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neth jones Mar 28
vagrancy forms the pupil
loitering firms a study
a passenger of the seasonal influence

believe in the homeless
the pigeons and the litter
lovingly observe the unhandled gaps
in our gathered mouthings

believe in big babies
believe in display
the posters
the money bleed
that we are sincere to
and the signals that thread us
to one single box

invited and isolated
on vacation
and vacated

inattentive pupils
Standing on one foot
in the rain
Who is to blame
Holding out a hand
for a dole
or..... for another hand
to hold
to help go
People just passing by
Looking away
To avoid
eye to meet eye
Who’s to blame?
We hide in shame.

Shell ✨🐚
People look away most of the time if they see someone in need  on the street!
I guess they don’t feel comfortable being confronted with it.
A lost hungry vagrant
on a train to nowhere
everywhere's his home


     on a patch of hay
     in the heat of day
     he doesn't bother to get
     on his knees and pray

          everything he wants
          is in his sweat and blood
          the shirt on his back
          and his matter of fact


                                     ­          no one can touch his
                                               solitary freedom
                                               even when burdened with chains
                                               and in heavy rains


                    he flies through time
                    known by himself
                    on a patch of hay


        in an empty, lonely cart
        on a train to nowhere
        wandering the face of the earth


yearning for Starlight💫
Lost Sep 2019
I always feel like a compass spinning
Directionless, I can hardly see
The paths I could take
To the places I need to be
But I trudge on, aimlessly
“My compass spins, the wilderness remains” - Bright Eyes
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2018
Wandering this lonely terrain
Trying to escape the nightmare I live
I yearn to fly away from pain
The ghostly love you give

Trust has become a scarcity
In our darkest hour
Someone wise once told me
Solitude will grant you power

I have no one, no belongings, no home
Reduced to a vagrant without your embrace
Feet and emotions fated to roam
Until they find their purpose and place
I feel so directionless by myself
Derrek Estrella Oct 2018
New York drowns in the California-made blue
The child of the voodoo kisses the sky
Her indigo ligaments are laid bare
While she falls, chasing smoking rabbits

She is small yet she soars
With her proportions falling on deaf heads
She remembers the knights of the dawn
Tangled in her gallivanting hair

Without knowing her doors
She noses her way through her window
The modest parachute travels
With the nomadic East

She recognizes heaven by taste
Knowing that she believes less and less
Seeing all without need for the travel
Ignoring the scrutiny of a gavel

Leaving in the morning
Not stopping until the fifth night
Learning for forty fortnights
Stopping to rest every second year

What a bright-eyed soul!
A sparkling visage
Adorning all her wanders
The world is at her command
I would rather
be a
a belongerer
to no body
to no country
a loose end

than to bob
at every tug
of the yarn's
amasses me
a wriggled up
ball of

I would rather
be alone
scooped up
in a basket
with others
of my
and held in
by the
domed up
for containment

clicks and
of my
and chattering

frazzled bits
smoothing out
as my length
is tugged
up and up
like a long

I would rather
be loose
and scrappy
and stumpy
and ragged
the one that
nobody loves
the discarded
refuse of a
more discerning

than be made
into somebody

© 2017 Adelaide Heathfield
Sometimes it's better to be alone than to be in bad company. Sometimes it's better to be independent than to be dependent on the wrong thing.
Phoenix Apr 2017
A little girl with hopes and dreams
An artistic mother whose smile beams
A burly father who protects the team
Family is as it seems

A little girl that is confused
A fighting mother who is always bruised
A father that now grabs the *****
Family is far from smooth

A young girl that can’t understand
A tired mother who sits on her hands
An angry father who only demands
Family crumbles like sand

A teenage girl with a broken heart
A single mother falling apart
A father lying asleep in a park
Family is far from the start

A teenage girl who sleeps around
A mother buried in the ground
A father who is chained and bound
Family is not profound

A young adult with pain on her mind
A mother who is still resigned
A father who was left behind
Family is redefined
I hope my life doesn't hit stanza five....I'm quite worried about mt mom right now
Dawn Treader Dec 2016
A man in a tailored suit
A man eating rotten fruit
One divorced three wives
Two contrasting lives

One is a lawyer
The other a beggar
I’m sure you think of the two of them,
One is a hundred times better

He’s in fine garments
The other’s worn and tattered
One’s dreams came true
The other one’s shattered

But none of that matters—why?
How ‘bout you ask us, the maggot and the fly
Because in the end —and we say this without shame
A vagrant and a lawyer in death both taste the same
Death is the great equalizer.
Charlie Hazels Nov 2016
The greyness will not go
From my mind, from the world
A dome of haze surrounds this troubled town
Dense, thick, ****** into the ground and out to the sky
From my soul, from the world
I'm not so far from sitting with the wild eyed vagrant
Watching all hope walk away
From my heart, from the world
A cruel twist of fate this is- when it began
Troubles came from a solution
From my pocket, from the world
Thanks to inefficiency, from the privileged
I have no food coming
From my hand, from the world
Dreams of warmth and meagre luxuries
Seem so distant, so impossible
From my head, from the world
If I can't survive this month on air
I shall go from my home
To the street, to the world.
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