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  Apr 2022 mica
i need to stop
setting myself on fire
to keep you warm.
i keep burning for you.
  Apr 2022 mica
Grace Spellman
hey you
we haven't really talked
in a while
which is funny because
i've memorized every inch of your profile
the softness of your deep eyes
that you hate so much
that i sometimes hate too
lately i just feel so far away from you
pull and tug
tug and pull
why won't you just let me
make your heart full?

on and off as we are, you're the only one i'll ever want. stupid loyal for you bby.
  Apr 2022 mica
All the praises
    Sweet sugary words
                            need to be ignored
To unearth the truth
mica Apr 2022
let’s drift apart as quickly as we got along
like the waves across the shore
it is but a fleeting moment
leaving nothing but a dampened sand
to remind that we have met once in a lifetime
met a friend just to become strangers…
mica Jun 2021
i have to stop this
constantly checking my phone
it’s not like you care
mica Jun 2021
don’t know where i stand
should i be feeling this way?
thanks for telling me
mica Jun 2021
can we be alone?
i miss the sound of your voice
maybe i miss you
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