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Sky Nov 2021
back then i was told to
lower my standards for love
so a women could match it
be more compatible with me  
but I believed there was someone
who'd match it and now
the one I deserve now  
is currently wrapped up
in my arms
After getting cheated on I used to think love was such *******, it was only meant for people to play with each other and leave when they get bored. But now after believing there was still someone out there for me, I've found the one I desire who's willing to die for me..
Sky Aug 2020
The days I spent
waiting for you
searching through crowds
dying to see your face
only to be left breathless
the instant
you recognized me
as you freed
my stone cold soul
with those blazing eyes
of yours
Sky Jul 2020
the more I endure
the more it hurts
the more I smile
the better it gets
because every smile
has the power
to uplift the pain and sorrows
keeping smiling please, smile your way through it all and never give in to the pain that lingers within....
  Jun 2020 Sky
Word farer
Dear _
Was there really no such option left...
Why did u choosed an eternal rest..
Were u really so fed up with such small life's tests...
That u left ur beautiful dreams nest...
These days not a single person is ready to accept the life as it is every single person wants it go as he or she decides but they forget that LIFE DOESN'T GO AS THEY THINK IT GOES ON LIKE A WAY GOD DECIDES ....STOP EXPECTING TO HAVE MORE AND A PERFECT LIFE NJOYY TO FULLEST WITH ALL THOSE PROBLEMS AND TESTS
  Jun 2020 Sky
Coleen Jade
ah yes.

what a single look from someone can do to you.

does it help to force a blind eye? to look away?
or is it something i should be tackling head on?

i don’t know.

i have been very confused lately.

i remember conversations in which i believe i am the only one who does.
or am i?

am i the one looking at oblivion right in the eye?

or is it you?
  Jun 2020 Sky
Alexis K
I was so focused on the Ball.
I was always told to keep my eyes on the ball.
I was ready for it, I was more than ready.
The ball came to me fast, spinning in the air,
I held the bat tightly.

I was watching the ball so long.
It flew in the air, pride swelled within me.
It was an air-ball, gone in the wind.
I was finally achieving what everybody wanted.

I watched the ball so long that I didn't notice everybody had packed up and left.
I watched the ball so long,
I didn't see the virus coming my way,
I didn't see masks being put on right in front of my face.
I watched the ball so long,
I didn't know the game was over.
It hadn't even Started and yet we had lost.

I had watched the ball too long.
I missed everything else.
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