath like flames
igniting a spark inside of me
giving me life

but you are no longer fire

all that's left of your fire
are the ashes of my soul that coat my tongue
*whenever i dare speak your name
Jack Jenkins May 2017
how can such a beautiful person
                                               torment themselves so much?
how can love pour out for others
                                               and hate be given to yourself?
//On love and friendship//
This is for a lot of my friends out there, and on here. I see such amazingness and beauty in your hearts everyday and I see the suffering you go through because of the demons in your past. Know that you are never ever alone and you are so deeply and sincerely loved.

幽玄 Aug 2018
Life is always too long,
but it’s moments are constantly shortened,
to a few scenes,
memorable without
most of its landscape attached
blurred around the edges,
clocks without their usual cover—
refinement at least to a bare minimum,
left you of whatever pieces
that decided to remain
for forward
something to remember: no matter how difficult a sudden shift can be, look beyond that to where you could find amity somewhere in the ambiance. whereas for some the opportunity to is forever lost, loathing behind a foreignness.

‘never take the moment to seize an opportunity for granted. you will live out your life with utter regret.’

we’re (merely) prisoners to our own demise

*title given from an ambient piece.
Ted Sep 2018
You flood the corridors of my mind
With teachings of empty promises
Intended for the blind

Holy lies, forced on my eyes
A poison now swells in my veins

In self-fulfilling prophecy
You create a hell on earth
Burned, I rise from the ashes of my childhood

Well intentions, wound just as deep
These burns my only keepsake

From my innocence
I craft my disguise
to blend with those who believe your lies

As an imposter among my peers
None of which, can ever see my tears

Hidden now I lay,
No amount of your fear
Will bring me back near

Your cross,
The prison which you will hang
I was so stupid, trying to touch the fire that already once burned me
Jesse stillwater Nov 2018
Flaming bridges up in smoke—
ashes scattered in the wind
Requiem to passing yesterdays;
vestige of all that’s lost —
bestrewn in prevailing currents
amongst the drifting autumn leaves

No smoke on rising waters
— lingers between
growing distant shores
Untamed rivers rising
rinse away
the taste of sparks
spake from silent tongues

Portaging all that once was
with all that could never remain, 
back to the briny deep 
An uncontainable
rivers pilgrimage —
entombing reverently
ancient fractals of being

Sowing feral rivers' ashes —
sacrificial scatterings of destiny
washed afar unto the flotsam
on shoreless stormy  seas

Jesse Stillwater
November 2018

Mused by a poem by melissa rose

"Spreading my ashes"
Jess Balingit Apr 2014
In a city full of tall buildings and unspeakable views,
breathtaking unknowns and unfamiliar faces,
there are those sitting on window sills
chugging bottles of brew,
leaving cigarette traces

She spends her days in a haze,
sharing little laughs that make her ribs ache,
all in attempt to erase you
It's only then she sees,
an imprint on the
soul is the kind of
stain that can't be
Kendall McCann May 2015
in order to breathe
i smother my lungs
with funny things
then exhale you
with a sigh of relief
just to wake up
the very next night
suffocating again
amidst the fight
A needed look
of happiness
A smile upon my face
But way deep down
a hole
Let no one go
behind the gates

A changing shape
A life
that’s fake
The effort needed
I will make
A cake
I bake
Like shedding skin
I’ve been replaced

So 'cut-n-paste'
but life don't taste
My past
aren't steps
that I retrace
Each day
a race
Response; quick haste
Hide deep inside
Alone disgraced

A fall from grace
A gracious thought
Was never true
was bought
A jagged pace
Should be erased
One big mistake
How I
was taught

Repeating loop
Forever caught
An ending saved
For me
it's naught
My life I’ll waste
Won't have
what's sought
The things
I got
Did not embrace

Peered over shoulders
into space
Life long mistake
Dug my own grave
My hopes and dreams
I gave
or trade
All washed away
The price I pay

A birthing brightness
Road was paved
What love
I had
Chose not
to stay
None in return
and none
was saved
A dying star
begins to fade
Written: August 26, 2018

All rights reserved.
[Iambic Octameter format]
Onoma Nov 2017
as the
ground is hard,
and the sky is
ashes fly
from flesh.
of bodies that
stare at a sun
with no country.
Yenson Aug 2018
Bony small fingers wrapped round the cup and lifted it to pale dry lips
she took a sip and lowered cup
Sat opposite I looked at a face that was once to me the most
beautiful face ever
Now for the first time in my life I had undoubted confirmation
that beauty does fade
And those that say 'beauty is only skin deep were right all along

I was never in love with her, I liked her, liked her a lot, but right
now I sat broken hearted
Heartbroken because to me God's magnificence has been defaced,
the Divine work of The Most Divine has been destroyed
How could this be, how can this happen
Is evil such a powerful force, powerful enough to obliterate the face
of an Angel.

Yes, I know the prettiest Rose will one day wither and die
Yes I know nothing last for ever in our world
Yes I know we will all grow old and die
Yes I know night turns to daylight
Yes I know we all return to dust

It hurt, it hurt, it hurt, for how can Aphrodite turn into Medussa
within the course of a year
To twist the dagger in me more, it seem as if all the changes were by her deliberate design and welcomed by her
How can one blessed as such decide I want to alter myself and look
the most unattractive I can be
It was as if Lucifer stood there, saying 'you see my power, anything
you consider worthy, proper, Holy or beautiful, I can *******, mess up or destroy'...

Small bony claws put down the cup after the final sip, internally I was in stunned disbelief, how cruel is evil, how can an Angel be
thus disfigured. Where is God, why allow this.

I was never in love with her, I liked her but never had any reason
to think we could be an item. But her beauty always reminded me of God's magnificence and induced praise to God anytime I saw her. Now the hurts burnt so deeply into my soul, that I don't believe in the beauty of humans anymore. I was shallow somewhat
Now I know only Inner Beauty matters and everything happens for a reason
Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust
Canis Latrans Feb 21
When I die, let the wolves dance in my silver.
Lay the dust of me down in a snowy place.
So I may melt into the earth,
under the weight of your sun.
Lauren Jun 12
we lit the match
of ignorance
and set this world


you think
this is a game?

children starving
tree carvings
across polluted floor

what happened to
this earth of ours
that we simply can control?
Relahxe Jun 7
I do not live: I burn. In acrimony raging
Two souls are dueling within my breast:
The soul of a devil, the soul of an angel.
Their breathing is flame and it gives me no rest.

Not one flame bursts but two - whatever I am touching,
And in each stone two heartbeats I hear clash…
Wherever I go there is an odious doubling
Of two warring faces, which vanish in ash.

And everywhere the wind that follows me is spreading
The ashes: all my footprints are effaced.
For I am not living - I burn! - and am shedding
A trail of grey ashes across a dim waste.
A translated poem by the Bulgarian symbolist poet and revolutionary Peyo Yavorov, the so called "singer of the soulful abysses", about the eternal bifurcation of the soul.
Translation by Peter Tempest.
Tanay Sengupta Aug 2018
Everything is falling apart,
It is too late to see.
No one is left to trust.

Crumbling into ashes and dust,
Lost in a meaningless sea.
Everything is falling apart.

Turn away if you must,
But it is too late flee.
No one is left to trust.

Fight for a fresh start,
If you are too blind to see.
Everything is falling apart.

Escapism is an art,
The world is too chaotic to me.
No one is left to trust.

Moisty eyes and a broken heart,
All I wish is to be free.
Everything is falling apart.
No one is left to trust.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
Just a thought that I wanted to convey via words. Hope you like it. Happy reading!
Kewayne Wadley Apr 2018
And like incense our scent takes to the air.
Ascending before we fall.
Her and I.
We burst into fire.
Our eyes a gaseous mixture. 
Ignited by the touch of skin.
Kindling the many thoughts we keep of each other.
A crackle blown out.
Accented in desire,
Our yearning ignites.
We hold ourselves unselfish,
Keeping warm.
Separate stems bonded as one. 
Our inner voice visible. 
Bypassing worry, our doubt.
A piece of us both, dissipating in a slow burning.
To give more than we've taken in unspoken communication.
We fell in ash.
Our scent a prayer sent to heaven. 
To always remain this way. 
Even after our extinguishing.
May we linger.
Forever more.
Falling fast asleep in each other's arms.
Leading each other to a place we call love.
Until the last ash drops
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