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Torin Sep 30
It’s more a greyness
And inch by inch the the greyness spreads
Covering the sallowed ground
It’s inch by inch then foot by foot
Steady aiming at my heart

But I found color
And even as the world is doomed
I find a flower blooming
A light that shows in darkness
The colors shine

my favorite color
something beautiful in this ugly world
give me any hope
show me I can dream
this life is bigger than it seems

And no space there ever could contain
Even planets move to sing your name
as if the music made us
Loving you where words can only fall behind
Loving you outside the scope of time
Torin Aug 11
Don't the seasons end in spring?
The time we use to sew our seeds
The tree we used to know won't grow
Not how we tear at the roots out
But I wish the flowers bloom
The way that May moves into June

The wisdom of the mob
The wisdom of our God
And as the city is burning
The city is burning
You help me know the world is turning
The world is still turning

Don't you make the star shine?
It was written on our skin before
The heartline
And even in the dark times
The midnights without moons
The twilights
Don't you make the stars shine?
The stars shine

Don't the days all go away?
The graceless hours
We deny the history of the sun
And paint it over with a advertisement
But I still wish the sun would rise
And bring the light that shines within your eyes
Into our lives

The love of the mob
The love of our God
Who set the cities to burning
Cities are burning
But our hearts and minds are burning to
I burn for you

Don't you make the star shine?
The unknown and uncharted
The beyond time
The bloodlines and mankind
Every step we've taken
And even when we fly
Don't you make the stars shine
Just so much brighter
Torin Jul 21
We went through the red light
The red lights flashed over smoke that's rising
A broken shattered window
The streets are changing names
In pockets of defiance
And violence

We could see the bright light
The bright light
But we could see the wide view
The panoramic
And I'm seeing both directions
At the money changers temple
We flip the tables  

We could see the red light
It's screaming, "stop", and when
                     the dragon flies both wings wide,
Upon the clouds within the east
That are advancing
And steadily
But you would never see a thicker rain

But we would see the bright light
The twilight
Within this darkness follow white light
And keep fighting
Against forces at the castle gate
Self reflection
At the battle for the worlds end
We're throwing pebbles

But you have never seen a thicker rain
Torin May 27
I watched you begin,
no one ever filled the space in between so beautifully,
as every place you reach becomes the future,
as right now is every moment,
I watched you move,

I wrote my songs for the dead

The sun
I watched you rise,
nothing ever as pure as the way you shine,
no darkness can withstand,
every star is the center,
I saw your light,

And wrote my songs for the dead,

spirits hear my voice,
carry me on the wind as a feather,
and melody,
it's possible,

as morning breaks over you,
over the land, I hear you breathe,
and melody,
it's possible.
Torin Apr 27
You don't know
What hell is
The way
I do

I do
The weight
What help is
I don't know
Torin Apr 14
Bones and dust and dissonant notes
Only what I believe
With that whimpering hound in the street
Hungry as he is afraid
And covered in mange
I tried to look away
To the peddlers on the avenue
Fancy storefronts and window panes
Where I could hide away
Lord I had no hope
Lord I hid my faith
With the jewels and meat and wine
Knowing what I believe
Is a starving dog in the street
Beaten on and defeated
I could only look away
To the mages and the court jesters
Moving men become images on screens
To occupy my mind
when there is no hope
Lord what is my fate?
Is it fires and bullets and the grave?
Is it anger controlling the world?
Demons whispering in our ears?
Pestilence and war
as we do as they bid
Keeping that dog hungry
Keeping that dog afraid
I only look away
Don't feed that dog
Not even the bones that we leave in the bin
Lord is this my fate?
I ask aloud with no one around
Save for the spirits that occupy the corners of the room
Of light and dark
Of truth and morality and a fire that starts from a spark
But with the lights on
Lord I show my faith
Because the energy flowing trough a cherry tree
That makes the flowers bloom
Should be the springtime of a life
and we shouldn't look away
We should give
As we give thanks for this food
It can be bitter but it can be sweet
With this bustling restaurant
With families and businessmen busy with their lives
Hustling and hurrying
The wait staff rushing food to hungry patrons
Food upon my plate
And I will pray
Lord I show my fate
I've fed that dog long ago
Took him in from off the street
Cared for him back to health
And gave him warmth and comfort
And he gave me love
and we should give
Maybe a little incomplete at the end. Idk I took like an hour on it and I'm tired now so maybe later I'll come back and change or add a few lines at the end. That's just how a thicc rolls
Torin Apr 13
Pale horse
From dusk til dawn ridden
Not reading constellations
Stars from our eyes
How many moons?
but still riding on
From dusk til dawn
Destination unknown
Under the black reaching night
No one tells us to sleep
There is no end
Only the miracle
The sun will rise
Stars from our eyes
How many moons?
My empty hands are growling hounds
From dusk til dawn

Our hands
Cities and instruments
Gardens where flowers grow
And I know if I can make it now
Highways and silver mines
Dawn comes
Bird song
And I look to the west
The miracle of morning

Our hands
Sun up to sun down
The harvest in the fields
The glory in our labor
The consecrated charge
The duty that is our land and our faith
Our hands
Held open to the sky
Competent and capable
To build
To protect as is our chore
To eat
We feast and we repent
Wake up to a new day
And celebrate our blessings
New triple stack Big Macs. How about that? I wonder how burger kings gonna come back from this one.
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