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mica Jun 26
i have to stop this
constantly checking my phone
it’s not like you care
mica Jun 26
don’t know where i stand
should i be feeling this way?
thanks for telling me
mica Jun 26
can we be alone?
i miss the sound of your voice
maybe i miss you
mica Jun 26
what did i do wrong?
you never asked me again
for that, i’m sorry
mica Jun 26
my last game with you
maybe meant nothing to you
i was the one played
mica Jun 26
you are consistent
until one day you have changed
you were consistent
mica Apr 28
it's sad to think you've fallen for his pretty face, and the way he walks, the way he talks, the way he keeps you up for days... it's sad to know he doesn't really care, and all of this was just a show because he's run by softwares. it's hard to wake up and face the reality that he never once existed and was only brought to life by mere imaginations and thanks to you, you've been keeping him alive.

it's sad to hear him say, "thanks for playing!" when he's your only escape amidst your tiresome journey through life.
got so much immersed in a game and sometimes forget they never really existed despite casually talking about them with my friends every single day.
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