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JS Clark Feb 2019
I will take the knife and cut the tether,
I will cup my hand and puff the flame.
The wind shall bear me to fairer weathers.

Deep wounds, forcing the brand and the sever;
Creating within—magmas in my brain!
I will take the knife and cut the tether.

Alone—it’s beyond and through the never—
With war, it’s just us practicing our aims.
The wind shall bear us to fairer weathers.

I see the bullets dart like dragon’s feathers.
I make love in springs full of acid blame.
I shall take the knife and cut the tether.

Old men making noise; old bowls of leather—
Words from parched lips seeking civil refrain.
The wind shall bear us to fairer weathers.

And so the war knits on years together;
Man’s grand plan of securing creed and claim—
I will take my knife and cut the tether—
The wind shall bear us to fairer weathers.
JS Clark Feb 2019
I am the cold North Wind.
If I were human, I would be
Labeled a sociopath.
But I’m not.
I’m just cold.
JS Clark Jan 2019
These are lines
Without thought—
I simply choose to be.

I will embrace you,
I will not ignore pain.

I am a human being.
I am no human doing.

I’m found on the mountaintop
Welcoming the sun—

In the valley,
Trudging the over and done.

I take in the present,
Dance with the stimuli.

I vibrate—HUM—
My frequency tuned to
The Music of the Spheres!

I dance into God’s throne room
And absorb the Cosmic Gong!

I touch the face of God,
Relax, and belong.
JS Clark Dec 2018
The dream is large and
Hard to hug.
The work-a-days are long
And seem to get longer.

Heading home from work spent
On one of these days,
I see these words—
“Remember who you are”.

Remember who you are.

I, we, are:

Working the daily as:

Forklift operators
Truck drivers
Grocery store clerks—all noble
Honest posts, every one.

Daily I meander this mid-size burg
In a cranky van as a courier,
Acting as grease to lubricate
Said burg’s school district cogs.

I wonder…
I wonder how many work at these
Worthy and square occupations and
Either do not recognize or
Ignore the fire burning deepest
In their heart’s furnace.

I jaunt about remembering,
Always observing,
Always knowing the fire will
Spit out the next poem.

Remember who you are.
Remember it is a choice.
JS Clark Dec 2018
Accentuate the positives!

One must cull one’s self from the herd!

Etch sublime visions
Obtained naked on the wilderness hilltop
In Earth’s stone,
Or write them on these sheets provided
By its mighty trees and
Resilient leaves.

Baste the naysayers
With Tony Robbins’ ladle
Full of succulent
Can-do verve!

Annihilate their gloom with
Bazookas of hope,
Uzis of alacrity,
Shotguns of perseverance,
And AK-47’s of love—

Live on the slopes of
Pitch tents in Tornado Alley
For vacation—
Go grocery shopping on the Serengeti,
And woo Amazons and Nubian warrior

Fear has no stronghold!
The end will not be the end!!
Eternal hard-on!!!
JS Clark Sep 2018
When times get tough, and tensions should ride high;
When one’s hands are lashed and frustration’s sound,
I take a ride through the morning country.

Like a sweet raspberry cream filled fruit pie,
I savor the pleasure that gets around.
The morningside country beckons to me.

The city’s too busy; crowded and fried.
I wish to kiss the winds with a resound!
I take a ride through the the morning country.

I wake up, and the sun is in my eye.
She's there with me as my feet hit the ground,
The morningside country beckons to me.

This woman I love, she knows how to try,
She knows where my sincere heart can be found.
We take a ride through the morning country.

There are those days that certainly blindside.
What I do often for sorrow to drown--
I take a ride through the morning country,
The morningside country beckons to me.
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