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Times were always changing
I guess we were changing too
Hanging on bent curves
And straightened bows
Our eyes wide open and seeing
We couldn’t see yesterday
But do the walls go up?
The slings and arrows
The battles in never-ending war
Rattling sabers
Not gonna save us
We open our arms
As dark as it sounds we open our arms...

And take heart
Take solace
Find fortitude in the truth
Times were always changing
I guess we were changing too
Its universal
Its the particle unto the dust
The shine and the sheen
The rust
Its all true

There is no poison I can live without
Not even love
Breaking point
I want for you to suffer with me
Taking note
Its only miles into the nether
Shake it off
I want for you to understand
my aching heart
How many miles until it breaks
I see in you a sunrise
Youth and welcome to the new day
A way to keep the dream alive
Because everything is so broken
And I don't know what I’d be without you
Not the greatest philosopher
Not the working class hero
Not even
Not all
I see in you the moonbeams
Still a light of hope even during darkness
And driving the coast to the hills
To see the city lights
Were always shining
Thats the weight I feel when I look in your eyes
The greatest dreamer
The greatest lover
The greatest
And I have to
I have to see in you the future
Because my past is all dried up
Dead, decaying, rotten on the vine
But theres a seed
And planted in the nutrients of
The seed must grow
Even after i had given up
When I tasted sugar before
It never was this sweet
I don’t like the ant
Or that is to say
There is something about them I don’t like
They are unthinking
They lay chemicals at dawn
And don’t stop searching until night is strong
They are unthinking
Moving unmercifully
The hive mind their meaning that I despise
Something about them
This ant will never know freedom
In nature
This worker ant both night and day
In nature
Being for the benefit of the queen
There is no laughter
Not in the cities
Not in the sprawling farms and endless roads
There is no laughter
Just hands hardened by toil
On cast iron tools and heavy machines
I don’t like the ant
They are unthinking
They searching blindy restless legs forever seek
With no imigination
The ant is just a slave
A slave who doesn’t want freedom

They are unthinking

The ant will never know laughter
In nature
The ant is just a reminder
In nature
What are we holding onto,
Something ungolden,
And I take it I pray the day away,
We’ll never be saved,
We can never be saved,
Even if it’s broken,
Something to hold onto,
My fingers may bend or they may break,
We needed it now,
We need it somehow
                                     I can’t explain,

One for the rain,
Stumble on the rocks,
We’ll never reach the coast,
Not when these guiding lights were ghost,
And we needed it most,
stumble through the rain,
But things won’t ever be the same,

And what we are holding onto,
It’s too much pain,
And we’re praying you take the pain away,
And with love we may say,
Love save the day,
But there was too much hate,
Something to hold onto,
our lives forgiveness is gone to ghost that haunt you,
It was our strength,
That was our weakness
                                         and that's the way,

Two for the rain,
We stumble through the years,
We know which way to go,
And every step just leads us closer,
Our road lead us home,
Once we’re past the pain,
We find our truth again,
And things wont ever be the same,

Things wont ever be the same
Press F to pay respecc
I am

Heavy noises crash into me
the rocks below
Heavy heavy sound
We can’t see you
I am
And there is no corner nor quarter
the rocks below

Openly the fields
the meadows
the heavy ending
And I pray
Through this white noise
Evil the empire
That freed us

Heavy the hand that feeds us
Denies us just to need us
heavy, deaf, and blind
She’s yours to take home
And sorrow in blood
is my own

My own the seas
the oceans and shores
Water crashing in
wasn’t fair at all
Take away the sand
as all I know
Closing my eyes
Avoid the slaughter

Heaven descend
as I forgive
  One could never understand
the rocks below
  I am
  It’s heavy in my blood
  Magnetic molecules
and memory
The rocks below

Break apart the waves
and terminate the fall
The pain that’s left to feel
wasn’t fair at all
heavy as it was
it isn’t ours to judge
The rocks below

I am

And i could never be
Even clouds have faces
As faces have names
And they chant and proclaim
It wasn’t fair at all
But not a victim
to the fall
The rocks below
Exclaimed hallelujah

I am
It took a thousand years to feel like me
Blood as I’m laying on the floor
Lives are forever changed
And I saw a dancing woman
As I saw you
I flew over the hills
As I saw you

It was loss

It was losing everything to know this love
There was no flower to hold
It was the flood waters rising
And I feel this way
It was cruel intentioned lighting
And I feel this way

The waters of the flood
God willing the creek won’t  rise
But as is does
I accept it as it is
As punishment for sins
As a way to wash me clean
And the water rises over the rooftops

It was repentance  

It was religious vision led me to you
Death and resurrection
I give my life away
And I saw a the wings of angels
As I saw you
And I found a way to Heaven
As I saw you

It was salvation
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