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Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
2020 changes
My hobby, my personality and also me
It's teaches me the value of life
It's teaches me the value of my family
It's give me the strength to fight back
I started to write
I am not even hesitate to speak
In front of camera
It's just have changed my life in good way
It's changes a student and teacher in a writer
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Dharam K naam or hote dange h
Dharam K naam pe khote insaniyt h
Akhir yh dharam h kya
Hindu, muslim, eshahi
Kya hm kisi K khun s dharam ka pta lga sakte h
Fir yh dharam nibhana etna jaruri q h
Q dharam K naam pe insaano ko bata jata h
Kya dharam h sarwopari h
To fir yh insaaniyt Kay h
agr insaaniyt nibhane K liye dharam ki maryada tuti to yh paap kese h
Q un dange pashad m Kuch maasum bchcho ki masumiyt chinta yh smaaj h
Aakhir dharam kese bdha hua jb wo glt rash m hi le jata h
aakhir q yh log dharam K arth ko bigaar rhe h
Or jhuti insaaniyt K naam or insaan ko maar rhi h
Aakhir q?
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Ha mene mehesus kiya
Aas pass mere kisiki saasein chalti thi
Udaas si wo baatein Krti thi
Ha mene mehesus kiya
Dur khi darwaje s aati uski udaas bhari aawaj
Jese wo Khti
Usko chahiye tera saath
Bht sataane lgi thi uski rone ki awaaj
Ha wo dikhti nhi thi
Pr ha uske aas pass hone ka hota tha ahesas
Uski udaasi bht satati thi
or draati thi
Mene pucha v kae baar khon ** tum
q h dukh bhara tumhara aawaj
Wo khti btakti si hu m ek aatma
Jiski puri nhi hue aash
Jiske sang hua vishwash ghat
esliye drd bhara h Mera Aawaj
Pta nhi bsh ** chla uspe viswash
Ha lr pari duniya s
dene ko uska saath
fir mil gya usko insaaf
aazad hue pinjare s wo aaj
Mila ush bhatakti aatma ko swarg m nivaash
Or mushe hua sukh ka ehsaash
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
Abhi to suruwat h
Saathi to hmare aap h
Janne ki yh suruwat h
Kuch h jana tujhko
to kuch ab v raaj h
Pr fir v aap khash h
Sabdo ki aapko khubh pehechan h
Un sabko m bya kya aapne wo ehsash h
Ha nhi hue hmari mulakat h
Pr fir v ek dusre pr kuch alg s vishvash h
Or aesa yh dosti ka bndhn h
Jo sabse khash h
Akta Agarwal Feb 2021
Addiction is such a dangerous thing that it destroys not only one persons,
it destroy whole family,
When a person is drugs addicted then his whole family have to suffer because of this,
But when a person became addicted of another person
Then the life of other person became dangerous because of that,
When a person is facing loneliness, depression, helplessness he/she become drugs addict and can't able to live a peaceful life,
It's hard to get rid of any type of addiction,
But it's not impossible
Of course it will may take much time but it can mend a persons life along with there family life,
Addiction can make you his servant
So protect you from being addicted of anything or anyone
Because addiction may of any type it is dangerous for a persons life along with his/her family.
Addiction is other than drugs also
Akta Agarwal May 2021
If I think to choose my parents over you than
am I ugly for you
If I ever think to disobey my parents decision
than also
will I ugly for them
If for my beautifullness someone will get jealous of me than also
will I be ugly for all
and if someone is not beautiful from outside
but have great heart
than also
will she be ugly for all
Only because of her face
I have a question
Is the outer beauty is that important
if yes
then why the life of beautiful girl become like hell
her condition will same as that ugly
than what the difference in the word beauty and ugly?
Why don't someone has the right to take their decision by themselves
Why do the world including parents do judge them with their decision or outer beauty?
Why they can't u its their life and decisions?
If they will not take the decision
may it be wrong or right
how do they will get the ability to fight with world
because the outer world is more more dangerous than darkness
not the outer beauty or their decisions have ability to judge a person
that he / she is ugly or not
and nor the looks matter to judge a person.
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Anger do always harm us
It may didn't effect others
But in anger we don't loose control over ourselves
And at that time we destroy us
Sometimes in anger we do or say such things
That can hurt others
And then we regret and try to rectify our mistakes
But the harm is already made
We not only harm others with our anger but
we can harm our ownself
That's why it is said
An anger is a path of destruction or self harm
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
After being tortured for a year,
She started to live in fear
Until an invisible hand held her for her support,
And she started to loosing her fear,
She started to talk with a person who is almost invisible
She started to talk with an invisible person,
May be it can be her innerself or an imagination,
But this invisible person make her a new person.
Now she is not an afraid girl.
She is a girl full of confidence and courage.
She have courage to fight back all the difficulties.
An invisible person made her courageous and brave,
And she has became a lawyer,
Who do fight for justice
Whenever in the needs that invisible person is the only support she have.
It's unbelievable but it's the truth that an invisible person has changed her and her life positively.
Akta Agarwal May 2021
A letter to my best friend -

Dear Piu,

       I know we are not in touch anymore. Everyone is happy as they thought we parted our way but they can't able to understood our friendship. I always used to say our friendship didn't need any convo but now am writing this letter to you. Yeah I miss you a lot. Sometimes it feels like we lost our way someway. We lost ourselves. Without you I became all alone. I have lost myself somewhere. Our friendship is something that no one can define in words everyone do get jealous of our friendship. But then how we lost ourselves.How we do lost that cute,adorable friendship of our. It's easy to say we are not parted,  but somewhere I also know we love each other a lot Piu but then also somewhere we became as stranger. Today I got to write a letter for you and am writing all the emotions. I love you a lot but you know what I also have tried to be connected to you to be in touch. But you got that much busy that you don't have time to talk with me and you have forgotten my birthday also. Nevertheless if I forget all that but whenever I call you on your birthday you always said thanks but am busy call you letter. I have lost the beautiful friend of mine who have given me another life. I was the person who always got angry and you always consoled me. But after being parted I tried very hard. I never got angry not even have said my pain to you like before but then also if lost you. Here I want to express all my pain and agony to you that now also I do miss you a lot and love you a lot. But don't know where to again find that frnd of mine whom I lost in this big world. Please I am requesting I will never get angry on you, never irritate you and never complain you about anything but plz give me my Piu back plz. I can't able to live without her. I am suffocating without you my darling plz come back.

                            Your Aku
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Dear me,

Start to think about yourself
Just forget about what society will say
Forget about everything
Start preparing to achieve your dream
without thinking about others
Raise your voice
Don't fear about anything
Live your life fully
Love yourself
Don't be selfish
but never do sacrifice your happiness for others
Do help the one who is in need
Because when you first learn to love yourself then only you can love others
Laugh will your heart
Don't shy to laugh only bcoz you are a  girl
Yes as you are grown up girl be mature
but never **** the child within you
Do justice to yourself
And always be proud of yourself
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Life itself makes jokes of us
And we became prat in the hands of life
We make someone fool on the day of April fool day
But life always makes us prat as for life everyday is a April fool day
For April fool day
Akta Agarwal Feb 2021
Whenever I need someone in my life
Whenever I longed for someone in my life
Then always I see your cute face
There is some magic I feel
With your smiling grace
Baby you stole my heart in love
You stole me for a lifetime to come
Just want to tell you that you are
the best thing ever happened in my life
You are the best that I have find
If I get another life
Then would want to spend it with you along
Your love is like that song
For which I crave for more
I love you so much my dear
Baby I love you more
I love you even more
Then you truly think I do!
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Aaj fir wo bachpan ki yaadein khuli dhup ki kiran si yaad aa ***
hoton pe pyaari si muskaan khila ***
ek bchpn ki maasum chali dikhla ***
wo yaadon hamare befikre pn ki h
jb ersha se koe nataa naa tha
jb hamare muskano m chupa koe dokha na tha
jb khilkhila k hsne s waqt ne hme roka na tha
nahi koe bndhn ki beriyon ne jhkra tha
ab to bndhn ki beriya h
or rok tok ki jangire
wo bchpn ki yaadon ke aate hi
ek masum - schchi si muskaan chere ko khila jaati h
pr ush bchpn k chale jaane ki maeusi aankhon pe lata andhera sa h.
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Sapno ko pura krne ki thaan lene aashaan h
Pr apni becheniyon s larna muskil
Wo ek khauf hota h
Jo brte kdm ko thaam leta h
Wo becheni, ghabrahat kisi anhoni ki dastakhat si hoti h
sapno ko pal m chur kr jo deti h
pr khwaisho ko puri krne ki taqat usse kae bdh k hoti h
Jo manjil tk rukh mor hi deti h
yh becheniyon s aage bdh
sapno ko pura krne ka hosla jga deti h
Akta Agarwal Mar 2021
We only want laughter, but we lose our strength if we never shed tears,
Like we always say if there is something negative then surely there is something positive also but how many of them really believe this.
If they would believe than they have to believe if there is some happiness then ofcourse there will be some sorrow.
God never hurts needlessly,
So, whenever we are troubled and when everything goes wrong
It just God is working on us
to make our spirit strong.
So just do believe in god,
His love is purest and he can never hurt us needlessly.
God always thinks good for us
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
You are my friend
with the relation which can never end,
You are my strength
With whom I don't have to pretend,
The one whom god has send
For my life to spend,
I know may whatever happens
You are the one who can never deceive me,
You are my heart
Without whom my heart can able to beat,
No difficulties or misunderstanding have the power to tear us apart,
because love,trust and respect are the beautiful emotions we do share,
With so much of care,
Love you my bestie
for being with me here.
Best friend are the bond which can't be express in word
But by the emotions it can be share.
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Bikhre alfaz
Tute khwab -

Bikhre bikhre s Kuch alfaz h
Tute tute s khwab h
Antarmn ab bechen sa h
Hue khwab aahat s h
Dil m lga ghav sa h
Bikhre bikhre s Kuch alfaz h
Tute tute s Kuch khwab h
Sangharsh krna bna muskil sa h
Aasan raah ki talash v na ktm hota sa h
dra dra sa ab mn rhta h
Hoton ki hasi v ab khi chupa sa h
Khi gm K sagar h to khi shukh K leher aae h
Kisi K sapne hue raakh K s
To kisi ne nae sapno ki chavi bnae h
Sunn K baat yh nae dil m
aae Kuch aash sa h
Bikhre alfazo ko sajakr koe
Naye sapne bunne ka khwab sa h.
Bikhre s alfaz h tute s khwab h pr ek asha ki kiran ne di nae si aash h
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Books are friendly things
If you are busy
then they will not disturb you
by calling on your phone
Or they never wake you up in midnight
They always stand quite in a shelf
and don't distrub ourselves
It can become our friends
and it can fill the void space of loneliness
They will comfort you
whenever you are I'll
they will never see your fault
or never will say it to the world
They will never complain about anything
and will never break the friendship
They will pass your time away
They will lead you to a right path anyway
They are true friends for night and day
Who is with you right time to stay.
Akta Agarwal Feb 2021
Not only you have broken my trust,
but also you have broked our broken relationship,
not only you have broken my trust,
but also you have broke me,
I know I was at fault to trust you,
but that doesn't mean you have destroy me.
I am the one who never be destroyed,
I broked the trust of my love ones
but am always in there heart,
and bcoz of there love I can never be destroyed by my enemies,
I know I hurt them
And I challenged you I will won all of them back
Yes may be its hard
And I have to work hard
But it's my challenge
I will mend my broken relationship with them
But you will be left alone in the wish of making someone alone.
I will booke my all relationships with you right now,.
You will be left behind with this broken relationship
that can never ever be mended,
And am promising this by taking oath on our broken relationship .
Trust is easy to break but very hard to built
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Why we are so busy with our lives
that we can't able to adore a nature for sometime
which gives us positive vibes,
Why can't we able to enjoy the sunshine?
Why we don't have time even for our friends and family?
Why sometimes we got engrossed in work
that we forget to live a life without work,
We do forget to eat our foods for sometimes
Why we do always forget their is not an use of wealth without health
Why we are so busy that we can't sit for just a minute to feel a diamond drop of rain water
it's always take away all the stress,
Why can't we just do enjoy it for a while
Take a time and sit for a while
and do think about your life
why it's so busy that we do Forget to smile?
Yes you may be so busy but surely do yourself a minute to think about your life,
Just a minute from your busy life
Akta Agarwal Mar 2021
Har pal yh baat satati hai
Aaene hme fir dikhati hai
Bewafae ni hmari yh hai
Magar kehe na sake ki tujhe ab v cahteh hai
Tune waadeh kiye the waqt dene ka hme
Magar fir na ske apna hme
Mauka v diya or dastur v hmne
Par sayad kismat m na tha saath hmara
Cahat tu hi jo rhe mera
Pr mere mohabhat pe na hoga koe hq tera
Cahat hr baar mukammal nhi hoti it h
Akta Agarwal Mar 2021
Freely giving unconditionally to the unknown person
With the thought of helping them
To give some peace as per our own status
And as said to give without the think of receiving something in respect of this is the pure hearted love
But am not that pure
But I want to help them in my possible ways
It's really the kindest thoughts of giving them something from your own store
And when got to know bcoz of my utmost help they got their life and the children can able to fed his / her family
And no needs to beg
It will be the priest feeling that anyone can ever get
By giving them I didn't have done charity I had buy peacefulness and happiness with this.
It's not charity
It's thought of letting them developed.
Helping someone didn't means charity always
Akta Agarwal Mar 2021
The trees smile with their sprout of tender leaves and blooming flowers,
Eternal nature with its transient expression,
Hails spring with joy!
Bewildering shades with so many tinges.
The land of beauty and greatness
Colour of happiness and peace makes people alive to enjoy the spirit.
A celebration of colour
An experience of harmony and delight.
Gulal of red, green, yellow and countless colour also explains the colourful meaning of life,
A day filled with laughter and gaiety,
A day to smear our dreams
With a splash of vibrant colours
The festival of colour brings a spring of unbounded fun and frolic!!
Colourful holi
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Me - why sometimes I like to be with you?
My loneliness - because sometimes people be tired of crowd and want to be with me.
Me - And why so?
I have always heard that you are bad because you always bring sadness.
My loneliness - that's not true. I never bring sadness. When the people are rejected or dejected by someone then they want to be with me. It's not me who have gave them sadness but because of sadness they come to be with me.
Me - Yes,  you are right. But am not rejected or dejected then why I am liking to be with you?
My loneliness - because you are tired of this fake and crowded world. And when the people get tired of crowd and fake smile on their lips they want to be with me. But they can't live with me always. Not even you, because in this big world all need someone.
Me - but that will be selfishness to be with you only in sadness and then blame you for their sadness.
My loneliness - it's not someone's faults. I am guest here. And guests are never mean to be stay forever.
Me - but a friend can stay together
My loneliness - means?
Me - means by living separately also a friend are there for you always
And whenever I will need you be with me and whenever you will need me I will be with you always.
My loneliness - you can promise it?  Because it's easy to say but hard to do
Me - it's hard but not impossible and promises are never meant to be broken
My loneliness - OK so we are friends?
Me - yes we are friends forever
My loneliness - yes forever and ever
And thank you for being my friend and for understanding me
Me - you are always be welcome
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Mom - why you again rejected one more guy
Like this no one will marry you
Me - and I want the same mom
Mom - and why so?
Me - I have my dreams mom I have to achieve that
Mom - so what you can achieve that after your marriage also
Me - how like you ever dreamt of
My dreams will also be in a dustbin then
I didn't completed my degrees to marry and do household chores
Mom - and after marriage also you can fulfill your dreams
I also didn't have worked so hard to only give you degrees
I also want that you will stand on your leg someday
but that didn't meant that you don't have to marry
Me - you know what mom I also want to marry but only after fulfilling my dreams
Mom - when will you will be of 60 years
Me - sorry mom I can't agree with you in this mom because I have made my mind to fulfill my dreams
I love you a lot mom
but I can't destroy my dreams for anyone
I know neither I nor you are wrong in our place but I can't let the marriage destroy my dreams
Mom - OK do as you like
But never became burden on ourselves
Me - don't worry mom I will never be burden on you or others as my dreams is like that only to never became burden on others and never let others to become burden.
Mom - OK as you want as I am nobody to you.
Me - that's an emotional blackmailing but it still can't effect me.

( in this convo neither the daughter is fully wrong nor mom it's only the difference of thoughts
So we can't judge anybody)
Akta Agarwal Mar 2021
Time does not really wait
for anybody
And moments just go by
If you don't have the courage
to speak your mind
You may not even find
A solace of any kind
So gather that courage and the will
To endure so much with time
That will bring you closer to life
A peace that you will find.
We need courage in every stage of our life
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Crush make you smile
Obsession make you feel suffocated
Crush are the attraction
Obsession is the madness
Crush may be for short period of time
Obsession will remain forever until you may die
Crush can motivate you for the one you are
Obsession will suffocate you for the person are
Crush has the power to motivate you
And obsession has the power to take you in the worst state of life
Crush will give you freedom
Obsession will take your all freedom
and will cage you in the emotions of possesiveness
That's the difference of crush and obsession
Crush will let you remain in peace
Obsession will take your every peace of life
Crush can make you smile
Obsession can make you suffocated
Akta Agarwal Feb 2021
When I was born I filled my daddy's heart with pride,
And he always says he was overcome by the joy he felt inside him.

I know when for the first time he held my hand and pick me up in his arm
I feel very secured

He  pamper me
He spoiled me in a good way
He is my hero
He always do pray to god that he never let any harm come in my way,
I am his heartbeat
I am his princess
I am daddy's little, cute, sweet princess
He always pronises to god that he will do best for me,
He says, "you may grow in whatever way you want
May be as an astronaut, teacher, doctor, lawyer or housewife
I will be always there to support you
And if you fall I will be there to catch you "

He never let me fall
He is my life, my breath, my heartbeat
And he always says that I will always be daddy's little angel .
Daddy's love her daughter more than anyone can do
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Dad have never think about his dreams only to fulfill his child dreams
but he never complained about it
He have forgot to sleep
bcoz he want his child to sleep with smile
He is the backbone of the family
He never wasted a penny on himself
so that he can fulfill all his children wishes
He is strict also
but only bcoz he never want his children to be hurt ever
Whatever he do he always comes after mother
because it's hard to see his unsaid struggles
It's said he is stonehearted because he never show his love like a mother do
but they never understand this only for their children's best future
Mother always being like a friend
and father's like being a teacher
both guide their children in their own way
but what's an irony a mother's have given a name motherhood for her struggles,love and sacrifices
but what for father,
Why do he always left alone
because his unsaid struggles can never be seen by anyone
and he also never said that
if he never cries it'd doesn't means he is not hurt or he do not love his children
It's just he himself don't know how to express it
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Dard ko bya karu kese
Dard to muskhurahat m v h
Kuch chuphi chahat m v h
Mohobbat k kuch alfaz v h dard
Aankhon S jhalakti barsaat v h dard
Wo tute khwab v h dard
Wo bunte aash v h dard
Aurat ki dabi hue awaaz v h dard
Dard zindagi ka ek sundar hissa h
Jo hme khushiyon ki talash tk le jata h
dard hi to wo sabdh h
Jo khushiyon S hmari pehechan krwata h
Bin dard k khushiyon k maaene kha h
Dard to wo gulab k fhul ke kaatein sa h
Jo fhul ko or khubsurat bnata h
Dard hme khudh dard S larna sikhata h
Dard khubsurat v hota h
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
Daughter's are like angles
Who has came from fairy world
Who always do filled everyone's life
with the colours of happiness
She has come as a beautiful gift of joy
Which god has send for us
It's hard to describe her in a words
It's hard to describe a tint of love which I felt on seeing her beautiful innocent and lovely face
She is our cutest
Which we always adore
She is our life line
Who has a positive vibes
She is daddy's little princess and mumma's cutest doll
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
Dear pillow,
You are the best friend of mine,
Who never get tired of me,
May it be day or night
It's awesome to find a chocolate under you,
Or sometimes poem or some letters,
Whenever I cry you are the one who wipe my tear off,
In my happy time,
you are the first whom I do give a tight hug with so many kisses,
My husband always get jealous of you,
But whenever he have to give a surprise,
You are the only medium
he always use,
Whenever I have to beat someone
Then also you always have became my support,
You have always being with me
in my tough, hard and happy time,
Thanks for being with me my pillow,
and I am promising you
may you grow how old
I will never betray you
and will never ever leave your side,
Just like you have supported me
whole my life
I love you my pillow
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
Dear yesterday,
Why are you bitter today?

Why your memories are making me sad?
You know na it's very bad
Let's me remind of some beautiful moment
Which we have shared together

Dear yesterday,
Don't became so harsh on your ownself
Let me give the opportunity
to remind you
Our best moments
And you do erase all the bad moments
From your memory

Dear yesterday,
Just do favour
For me and for yourself
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
Death is the ultimate truth of life
Which no one can deny
It's not the opposite of life
But its a part
Which can never be deny
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Everyone do have some desire to fulfill in life
Without desire life have no means
Bcoz if we don't have desires then what's the need to earn more money
Desires sometimes becomes the reasons to fly and touch the sky
But sometimes it's also becomes the reasons of our failure
Akta Agarwal May 2021
I have always dreamt of destination wedding
but as I have arranged marriage it's hard to be fulfilled by my groom
as because of arrange marriage my groom was still a stranger for me
but my husband have fulfilled my dream of destination
because after marriage I got to know about him
and he got to know about my dream
and have started the preparation of fulfilling my dream of destination wedding
and have fulfilled it on the day of my birthday
in a unique way
I feel touched with the overload love
which he have given me
my husband do treat me as a Princess
and it's an awesome feelings
to be witness
and my husband is my someone special who have fulfilled all my dreams
he is my prince charming
and I feel so lucky to have him in my life
I love you my prince charming,my hero
I love you my husband.
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Donate blood as much as you can
You will be blessed
It's a harmless and priceless act
to save someone's life from death
May by your blood
a baby may found her mother back
or may a sister can save her brother from going into grave
may by it our grandpa will be awake
to tell us many stories
which might not be fake
Drop of blood
flowing vein to vein
may save a person from becoming insane
may you can become a reason of their joy
Donate blood
It will be best gift
anyone can ever give
spread smile and omit tears
it will help you in troubles
Donate blood
And get blessed
Donate your blood
It may help the needful
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
Dream even if world says not to
Bcoz dream can give you that
which reality can't
They fill your life with hope and positivity
They give you aim and confidence
to fight for yourself
Surely this world never want your success
But your dream can only give you success to achieve
The dreams may be never ending
But don't keep mum
Don't stop because of anyone
Go and try hard to get your dream successful
Because if you have the courage to dream
then you do have capability to make it come true
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
We say earth our mother
But ever do we treated it like the same
Is we treat our mother like a dustbin
Do remember like we are no one without our mother
Like that inky we are no one without our mother earth
Earth is so precious mother
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
Hey rabba sukriya jo tune yh zindagi diya
Jine ka mauka brpur esme diya
H rkha mushpe varosha hmesha
Saath na kbhi mera chutne diya
Kabhi kitaabo m saathi bna
kabhi khayalo m raahi bna
Jb v ghum hue khusiya
tune fir unse ru-ba-ru kra diya
Sukriya jo tune mera saath diya
Jine ka ek aash diya
Saath to tera mila
ab to dr v nhi lagta Kuch khone s
tune jo thame haath h
khul K jina ki khusiyaan
ab hmare pass h
Sukriya bhala karu Kin kin baaton ka
etne tere aheshaan h
ki sukriya kehene ko km pr jaaye yh saash h
Tune jannat ki sher krae
Khudh m hi hsne ki aash jagaae
Kbhi thi m v dri sehemi si
pr tere saath ne umeedein bharpur jagaae
Or un umeedoon ne khusiyon ki h barsaat karaae
Hey rabba sukriya kehene ko km jnm yh pr jaaye
For v enn khat K jariye
Kosish meri kaam aaye
Ek baar fir sukriya
jo tune hr pal h mere swath nibhae
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Empathy means to understand one another without a word 

Empathy means to real all the emotions in eyes of others 

Empathy means to feel the sorrow and joy of life 

Empathy means to feel all the pain of others 

Empathy means to be happy in others happiness 

Like when we saw a kids happiness 

Automatically that brings happiness in our lips 

That's only the feeling 

Which we can call empathy 

That's hard to be describe in words 

Its an beautiful and deepest emotions
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Soumya is crying in her room
At that time her mother came and saw her crying and asked, "what happened baby?  Why are you crying? "
Soumya : " Mom am afraid of failure ."
Mom :"What type of failure? "
Soumya : " Mom tomorrow is my result. What if I fail? "
Mom : " So what life itself is a game and we sometimes lose or win. "
Mom : " Failure is a part of success and it do teach us to never give up.  Without failure we never know what's the failure is?  It's an inspirational teacher. "
Soumya : " but if failure take your most precious things "
Mom : " then that's also for your own benefit baby. May that thing is never your's "
Soumya : " thanks mom for helping me out  
And now I got it never afraid of failure "
Mom ,"yes my baby ."
In a dialogue based convo
Akta Agarwal Mar 2021
Everything may have a reason in life
But the biggest thing is faith
If you have it, you will slide
If all the problems and the might
Keep that faith as high as you can
Keep the pretty hope alive
You will have a great life ahead
And you will have a great vibe
Keep the faith as you can
One day you will understand
That's faith is powerful
Or you may say
The power of faith
Faith hold all the power
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Fault is all mine
That's I didn't know the value of your
And have tortured you to the core
and now karma is punishing me
By giving me the punishment of loneliness,
In this whole world
Now the most loneliest person is I.
Fault is done by me so the karma will also punish me
Akta Agarwal Mar 2021
Feelings are something that's never fades
May it of love or hatred
It's blossoms like flowers in our garden
Bcoz it's the feeling
it's the emotions without which we are nobody
Like without breathing we will die
Like that only without emotions we will become lifeless
Without emotions we will become statue
That's why may the memories can fades but the emotions remain still
May be it of jealousy or revenge
Kindness or sympathy
Feelings are the emotions
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
We have to understand
We can't go to malls
Because this virus Which is spread all over the world is very scary
If we have to go out we have to think more than twice
We have to wear our mask and have to be wise
After coming home, sanitise and wash your hands more than twice
COVID - 19 is the name of the virus Which is playing hide and seek game with all of us
But by following the rules we can fight against this virus
And also we can keep ourselves and others safe.
We have to fight against this virus called COVID - 19
Akta Agarwal May 2021
If we want respect then we have to respect others
no matter who they are
If we cannot able to respect someone's beliefs
they how can even we expect the same from others
it's like a give and take policy
Give respect and take respect
If we want respect then we have to start treating them respectfully
otherwise we ourselves have to face the consequences.
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Global warming will make the earth hot
Which would be like a boiling ***
Global warming will harm the earth
Mother Nature could not give birth
To animals and plants
People's will lose their lives
Earth will become empty
So do your part of keeping earth safe
Then life might not end.
Microtale on global warming
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
God is the power of positiveness which always stop us from falling
But devil will let you fall
God is the one who give us hope to fight the toughest situation of life
Devil took us to the bad situation of life
Devil is none other than our negativity
Devil force us to do the sin for which we will regret for our whole life
God do wash all our sins
Only we have to knock his door
and it will do open within a second
God is the love and the love is god
Devil is the hatred and hatred is the devil
God guide us to live life happily and peacefully
Devil guide us to live a life with hatred
So that's why god is positivity and
devil is our anger and negativity
God is beautiful and devil is ugly
Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Be thankful that you don't have everything that you want
because if you do have already everything then what would there be to look forward?

Be thankful for the difficulties
because that only let you learn what the difficulties is and how to face it?

Be thankful that you lost your race at first chance
because it will give you more power to win.

Be thankful for each challenges
because it will help you to build your strength and character.

Be thankful to all your mistakes that you have done
because it teaches you the valuable lessons of life.

Be thankful for all the struggles that you have to face
because it only helped you to become a better person.

It's easy to show gratitude for the good and easy things which comes on your way.

Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive.
Show gratitude for the troubles which you have to faced then they will for sure become your blessings.
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