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Irene J Mar 12
Under the night in Paris,
I dreamt.
The man that I love came to me,
giving me all the hope that I've wished,
a love from him,
from his whole heart.
Irene J Mar 6
Under the Parisian night,
I dream,
I met you.
Your cold eyes looked at me judging me,
but your heart tells me you want me here.
I didn't walk away,
I stay as you said.

We walked around the city of light,
we got lost in the light.
you didn't know where we were going,
because you were too busy talking about love.
It blinded us.

You held my hand all night,
but as the night about to end,
you whispered you love me,
but I whisper,
I have loved you for ten years.

And under the Parisian night,
you kiss me.
When I open my eyes,
I still can see you standing next to me,
but that was it.

Under the Parisian night,
it only happens in my dream.
this was inspired by the story I'm writing, this was sitting on my draft far too long.
Irene J Mar 6
We both ran from the reality we live in,
Wanting to be inside of our dream,
but it was impossible.

because we stuck between reality and our dream.
It looked near, but yet, it still far away.
Even if we close our eyes,
the distance will pull us away.
I just write what came out of my head.
Irene J Mar 6
The world feel worthless,
when there's no one
to understand what
you are going through.
When you needed help,
but they never listen.

should I say that I'm not doing fine?
Or should I say goodbye?
Mental illness stigma ***** guys.
I hope you all doing well and can seek for help if you needed.
There's always someone for you out there to comfort you.
Irene J Sep 2018
I'm no perfect human.
I make flaws.
But my flaws don't define who I am.

But the one thing that makes you can't love me,
is the fact I don't have the perfect body,
or the perfect beautiful face.

Should I love you?
Even that is all the reason why you can't love me?
Even I love you so badly,
it haunts me every day.

But how can I love you,
if I don't care about who I am.
But should I change for you?
I don't deserve you.
I don't deserve a person who can't
accept other flaws.
Then I can't love you.
Even if I can love you more than enough.
A sad goodbye to someone I love. Or to everyone who loves me.
Irene J Sep 2018
At the beginning it was nothing,
it meant nothing.
it was just a cold look,
from a man, who doesn't seem to like me.

But as time goes by,
I've learned,
it was more than a look.
there was something written in his eyes,
as I look deeper into his dark brown iris,
it was something he can never say,
but only he can feel.

But I saw it and he saw mine.
We never talk,
we just look at each other,
and just knew it what we meant for each other.
and it felt real.

even I have to stand far across him to see,
while he's in the arm of someone else.
well, this base on something I experience recently. So it kinda heartbreaking.
Irene J Jul 2018
Remind me with your whispers
that you love me.

Remin me with your touch
that you want me.

Remind me with your kiss
that you love is passionate.

Remind me with the way you look at me
that you love me for who I am.

Remind me with all your weakness
that I'll love you for who you are.
This is very random, I was in the mood to write but idk what to write.
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