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Torin Jan 22
I tell myself...
A million flashing screens,
And ringing phones,
And broadcasts signals,
Check your local news,
The media cycles,
The endless coverage,
I tell myself....
Fear **** on the front page,
Voices from all devices,
Talking heads.
I tell....
And ur local programming
                        Mind control,
I tell myself..
But really.... do I?
Is any thought my own,
And dreams or indecision
My destiny....

Is it just what people I've never met have made for me?
Torin Oct 2021
Fruit on the vine
So many emotions pouring into me

Sounds of the horns
far off in the distance so deep in my soul


I felt so all alone

I can only gamble now
And it's all house money
It's all lose or break even
Even I Heaven affords me the greatest of benediction

Starts in the soil
Buried deep under the detritus of decomposition
A seed

Warmth of the sun
Heavenly blissful rays onto a soul


I was always alone

And taking chances
It's all house money
My compounded debt until tomorrow
Tomorrow still brings a sweet sunrise

A smile

If heaven can forgive me for me and my sins
If heaven can forgive

Fruit on the vine
Ripe for picking
Before she spoils
And all is left as rot

Fruit on the vine
My hands are busy harvesting

Torin Sep 2021
The headlines are always bad news
Screams pull the night apart
Low tearing an old would open
To never heal
He said he loved her
I can't blame it on the the Tetons

What once was beauty
Colors change then fade to black
art becoming nothing
I don't even know how to story goes
Lions and lambs
But this autumn growing colder

The Frontlines inside my head are raging
Dreams fail down around me
Sorrowful September
With leaves falling
I never knew her favorite band
I can't blame it on the Tetons

It must have been Hell
Those eyes so cold
Those eyes which once were loving
And even the angels cried
He said he loved her
I never knew her favorite band
Rest in peace Gabby Petito
Rest in peace Gabby Petito
Torin Jul 2021
Im not even allowed to hold such thoughts....
S     E                       I scream in silence,
   C      A                   Fearful of lurking listeners,
       R      M              Eavesdroppers when dreams are not
                    S       allowed.
                                    Dreams are not allowed,
                                      I say a prayer out loud,
                                    Dreams are not allowed,
                                      I say a prayer out loud.
I see death even from many thousands of miles away,
I see it forming lines under a dragons eyes,
I see it loaded into trains by loaded guns
Just a commodity to be shipped off,
Forever away...
To a place that even the hopeful close their eyes,
Because to look is to see no hope,
Just starving dogs,
And swarms of flies.

There is a black hole at the center of the universe,
But im not allowed to say,
A finger pointed in the direction of the darkness,
The rotten corrupted evil,
The truth that is the hatred that can live in man's heart,
When life implies death,
And you only feel yourself as a stranger in the world...

I was never allowed to say,
Just shouted down and told to stay,
                                                           ­  in silence.
To even censor my fears,
As they grow in the east.
I've been called so many things I forgot my name,
I forgot my name,
Just a stranger in the world,
Who wants love when love is hate,
And good is evil,
And truth is fiction.
My fears grow in the east and grow in the land,
And in the streets,
And the sorrow is a flower dead on the vine.
we have always been at war with eurasia! What would you have done in the 1930s as bolsheviks killed millions of Cossacks? What would you have done in the 40s? What do you do now? Do you even know there are millions of people in a country that has proclaimed a future of global *******. Millions of people in camps being forced into slave labor. Millions of people who are not allowed to have children or are sterilized. Millions of people being ethnically cleansed. Did you know that if you speak up about it there are actually people who will defend that country and simply accuse you of racism? The tech companies censoring is one thing. Powerful billion dollar entities, oligarchs. of course its wrong for them to control our speech but we should expect that. Its always been the same people doing the same thing. But....when its gotten so bad that even political ideas you disagree with are shouted down by everyday people...
Torin Jun 2021
How could learning how to let someone love you be so personal
When its like the rain?
Everyone feels it fall
But not everyone feels it the same

Some take no notice and move along
Some hear the rain falling on the roof as a song

Some see the lighting before it strikes
Some hear only thunder
But still others...

Some scurry for cover

And still others
Still there's others that dance

So howl at me wind if you would like
Bend the limbs of the trees that line the streets
Move swiftly as you must
Soft upon my skin
I've been waiting long before
The storm ever began

And I've been dancing ever since
I've been dancing
Its been too long since I had an onion ring. I like the big thick ones that are fresh cut. Flaky yet crispy, the crisper the better. And I like when they are fresh out of the fryer and very greasy. Maybe some thousand island dressing as dipping sauce. Mmmmm sounds delicious. I could sure go for some about right now
Torin Jun 2021
Science explains why we bruise
And even tries explaining why we hurt
How can I make it through tomorrow?
There will be no flowers blooming
Not in the spring

I guess its just metaphorical suicide
Reason doesn't come in to play
Just agony
The recollections of when I knew the sun would rise
And forgiveness
The squall of it all

What would wisdom tell me?
Both hands
I grab so tight I can't hold
Even wisdom won't help me now
As I delve deeper into darkness than I knew one could go
What would the future tell me?

As it dawns on me
Like the sun from the east
The world is flat
The heavens are a blanket
And seals are on every one of the stars
Unlatched but if he says they are

How can I accept?

But to know

I am strong
But not strong
Strong enough to accept
Not strong enough to control

Still these bruises on my heart
These bruises
There is not a science on earth to explain
The pain I feel right now
Torin Jun 2021
When the day comes its surprising the sun still rises

Well, in the east as it has always done
When even in the morning I see the sun set

You have been warned of the times ahead
Again and again
Though that voice has been silent for some time
You never forget

And a new law spreads the land

A law that demands you be alone
Only the lost and ****** may live
A law that demands you deny the only truth you've known
Demands you submit

Lightning bolts shot from heavens
As the dark one moves in shadows
Controlling the interest of earth
You are not of the the earth
But instead chosen from out of the earth

There's only one thing to save us
But there's war
And rumors of war
And famine
And earthquakes
And natural disaster at a scale of nothing before

Would you

Would you submit

And deny the only thing you know can save you?
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