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3.6k · Apr 2021
Crush and obsession
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Crush make you smile
Obsession make you feel suffocated
Crush are the attraction
Obsession is the madness
Crush may be for short period of time
Obsession will remain forever until you may die
Crush can motivate you for the one you are
Obsession will suffocate you for the person are
Crush has the power to motivate you
And obsession has the power to take you in the worst state of life
Crush will give you freedom
Obsession will take your all freedom
and will cage you in the emotions of possesiveness
That's the difference of crush and obsession
Crush will let you remain in peace
Obsession will take your every peace of life
Crush can make you smile
Obsession can make you suffocated
3.4k · Mar 2021
Nature is everywhere
Akta Agarwal Mar 2021
Nature is everywhere you go
Everything that lives and grows is nature
Nature is plants, water, air, fire and soil
Nature is beautiful, peaceful, Wonderful ,exciting and more in all way
Nature gives us positive vibes
But nature also needs our care
So we have to so our part of making nature protective
Like nature is doing its part.
Nature is beautiful
1.9k · Mar 2021
Colours of happiness
Akta Agarwal Mar 2021
The trees smile with their sprout of tender leaves and blooming flowers,
Eternal nature with its transient expression,
Hails spring with joy!
Bewildering shades with so many tinges.
The land of beauty and greatness
Colour of happiness and peace makes people alive to enjoy the spirit.
A celebration of colour
An experience of harmony and delight.
Gulal of red, green, yellow and countless colour also explains the colourful meaning of life,
A day filled with laughter and gaiety,
A day to smear our dreams
With a splash of vibrant colours
The festival of colour brings a spring of unbounded fun and frolic!!
Colourful holi
1.7k · Feb 2021
Love you my teddy bear 🐻
Akta Agarwal Feb 2021
Hey my love
You are so cute
Just want to hold you tight
You always do bring smiles in any person's face
May it of any age
You are chubby
And I love to kiss you
In my sleep I always do hug you tight
And then I never left alone
You are the best and simplest gift I ever want,
Love you my teddy bear 🐻
Love you teddy bear
1.4k · Apr 2021
Bikhre alfaz tute khwab
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Bikhre alfaz
Tute khwab -

Bikhre bikhre s Kuch alfaz h
Tute tute s khwab h
Antarmn ab bechen sa h
Hue khwab aahat s h
Dil m lga ghav sa h
Bikhre bikhre s Kuch alfaz h
Tute tute s Kuch khwab h
Sangharsh krna bna muskil sa h
Aasan raah ki talash v na ktm hota sa h
dra dra sa ab mn rhta h
Hoton ki hasi v ab khi chupa sa h
Khi gm K sagar h to khi shukh K leher aae h
Kisi K sapne hue raakh K s
To kisi ne nae sapno ki chavi bnae h
Sunn K baat yh nae dil m
aae Kuch aash sa h
Bikhre alfazo ko sajakr koe
Naye sapne bunne ka khwab sa h.
Bikhre s alfaz h tute s khwab h pr ek asha ki kiran ne di nae si aash h
1.3k · Apr 2021
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Dard ko bya karu kese
Dard to muskhurahat m v h
Kuch chuphi chahat m v h
Mohobbat k kuch alfaz v h dard
Aankhon S jhalakti barsaat v h dard
Wo tute khwab v h dard
Wo bunte aash v h dard
Aurat ki dabi hue awaaz v h dard
Dard zindagi ka ek sundar hissa h
Jo hme khushiyon ki talash tk le jata h
dard hi to wo sabdh h
Jo khushiyon S hmari pehechan krwata h
Bin dard k khushiyon k maaene kha h
Dard to wo gulab k fhul ke kaatein sa h
Jo fhul ko or khubsurat bnata h
Dard hme khudh dard S larna sikhata h
Dard khubsurat v hota h
1.3k · Apr 2021
My confession
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Your smile became my life
Its hard to live without your vibe
I feel all complete when you are near
And I do feel loss when you are gone
I don't know if am going mad
But am not sad
I guess you are my strength
If you are with me
I have nothing to fear
You have became my life line dear
So I guess it's the time to finally confession my love for
I love you my darling
Love confession
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Me - why sometimes I like to be with you?
My loneliness - because sometimes people be tired of crowd and want to be with me.
Me - And why so?
I have always heard that you are bad because you always bring sadness.
My loneliness - that's not true. I never bring sadness. When the people are rejected or dejected by someone then they want to be with me. It's not me who have gave them sadness but because of sadness they come to be with me.
Me - Yes,  you are right. But am not rejected or dejected then why I am liking to be with you?
My loneliness - because you are tired of this fake and crowded world. And when the people get tired of crowd and fake smile on their lips they want to be with me. But they can't live with me always. Not even you, because in this big world all need someone.
Me - but that will be selfishness to be with you only in sadness and then blame you for their sadness.
My loneliness - it's not someone's faults. I am guest here. And guests are never mean to be stay forever.
Me - but a friend can stay together
My loneliness - means?
Me - means by living separately also a friend are there for you always
And whenever I will need you be with me and whenever you will need me I will be with you always.
My loneliness - you can promise it?  Because it's easy to say but hard to do
Me - it's hard but not impossible and promises are never meant to be broken
My loneliness - OK so we are friends?
Me - yes we are friends forever
My loneliness - yes forever and ever
And thank you for being my friend and for understanding me
Me - you are always be welcome
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Soumya is crying in her room
At that time her mother came and saw her crying and asked, "what happened baby?  Why are you crying? "
Soumya : " Mom am afraid of failure ."
Mom :"What type of failure? "
Soumya : " Mom tomorrow is my result. What if I fail? "
Mom : " So what life itself is a game and we sometimes lose or win. "
Mom : " Failure is a part of success and it do teach us to never give up.  Without failure we never know what's the failure is?  It's an inspirational teacher. "
Soumya : " but if failure take your most precious things "
Mom : " then that's also for your own benefit baby. May that thing is never your's "
Soumya : " thanks mom for helping me out  
And now I got it never afraid of failure "
Mom ,"yes my baby ."
In a dialogue based convo
1.2k · Apr 2021
Donate blood
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Donate blood as much as you can
You will be blessed
It's a harmless and priceless act
to save someone's life from death
May by your blood
a baby may found her mother back
or may a sister can save her brother from going into grave
may by it our grandpa will be awake
to tell us many stories
which might not be fake
Drop of blood
flowing vein to vein
may save a person from becoming insane
may you can become a reason of their joy
Donate blood
It will be best gift
anyone can ever give
spread smile and omit tears
it will help you in troubles
Donate blood
And get blessed
Donate your blood
It may help the needful
1.2k · Mar 2021
Akta Agarwal Mar 2021
Freely giving unconditionally to the unknown person
With the thought of helping them
To give some peace as per our own status
And as said to give without the think of receiving something in respect of this is the pure hearted love
But am not that pure
But I want to help them in my possible ways
It's really the kindest thoughts of giving them something from your own store
And when got to know bcoz of my utmost help they got their life and the children can able to fed his / her family
And no needs to beg
It will be the priest feeling that anyone can ever get
By giving them I didn't have done charity I had buy peacefulness and happiness with this.
It's not charity
It's thought of letting them developed.
Helping someone didn't means charity always
900 · Mar 2021
Why do we expect
Akta Agarwal Mar 2021
We expect kindness from god,
We expect love from our close ones,
We expect care from our friends,
We expect time from our children,
We expect respect for everyone,
We expect the return of what we have given may it can be love, money, care, respect or family,
But sometimes we also do expect sympathy,
Why do we expect sympathy?
Why do we have so many expectations.
It is said that don't expect anything from anyone till your last breath
Because expectations from anyone will give you the biggest threat of life,
But don't know why do we expect!
Expectations makes people weak and sad.
Sometimes it brings tears in someone's eyes,
But then also we have lot of expectations don't know why?
We know it hurts to expect something from someone but then also we can't help it.
Why do we have so many expectations?
848 · Feb 2021
Hugs are precious
Akta Agarwal Feb 2021
Hugs are the way of expressing emotions or excitement,
Hugs are also known as expressing concern towards,
Hug are magical as it brings a smile to a persons face, It's brings comforts,
It's work like a medicine to a person who is going through hard stage of their life,
Just hug a person when you see they need comfort and happiness,
Hugs are really precious.
Hug can mend pain
844 · Apr 2021
My second ever love
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Whenever I became upset
chocolate is the one who brighten my mood
Whenever I cry
Chocolate is the one who brought smile in my face
Chocolate Is the smile of all kids Whenever I need someone
chocolate is only the one who stays besides me
I love you my 2nd ever love chocolate You are my 2nd ever love
Because my first ever love will always remain my parents
But you don't worry I love you a lot my chocolate
I love your delicious taste
By the way
Happy chocolate day my chocolate.
Chocolate is so delicious
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
This world is changing a lot and everyone is busy blaming the youth of today
But it's wrong to always blame the youth ,
how can we blame the future only when without present we can't blame future.
Youth is the beginning of future and they can be the end of future if they didn't get guide of right way,
They have the only power to construct and destruct the world as per the guidance,
Youth are now living a virtual world on facebook, instagram or twitter ,they no longer need to speak face to face.
If they only knew the value of time and a lost childhood which is the one thing that no one could ever replace.
All the youngster want to cause riot but they also hide their faces in the hoodies,
The girls desperate to become thin and that's why they through their breakfast, lunch and tea at the toilet.
Each of us is born with a hidden gift but our future children have just forgotten how to find it.
Older generation demand respect but it's one way traffic as respect back is something they sometimes forget to show.
Instead of teaching our future generations how to fly we tied them down in the fear of if they fly high above us.
Bullies and racist still torture their victims leaving them to cry on their own because they are afraid of open up.
Sometimes they want to open up but we just ignore them and that tend them to choose the wrong path i.e .,destruction.
And then again present becomes the main or hidden reasons of destruction.
Because of our negligence their beautiful and bright dreams fades away and then their dreams captured by darkness .
The dawn of a new generation will begin and no doubt people will still blames the youth and will forget their deeds and negligence.
And the main point is blaming is nothing the ultimate solution if it's truly is then the presents itself have to be blamed not the future generations because they are only the key toy in the hands of their parents and they are the main culprit.
So lastly it is to be said our youth or we can say future generations is not only responsible for the destruction if they will have got the right guide then they were surely the proud reasons of constructions of the world.
So that's why Youth can be the beginning of destruction means end of the world.
Youth is not the main culprit
827 · Apr 2021
God and devil
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
God is the power of positiveness which always stop us from falling
But devil will let you fall
God is the one who give us hope to fight the toughest situation of life
Devil took us to the bad situation of life
Devil is none other than our negativity
Devil force us to do the sin for which we will regret for our whole life
God do wash all our sins
Only we have to knock his door
and it will do open within a second
God is the love and the love is god
Devil is the hatred and hatred is the devil
God guide us to live life happily and peacefully
Devil guide us to live a life with hatred
So that's why god is positivity and
devil is our anger and negativity
God is beautiful and devil is ugly
820 · Apr 2021
The first rain
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
The first rain of the season
Do spread the smile without reason
Everything seems magical
The trees and plants dance in a rhythm
And birds sitting drenched in a tree
And singing a melodious song
And the scent of the soil
Send the positive vibes in our spines
As I spread my arms wide
Feeling the every drop of rains
It's promising of happiness all around
And the dark clouds are moving with pride
I close my eyes
To feel the cool raindrops
All over my face
And it's do wash all my pain and agony
With a song in my heart.
Rain give us positive vibes
810 · May 2021
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Empathy means to understand one another without a word 

Empathy means to real all the emotions in eyes of others 

Empathy means to feel the sorrow and joy of life 

Empathy means to feel all the pain of others 

Empathy means to be happy in others happiness 

Like when we saw a kids happiness 

Automatically that brings happiness in our lips 

That's only the feeling 

Which we can call empathy 

That's hard to be describe in words 

Its an beautiful and deepest emotions
753 · May 2021
I regret
Akta Agarwal May 2021
I regret to never open up before anyone 

I regret too be caged in the wall of my own house 

I regret to boxed up my emotions 

I regret doing make up and wearing jwelleries for others 

I regret that to allow others to badmouth me 

I regret too never raised a voice against any misdeed 

I regret that am not that much brave to even do fight for myself 

I regret to let go the culprit who have touched me in a bad way 

I regret for becoming toy in the hands of this so called society 

I regret that I ever agreed to marry a guy who ***** me

I regret that to save the so called reputation of my family I have sold myself 

I regret that not even a one person from my family have ever come to save me 

But I never do regret to have my last breath as a brave warrior 

Who have lastly raised her voice against all the crime 

I have no regret over raising my voice and losing my life 

I have lived all my life with regret 

But am happy I am proud of myself that I am not dying like a coward 

I have fight and dying like a brave warrior
742 · May 2021
My gentle love
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Am waiting for the right time to come
Waiting to open up the biggest secret of my heart
I have waited till now
days passed, months passed and I patiently waited for the year
but now may be the right tine came to open up my dear
it's hard to share your pain and happiness with someone
y can able to share this with only someone special
and you came in my life and became my someone special
I didn't fall in love
I have rises in love more day by day
Its not an intentional love
It's just happened
But yes it's my sweet and gentle love
May be my wait is over
but now again my wait have started
and from now am waiting for your answer my dear love.
Love is so gentle and you can wait for it forever
658 · Apr 2021
Love can replace drugs
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Drugs can destroy life,
it's a bad vibes
but why the person get addicted with it,
because they were craving for love like this,
Why do we blame the person
who is addicted,
why don't we have taken care of its
from the beginning,
why she felt lonely?
why she have to find out something to share things
other then her family,
yes that's true drugs destroy many life
but not only the addicted person is responsible for this
her close one is also responsible for this,
but she can be free from this cage called drugs
which is eating her happiness,
if she will get love,
for which only she has taken support of drugs,
do love her so much
that's there is no needs of drugs,
yes it's hard
and it will also take a lot of time,
but only the drug called love can replace this harmful drug,
and the persons have to be patience also,
and then slowly everything will gonna be fine,
just assure her that you are here to give her positive vibes.
Love is the strongest power that is capable of replacing drugs
619 · Apr 2021
My dear mother
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
My dear mother,
Am promising you to love you always,
Am promising you to be your little girl always,
Am promising you to obey you,
Am promising you to be your strength, Am promising you to be by your side always,
Am promising you to make you laugh always,
Am promising you to not upset or hurt you by any of my talk,
I never let you down,
I will always make you proud,
But, I want a promise from you to never leave my side,
If ever I do some mistakes,
then scold me and teach me what's wrong and what's right,
but never ever leave me,
Love you my mother.
Love you mumma
606 · May 2021
Bachpan ki yaadein
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Aaj fir wo bachpan ki yaadein khuli dhup ki kiran si yaad aa ***
hoton pe pyaari si muskaan khila ***
ek bchpn ki maasum chali dikhla ***
wo yaadon hamare befikre pn ki h
jb ersha se koe nataa naa tha
jb hamare muskano m chupa koe dokha na tha
jb khilkhila k hsne s waqt ne hme roka na tha
nahi koe bndhn ki beriyon ne jhkra tha
ab to bndhn ki beriya h
or rok tok ki jangire
wo bchpn ki yaadon ke aate hi
ek masum - schchi si muskaan chere ko khila jaati h
pr ush bchpn k chale jaane ki maeusi aankhon pe lata andhera sa h.
564 · Apr 2021
April fool day
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Life itself makes jokes of us
And we became prat in the hands of life
We make someone fool on the day of April fool day
But life always makes us prat as for life everyday is a April fool day
For April fool day
510 · Jun 2021
Have patience
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
It's always have said to have patience
Do your work
You will get the fruit on tym
Have patience
Every thing will be right
Have patience
Your life will be bright
But it's hard to have patience
In the very bad tym of life
as at that time we forgot to survive
We just lost our cool, our thinking ability
We just because blank
And it's tough to have patience at that time
But without patience
You can't able to reach the high height
So have patience
And every thing will be all right
Akta Agarwal May 2021
A letter to my best friend -

Dear Piu,

       I know we are not in touch anymore. Everyone is happy as they thought we parted our way but they can't able to understood our friendship. I always used to say our friendship didn't need any convo but now am writing this letter to you. Yeah I miss you a lot. Sometimes it feels like we lost our way someway. We lost ourselves. Without you I became all alone. I have lost myself somewhere. Our friendship is something that no one can define in words everyone do get jealous of our friendship. But then how we lost ourselves.How we do lost that cute,adorable friendship of our. It's easy to say we are not parted,  but somewhere I also know we love each other a lot Piu but then also somewhere we became as stranger. Today I got to write a letter for you and am writing all the emotions. I love you a lot but you know what I also have tried to be connected to you to be in touch. But you got that much busy that you don't have time to talk with me and you have forgotten my birthday also. Nevertheless if I forget all that but whenever I call you on your birthday you always said thanks but am busy call you letter. I have lost the beautiful friend of mine who have given me another life. I was the person who always got angry and you always consoled me. But after being parted I tried very hard. I never got angry not even have said my pain to you like before but then also if lost you. Here I want to express all my pain and agony to you that now also I do miss you a lot and love you a lot. But don't know where to again find that frnd of mine whom I lost in this big world. Please I am requesting I will never get angry on you, never irritate you and never complain you about anything but plz give me my Piu back plz. I can't able to live without her. I am suffocating without you my darling plz come back.

                            Your Aku
504 · Jun 2021
My childhood
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
My childhood was the time full of love and happiness
Where sorrow can never able to enter
And love was so **** pure

My childhood was full of happy colours
With which I want to play
My childhood is the best moments
Where I can ever to live

My childhood was the time
When I didn't know the meaning of selfishness
When everything was selfless

My childhood was the time
When I didn't have to fight
For the attention and time

My childhood was like a beautiful fairy tale
Which only be true in a dreams

In my childhood I was like a princess and queen
Who always win

My childhood was like a sweet candy
Which I love to eat

My childhood was the time
When I have nothing to fear about

But that innocent  lovely times are long gone

I just want my childhood back
Where I have nothing fake

Because as I grown up
I got to know about this world
Which is totally fake

But whatever happened I know
The child in me will never go
I will never let the child which is in me go
Never ever
503 · Mar 2021
My first cycle ride
Akta Agarwal Mar 2021
I desperately went for cycle ride with my brother,
But am afraid of cycling and afraid of dissapointing my brother,
It's hard to concentrate on pedal as well as road,
Am afraid of hurting myself,
But it's a beautiful experience with a mixture of fear, happiness and nervousness,
But my brother is always there to teach me calmly, When I started shivering in fear he assured me of his presence,
And again I felt secure,
Though I fell down many times but he was there to console me,
It's really hard to ride a cycle that's I thought
But because of my brother I felt it too easy to ride,
When after practicing I started riding perfectly I felt like am flying in the air,
With the help of my superhero my brother I had learn to ride cycle.
Cycle ride with brother
489 · Apr 2021
Refuse to be defeated
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Defeat is just which you yourself can give you
Because if you consider yourself as a defeated person
No one can help you
Self defeat is the wrong thing anyone can have
You defeat yourself by thinking that way
Success is just a word like the defeat is
But self determination is another thing
You can't be defeated as long as you have faith on yourself
Your inner strength will guide you that best is yet to come
So refuse to be defeated.
Refuse to be defeated
488 · Apr 2021
The journey of life
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
The journey of life is full of high and lows
Some day may it gives you reasons to break down and lose all your hopes
But you do have enough strength, power and courage
To turn upside down and you have to fight with situation with smile on your face
Your smile have the special strength with which you can able to fight all the tough times and your tears is your weakness which let you lose your fight
The journey of life
475 · Feb 2021
Baby I love you more
Akta Agarwal Feb 2021
Whenever I need someone in my life
Whenever I longed for someone in my life
Then always I see your cute face
There is some magic I feel
With your smiling grace
Baby you stole my heart in love
You stole me for a lifetime to come
Just want to tell you that you are
the best thing ever happened in my life
You are the best that I have find
If I get another life
Then would want to spend it with you along
Your love is like that song
For which I crave for more
I love you so much my dear
Baby I love you more
I love you even more
Then you truly think I do!
472 · Mar 2021
Lord Shiva
Akta Agarwal Mar 2021
Fire is his head,
the sun and moon his eyes,
Space his ears,
the mind his breath,
the universe his heart ♥,
From his feet the earth has originated.
He is the innerself of all beings.
In love of lord Shiva
457 · May 2021
The city of my dream
Akta Agarwal May 2021
I am in the city full of happiness
Where to live we don't have to follow any restrictions
Where we can have time to see the beauty of the evening
Where we want to stay
Where there will not any jealousy or hatred can stay
Which is only made up with love
Where no one has tears in their eyes
But that's only the city of my dream
And after realising it
I got to know
It can't be real
424 · Feb 2021
Om Namah Shivaay
Akta Agarwal Feb 2021
Vaam ang m gaura viraje.....
Neelkanth tripurari..........
har har sambhu....... 
jai jai sambhu..... 
shiv shiv sambhu...... 
bhola ki mahima niyari h...... 

Dham iski Kassi h..... 
Samshano ka yh wassi h..... 
Nar, nag, yash, gandarv hi nhi esko dhyate aghori aadhivasi h..........
har har sambhu...... 
jai jai sambhu......... 
shiv shiv sambhu....... 
bhola ki mahima niyari h........ 

Kaalo ke yeh kaal h........
Kehelate mahakaal h.........
Lambe ghanhere enke baal h...........
Phente yh baago K chaal h........
har har sambhu....... 
jai jai sambhu.........
shiv shiv sambhu.......
bhola ki mahima niyari h........ 

Om Namah Shivaay......... 
Om Namah Shivaay.........
Om Namah Shivaay..........
Om Namah Shivaay......
Har Har Mahadev..............
About lord Shiva
411 · Jun 2021
Power of writer's pen
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
Writer's pen is the power of the world
With this a writer can effect the change
May it will take a lot of time
But can able to stop some crime
Can able to break the silence
It's has power to bring the light in darkness
A writer portray his emotions through beautiful words
It's a power of pen
Which can bring the change
407 · Jun 2021
Kathor patthar
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
Sabke zindagi ki kuch aesi kahaniyaan hoti h jo logo s chupi hoti h
Jo bsh kuch anjaana sa hota h
Tik wese hi yh kahani h
Isha ki

Logo ka manna tha wo kathor dil wali amir ghamandi ladki h
Pr log kya jaane wo amir ** k v akeli h
Logo ko kya pta ki wo v bsh kuch waqt pehle khudh s mili h
Mohobbat tutne s jada dard apno k ruthne ya bharosha tutne pr hota h
Wo to ek maasum si thi
Ushe to pta hi nhi tha ki wo kabhi esh Isha s milegi jo ki kathor patthar ki trh sakt h
Pr jis waqt ushe fareb, dokha or bewafaae k dard ka ehesash hua
Uski sachchae s jo wo wakif hue to usne apni masumiyat ko khudh k saamne mrta paya
Usne uske dil ko gilli mitti s kathor patthar bnta paya
Usne apne bharoshe pe bharosha kr sb kuch tutta - bikhrta paya
Ush din apne ko hi nhi apno ko v khudh s dur jata paya
Or ush waqt khudh k maut pr khudh ko rota paya
Or fir bn k tayyar hue kathor patthar
Jisko puri trh smjhna aaj v aashan ** na paya
395 · Apr 2021
On the wedding day
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
On the wedding day of our friends
We met coincidentally
And from there our destiny met coincidentally
That one coincidence
Tied us in a relationship of love and friendship
After that we met several times with the excuse of coincidence
And then we ******* forever
In the relation of husband and wife
And that's coincidence of wedding day
Leads us to our wedding
Destiny can let you meet your partner anywhere
Akta Agarwal May 2021
After being tortured for a year

She always do fear

With the sound of gear

Or when anyone is near

She has forget to cheer

The painful voice of herself and others she could only hear

But she can't able to share the reason of her tear

But She know all alone she have to bear the pain

She always do panic with everything

She do need very much  care

But she never allows anyone to come near

She have said once she is broken to the core

And unable to repair

But she will not live with this panicness and fear

She know she have to be brave

To fight with her fear

And she will surely fight with all her fear

For again to cheer
Akta Agarwal Nov 2021
आई है दीपावली कि तयोहार है  देखो
लाई ढैर सारी खुशहाली देखो
दियो से सज उठे हर चोखट देखो
खुशियों संग हुई उम्मीदो की हैं आहटे देखो
रौशनी ही रौशनी हर और छाई देखो
मन में भरा हर्ष और उललास देखो
पधारे गणपती संग लक्ष्मी मा हैं देखो
आसमा भी हुई रौशन हैं देखो
रिश्तो मे भी घुलि मिथास हैं देखो
आए है दिपवलि कि तयोहार् है देखो।
380 · Jun 2021
Abhi to suruwat h
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
Abhi to suruwat h
Saathi to hmare aap h
Janne ki yh suruwat h
Kuch h jana tujhko
to kuch ab v raaj h
Pr fir v aap khash h
Sabdo ki aapko khubh pehechan h
Un sabko m bya kya aapne wo ehsash h
Ha nhi hue hmari mulakat h
Pr fir v ek dusre pr kuch alg s vishvash h
Or aesa yh dosti ka bndhn h
Jo sabse khash h
378 · Apr 2021
The beauty of a woman
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
The beauty of a woman isn't in the clothes she wear or the figures that she carries or the colour of her face.
The true beauty is reflected by her soul,
it's in the care and love which she gives.
But everyone does have the different perspective of beauty.
Someone who is injured and want love and cares will say, "beauty is kind and gentle like a mother love"
Or someone who is tired will say "beauty is a soft whisperings who speaks in our spirit and give some peace "
Or the watchman who is at night duty will say, "beauty shall rise with the dawn in the face of sun "
Or the toilers will say, "beauty is in the sunset "
but all these things is the need unsatisfied it's not the beauty,
Beauty is not a need it's a feeling of great happiness,
it's an image which you can only see with your eyes closed,
beauty is a garden forever in bloom,
it's a flocks of Angels for ever in flight,
it's a peace of mind
We can feel beauty in a silent waves of water or in the sound of air,
Beauty is eternal.
Beauty is eternal
371 · Jun 2021
Ek khat mere rabba K naam
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
Hey rabba sukriya jo tune yh zindagi diya
Jine ka mauka brpur esme diya
H rkha mushpe varosha hmesha
Saath na kbhi mera chutne diya
Kabhi kitaabo m saathi bna
kabhi khayalo m raahi bna
Jb v ghum hue khusiya
tune fir unse ru-ba-ru kra diya
Sukriya jo tune mera saath diya
Jine ka ek aash diya
Saath to tera mila
ab to dr v nhi lagta Kuch khone s
tune jo thame haath h
khul K jina ki khusiyaan
ab hmare pass h
Sukriya bhala karu Kin kin baaton ka
etne tere aheshaan h
ki sukriya kehene ko km pr jaaye yh saash h
Tune jannat ki sher krae
Khudh m hi hsne ki aash jagaae
Kbhi thi m v dri sehemi si
pr tere saath ne umeedein bharpur jagaae
Or un umeedoon ne khusiyon ki h barsaat karaae
Hey rabba sukriya kehene ko km jnm yh pr jaaye
For v enn khat K jariye
Kosish meri kaam aaye
Ek baar fir sukriya
jo tune hr pal h mere swath nibhae
370 · Apr 2021
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Fault is all mine
That's I didn't know the value of your
And have tortured you to the core
and now karma is punishing me
By giving me the punishment of loneliness,
In this whole world
Now the most loneliest person is I.
Fault is done by me so the karma will also punish me
368 · Jun 2021
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
Dream even if world says not to
Bcoz dream can give you that
which reality can't
They fill your life with hope and positivity
They give you aim and confidence
to fight for yourself
Surely this world never want your success
But your dream can only give you success to achieve
The dreams may be never ending
But don't keep mum
Don't stop because of anyone
Go and try hard to get your dream successful
Because if you have the courage to dream
then you do have capability to make it come true
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Am waiting for so long ,
but now am not capable of waiting for you
and hurting someone
who do really care
Now I lose all hopes,
Now I don't want to wait anymore.
I want to restart my life
all fresh and all new.
I want to erase all the pains of past
which is given by you.
Now am tired of waiting for you
but now my new life will bring new happiness,
now I only pray for my dreams to come true
and to see the proud in the eyes of my parents,
whose eyes is filled with lots of pains because of me.
I just want to erase that pain with proud happiness,
and am now waiting for the moment when I will make my dreams true,
and this time my wait will be for sometime only.
Wait will be some time only
351 · Jun 2021
Reality vs. Imagination
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
We imagined our life as fairy tale
But in reality we know it can never be true
In our imaginary world we can get whatever we want
But not in reality
In our imagination everyone and everything is just perfect
But in reality nothing can be perfect
Imagination give us the false hope
Reality take us to real world
Imagination is sweet and
Reality is bitter sweet
Reality and imagination are pole apart
348 · May 2021
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Happiness lies on both health and wealth
Because without health
no use of wealth
and without wealth
no use of dreams
Happiness lies in dreams
Happiness lies in caring and sharing
Happiness lies in positivity
Happiness never means to hurt others in any way
Happiness never means to destroy someone
It's never can give you happiness
Happiness lies in never ending journey
not in a fixed destination
Happiness lies in us
Just we have to find it with love
Happiness is something beautiful
which ones can be adore
but when a person started hating someone instead of loving others and ownselves
they started lossing their happiness forever
that's why it's said forget, forgave and move on
That's only give you extreme happiness
335 · Apr 2021
Maasum si mohobbat
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Mohobbat to ek masum sa ahesas h
Jo dil ko kb chu jaye pta hi nhi chalta
Mujhe to un bchcho ki nadaniyon S pehle hi nazar m mohobbat ** chali thi
Unke wo masum S nanhe nanhe S khwab
Unki masum baatein
Murjhaye chere ko khila deti hai
Unki ek pyaari si muskhurahat
Anshu bhare chere pe hasi laane ko khafi h
Kese bhala unki masumiyat dil ko na chuwe
Kese bhla pehle hi nazar m koe unke pyaar m na khoye
Unki masumiyat dil ko yu hi pigla deti h
Unki narazgi v hoton pe muskhurahat la deti h
Mohobbat to hoti hi massi si h
330 · Mar 2021
My love for you never dies
Akta Agarwal Mar 2021
I always run out of words
Whenever I try to describe your beauty,
Your eyes are so pure that I always got lost in it,
Your smile is so beautiful that I could dive in,
You are so handsome and beautiful like greek god,
You are so special and kind,
If I ever try to put you together in words then I can write thousands of love books,
Your brave soul always protects me from evil,
There is no end of your beauty,
And there are no boundaries to our love,
I love you a lot and will love you forever,
You are only the reasons bcoz of whom I got to know what's the love is,
Thanks for being in my life and loving me a lot and making my life worth living,
You are the best thing ever happened to me.
Love is the purest thing
327 · Apr 2021
Kiss for kids
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Kiss is the emotions that we mainly feel for the kids,
their chubby cheeks and innocent looks look so sweet,
they are the one who brighten your mood when you were feeling dull,
their innocenceness make you forget your every pain,
they are really gem,
in my all tough times my baby is the one who makes me laugh,
I so adore her,
i always kiss her tight to express my love towards her,
I always do kiss her to let her know I am always with her,
love you my baby.
Kids are adorable
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