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Mathieu 6d
Be not the king, for you are the kingdom.

Be not the Shepard, for you are the sheep.

Be not the broken road, for you are to travel

Be not the death of you dreams, for you are are to reap.
Mathieu Apr 19
Eponymous, insidious indifference.
Towers before fates road, exquisite.
Beckoning the soul to a fork.
A question.

A man can break who he used to be?
Or will he be? Until he breaks.
Ponder at the fork, day passes day.
From end to end, the requiem,
sings and rings, like a lovely dream
But beautiful things.
Like destiny.
Its crescendos extinguish.

Try though, he does to see both roads.
To sense and see the masquerade.
No map to guide.
No stars to follow.
No end to see,
Through his glass shadow.
Live for the moment, live for the future.
It doesn't matter, if you don't decide to live.
Mathieu Apr 6
Lately, I've been stronger, than I've been

The ghosts don't creep and nights don't sew together,

Every rising sun, casts a shadow.

I shouldn't think about you, I know

The seasons change, but my love, it grows.

As we wind along the ocean road,

just to see how far it goes.

But it always sets.

It always



Mathieu Jan 21

Life had a story for you, from the first page you started.

Please, don't shed a tear, it's not your fault you departed.

Fate had a hand to play in the bed that you lay.

He tore us away in a moment of grace.

In rebellion, that smile not once, left your beautiful face.

Clea, visit me, please?

When I'm curled up in bed,
asleep, let your spirit rest on my chest.

Gently let me know, that I'm not alone.

That there is something left?
Mathieu Jan 11
So do you see me?
Do you see what I've become?
I'm not the same beast, no
I leave a scar on all I touch
You think you know me now
Is it better than I know myself?
I know it hurts like hell
Admitting just how you've misjudged
You don't know me, you cannot own me
The path I'm on don't fit the old me
I bare my soul as I keep evolving
And I chase this taste for blood
See, I learned real young, don't seek no gold
Trust no fool, and you won't get sold
I never feared the dark, no, I just became it
When the lights go dead, you better pray you're safe, kid
Parkway Drive - Shadow Boxing
All I know
Is how
I feel

And sometimes I
Wish I
Knew nothing
Mathieu Jan 4
I cradle the moon in my hands and extend it to you.

To be swept far away, submerged in the waves

Adrift, I miss the starry night.
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