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Nathalie Jan 10
The string of pearls
sat at the foot of the bed
while I brushed out
my long locks of
curly brown hair

A smile twinkled
from my eyes as I
looked in the mirror
and memories of his
lingering kiss on my
shoulder danced
in visions through
my mind

The burst of light
from the outline
of the moon shone
through my window
in my bedroom
casting a warm glow
of romance and candlelight

A night of dreams
in manifestations of
etheral wishes and
dreams coming alive
in breaths for the New Year
and in waves of love

Glory Oct 2019
A silent sunrise
Your last wheezy breaths were swirling, howling winds ensnared in an invisible beer bottle
Undisturbed, I slept on
When I woke, you were gone
Nathalie Jun 2019
She bounced back
From her thoughts
As the clock chimed
She lay in a barren room
Where the silence
Was deafening
Her wiry limbs
Hung over the bed
As she took
Long deep breaths
For she knew
That if she didn’t
Soothe her mind
Panic could strike
At any moment

Seanathon Jan 2019
I’ve let your echo
Ruminate and round
For far too long
And now
I breathe you out
Like smoke ingested
Christian Jan 2019
We held each other, unbounded warmth,
our lips, only an atom away,
crystalized joy in our hearts was formed
and soon our lungs for our breaths made way.
Salmabanu Hatim Oct 2018
Come closer honey,
Listen to my heartbeats
yearning for you,
Like the sound of the ocean in a conch shell.
Come closer sweetheart,
Read our love story,
Etched in lines and shading,
Along the seashore of my body skin.
Come closer baby,
Feel how my breaths gasp and fall,
As ocean waves,
I, a windsurfer trying my best to hold on.
As much as you have made me burn in the raging fire of  my love for you,
I wish you to roast with me in the inferno.
If it had been a stranger I would have desired the same,
But, you are my love,
How can I?
Tanay Sengupta Aug 2018
Chirping crickets, unheard whispers and a lonely street light.
For a small town, it is such a typical night.
A sweet aroma blows with the breeze,
Perhaps, coming from one of the flowers or the trees.

Red flares and moonflowers blooming under the moonlight.
Adding more grace to this beautiful night.
Peace and serenity rule in this silence,
There is no noise, there is no violence.

There are just sounds of heartbeats, deep breaths and whispers.
Just sounds of heartbeats, deep breaths and whispers.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
This is rather recent, I hope you like it. Happy reading!
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