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Torin Dec 2023
In the evening at the festival,
During morning in the vestibule,
I keep it with me,
My little jewel,

If winter cold and cracking is the air,
I wouldn't care,
Naked and bare
There's no above,
And cold below

You can take away my destiny, still,
But can't take away what I believe,
Always beside me,
Never to leave,

Springtime flowers, birds singing in the air
The more I care,
The more life there,
Once peace and love,
Are all I know

Still, I am stuck in disparate cycles
Being led astray by false disciples,
Still keeping it close,
My little hope
I don't know, I think I did it right?

I always want a little while longer,
As attention spans decrease...
Torin Dec 2023
With every heartbeat is pain
Have we not all been there?
Where what we ask to sustain us
Is poison
Bitter where once was sweet
Head nod unto the fade

Doldrums as I sell my red horse

Heavy in my throat
Lead into my spine
One hot shot to three long months
Forget how to walk

With every cold word
a shake
Hasnt everyone known?
Stricken to netherworld with hope to find
All is lost
Even the words run cold
Oblivion all that's left

Nothing is fine is all I owe

Steady is this loss
Lead unto the sleep
One cold cut to three long months
And every breath is deep
Torin Dec 2023
I cannot help but hate
I worry
Try as I might the birds in the sky
I can never fly
No succor
Not the wings I dream nor hands from above

I hate
The will
Not man, action or deed from red eyes
Glaring from datkness
Fingers manipulating strings
Morbid lie
Stories to be told with no hint of glory

I hate
In shade
The heart of a man beating
Searching as ever
Rooftops and raindrops
The sound of emptiness

Inside a sphere of defiance

There are machinations we may never truly understand
We should never underestimate

I hate

I love
For love
That is the only thing that could ever save us
Torin Jan 2022
I tell myself...
A million flashing screens,
And ringing phones,
And broadcasts signals,
Check your local news,
The media cycles,
The endless coverage,
I tell myself....
Fear **** on the front page,
Voices from all devices,
Talking heads.
I tell....
And ur local programming
                        Mind control,
I tell myself..
But really.... do I?
Is any thought my own,
And dreams or indecision
My destiny....

Is it just what people I've never met have made for me?
Torin Oct 2021
Fruit on the vine
So many emotions pouring into me

Sounds of the horns
far off in the distance so deep in my soul


I felt so all alone

I can only gamble now
And it's all house money
It's all lose or break even
Even I Heaven affords me the greatest of benediction

Starts in the soil
Buried deep under the detritus of decomposition
A seed

Warmth of the sun
Heavenly blissful rays onto a soul


I was always alone

And taking chances
It's all house money
My compounded debt until tomorrow
Tomorrow still brings a sweet sunrise

A smile

If heaven can forgive me for me and my sins
If heaven can forgive

Fruit on the vine
Ripe for picking
Before she spoils
And all is left as rot

Fruit on the vine
My hands are busy harvesting

Torin Sep 2021
The headlines are always bad news
Screams pull the night apart
Low tearing an old would open
To never heal
He said he loved her
I can't blame it on the the Tetons

What once was beauty
Colors change then fade to black
art becoming nothing
I don't even know how to story goes
Lions and lambs
But this autumn growing colder

The Frontlines inside my head are raging
Dreams fail down around me
Sorrowful September
With leaves falling
I never knew her favorite band
I can't blame it on the Tetons

It must have been Hell
Those eyes so cold
Those eyes which once were loving
And even the angels cried
He said he loved her
I never knew her favorite band
Rest in peace Gabby Petito
Rest in peace Gabby Petito
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