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May 15
I regret to never open up before anyone 

I regret too be caged in the wall of my own house 

I regret to boxed up my emotions 

I regret doing make up and wearing jwelleries for others 

I regret that to allow others to badmouth me 

I regret too never raised a voice against any misdeed 

I regret that am not that much brave to even do fight for myself 

I regret to let go the culprit who have touched me in a bad way 

I regret for becoming toy in the hands of this so called society 

I regret that I ever agreed to marry a guy who ***** me

I regret that to save the so called reputation of my family I have sold myself 

I regret that not even a one person from my family have ever come to save me 

But I never do regret to have my last breath as a brave warrior 

Who have lastly raised her voice against all the crime 

I have no regret over raising my voice and losing my life 

I have lived all my life with regret 

But am happy I am proud of myself that I am not dying like a coward 

I have fight and dying like a brave warrior
Akta Agarwal
Written by
Akta Agarwal  21/F/Kolkata
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