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Samantha Cantu Mar 2021
They say I am skinny
But what they don't see
Is that I'm dying inside
Running on little to no calories

They say I am strong
But they can't feel
The ache in my leg
From the cuts that won't heal

They say I'm a lover
If only they knew
That I may love all of them
But with me, I never know what to do

They say I am pretty
But you can't make a lie true
No matter how much you say it
I'm not that much of a fool

They say I am smart
But they don't see
That my search history
Is the answer key

They say their jealous of me
But they can't really see
How strong I envy
Anyone but me

They say they wish I could see
But I will never see the lies they tell me
What they see isn't really me
Its what they want me to be

I'm fat cause the weight won't leave
Weak cause of the pain they can't see
Mean but only to me
Ugly and I wish they could see

I'm stupid and need an answer key
Jealous of anyone but me
Oh I wish they could see
That I can't be what they want me to be
sofolo Feb 2021
A man I once loved told me he wished I “cared more about my body”
But I do care
I care for every lump and curve as much as I hate them
As much as he hated them

I remember yearning for puberty
A thing to make me tall
And thin
A biological fix for my

Does he know the history?
The gain and loss
The bullies
The pushed-into-puddles
The nightmares

I despise the power of his lips
A lover disfigured
That’s the vibe
His words birthing a mantra of shame
And I’ll never outrun this skin

Thirty years later
And he’s pushing me into a lake
No principal to save me this time
No dry clothes

He left me years ago
Found a much thinner replacement for my side of the bed
It’s for the best
I tell myself as I drunkenly throw rocks at his window

“Don’t think
Just eat”
Is this just a game I play?
Three glasses of whiskey and a Postmate
Won’t chase the horror away

Momentary pleasure
(add guacamole)
Is that enough?
Will I ever be enough?

I am too much
Too much skin
Too much softness
Too many folds
Too much of me is filling up space
That’s what they tell me
I see the reflection and I hate all of this excess ME

“I wish you cared more about your body”

What is the remedy?
A perfect diet
A perfect exercise regimen

Think before you speak on a body, sir
Because your words alone
Have the power to ignite a hell

His venom is still pulsing through me
And I’m burning up
I want to escape
Crawl out from the water
Become pure wind

But how do I love me?
How do I allow myself to occupy space?
To stop hiding from every mirror, every glance at the ocean of my belly?

I don’t know
I’m not there yet
I am on an opposite shore consumed by self-hatred
Longing to set sail for somewhere

Somewhere I can cherish the secrets that these sacred ripples of flesh hide
Where my waistline is a treasure map of my wisdom
A place where his words have no power
Where I collapse into the sunset and set myself...
june ivy Feb 2021
sitting in my car
crying on my birthday
trying to drive on
swerving through the turn lane

another year, another fear
I'm anxious as I steer
then my eyes well with tears and I can't see the road
crashed my car let me go home
I don't want to be here anymore

people stare but they aren't looking
it's my ******* birthday
trying to drive on
swerving off the road and I'm gone

another year another fear
I wish for death as I steer
crashed my car let me go home
I wanna die on the day that I was born
june ivy Feb 2021
The light shines through the windowpane
and I start to melt, I scream in pain
Hello? help, I can't do this again
Shut the curtain, I'm alone again
Sizzled and fried, I think I just died
How does it feel to still be alive?
My lungs are the only thing that's left
Slowly rising and falling in a ****** mess

How does it feel to still be alive?
Stop crying

My heart skips beats when I can't sleep
My eyes strain red
I shot myself in the head
This hole in my brain makes me think I'm insane
Watch me laugh it off again
Syrup pours out but it's not very sweet
So I'll hand you the gun, tell you, "copy me."
Outcasts in hysteria hold onto our feet

How does it feel to still be alive?
How does it feel to join the dark side?
Stop crying
You're dying
I have always felt inferior to her.
She made sure of that.
She always made comments that shattered my confidence, but then complimented herself and built up her own ego.
I have always struggled with my weight and I’m practically starving myself to obtain a figure that she so effortlessly has.
I look at my stretch marks with wet eyes filled with embarrassment and shame.
I work out and eat healthy food.
I deprive myself of the foods I crave and barely eat enough calories to get me through the day.
She gets to eat whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and she’ll literally lose weight in the process.
I work so hard to keep my job and can barely afford to put gas in my car.
She stays home doing whatever she wants all day and spends money on her daddy’s credit card.
I bust my *** to have good grades and struggle to keep them.
She does all her schoolwork while she’s drunk and high and she still makes the dean’s list.
I try so hard to keep what little I have and she so effortlessly has more than I do.
I just don’t understand how that’s fair.
Why does she deserve it and I don’t?
Toxic best friends are the worst kind because you don't know how to get rid of them.
Amanda Aug 2020
Change me
I don’t like it
Make it go away

Sculpt me better
Tear me apart
And sew a new frame

Pull out my dulled eyes
For ones full of light
I’m sick of theses dying eyes
The ones who couldn’t see the love
Who could only show distrust
So tear out my broken eyes
Please give me something new

Them cut off both my hands
Cause they’ve done nothing to be kept
They bruised my neck
And cut my skin
So why keep them around

And my mouth
My beautiful little mouth
Stayed quiet when I cried
When I wanted to scream
When I needed help
Smiling through pain
Laughing through hardship
Cut it off
Rip it
Shred it until it’s in a million pieces
Give me a new one

Melt my stomach
Burn it
Set it on fire until it’s nothing but ash
It’s endless cries of hunger
Ribs poking holes through the thin skin
I hate it
It’s ugly and disgusting

Chop off my feet
Endlessly walking in a circle
Never quite near freedom
Taking me closer and closer to death
Let them bleed out across the floor
Until all that’s left
Is a husk of skin and bones

Rip out my heart
The thing that made me cry
Tears flowing across the hall
Stab the thing that stopped
When she walked in the room
That stopped when she walked out the door

And my brain
I hate it the most
I wish I could smash it into a million pieces
Burn it to ash
Do a million things I couldn’t name
I would shout at the voices
Stop breaking me
Stop hurting me
Stop controlling me
Stop it before I go mad
Before I go crazy
Before I rip myself apart

Burn the rest of the body
The whole thing was just a mess
Beyond repair
No one cares for that thing
Just throw it in the river already
Let sink to the bottom
And lay there for years
Because no want that thing
That ugly little husk
june ivy Jun 2020
"Much better, I'm fine!"
I still cry every night.

"I stopped listening to those sad songs!"
Instead I write sad poems.

"I don't restrict calories anymore!"
My ***** decorates the floor.

"I started an exercising routine!"
I push myself until I can't see.

Every time I think I'm free, another problem holds me in captivity.
I thought I was done, but new issues just begun.
I hate myself.

"How about you?"
june ivy May 2020
Aching, alone in the moonlight
My hurtful thoughts burn just as bright.
I drift numb through waves of sorrow,
The desire to be weightless lures me further below.
It's the calm before the storm of hunger
Yet I continue to starve, my stomach protests like thunder.

Fading in and out, I'm drowning no doubt.
Floating above me are skeleton bones and thin torsos
I idolize them, while my self hatred grows.
My lungs fill with salty tears, making me bloated, accomplishing my fears.

I'm ravenous
I don't care
I say, "I'm not hungry, really, I swear!"

Standing naked and ashamed in front of the mirror.
"You look disgusting!" A nasty voice sneers.
Recovery is far, for I still utterly agree.
I'm a horrifying atrocity, don't let anybody see.

As I drift forlorn to the open abyss
I beg, just wanting self worth and bliss.
The violent waves subside,
Making me realize it's okay now if I die
But I'll say it one more time: "I'm fine."
june ivy May 2020
I try to tell myself everything I do is not for you
My life it revolves
The sun the stars the moon
I stand before the mirror trying to see myself clearer
Tears morph my body’s shape
Blurred like spilled paint
I whisper, “I hate you” as I stare at my face
I can’t breathe, so faster I try
Lightheaded vision, gagging, wanting to die
But the most I do is cry.

I drift lonely, lonely for you
You’re my depression, you’re my muse
Self hatred claims my compass,
So I follow it into the forest
And loathe your loving,
It infects me like fungus
Now I’m lost and scared
Inside my brain, you inject your lethal stain
I follow you on your path of wonder till I collapse
Exhaustion, pain, death, relapse

I idolize you and your flaws
How you seem so free
While around me forms a mist of misery
A clouded conscious with what I made you my life
Now I hate everything that I am,
And nothing’s right
Unmotivated, unsure
I allow you to engulf me; careless for a cure
I know what I’m doing but I don’t know who I am
Still on my knees I pray to you,
The blood slain of my own lamb.
My addiction to your presence has forced me to beg for more
I don’t know why I can’t end this war.
Lulu Dec 2019
oh, the hours I have lost to the mirror

staring into my own eyes
studying every edge
every inch
with scientific rigour

as my face and body
contort themselves
into new and grotesque angles

the longer I look
the tighter I am wrapped
by the suffocating bonds of truth

the flaws mount
on a carefully noted list
graffiti on my brain
each word seeping thick, black ink
pooling at my feet
rising to my neck

self-loathing is bitter and viscid in my mouth
when I tried to swallow
it wedged
a dry lump in my throat

I wish I could take a knife
to cut away every imperfection
to slim the nose
to slice the fat
to carve the cheekbones
to dig out the freckles
and leave myself a beautiful, ****** mess

I wish I could hold a candle to my face
until it dripped
like wax
soft enough to be moulded
into whatever
they wanted.
Hi, I'm pretty new to this so please don't hold back on your feedback... I would really appreciate some constructive criticism!
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