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Natalie Aug 5
Trade winds blow backwards
My mind reels
Insight in insight

Thirdhand apocrypha
Melting all the time
Icebergs within icebergs
faeri Sep 2018
We drifted;
Like the continents,
Like icebergs,
Like thoughts.

Like lovers,
we drifted.
Clive Blake Jul 2017
On the I C,
I C,
I C Bergs.

Their splendour
Leaves me
Lost for wergs.
like icebergs
we keep floating
through our lives
   tops in the present
   bulky bodies in the past

what lies unseen below the surface
steadies our course

we take it as it comes
sun, rain, and snow & ice & wind

sometimes it melts us down a bit
but overall
it makes the bulks of our bodies grow

the new weighs heavily and
pushes what was new before
day by long day

in balmy southern waters
we slim down
and then
   one day
a final ache splits
upward from the bottom
through the consolidated matter
    of all years

and we drown

* *

— The End —