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Naeem May 3
Governed by the demons
That call my every move
Tipping the bottle
Downing the last pill
Sinking into the water
Eyes glazed over
The shadows creeping closer
I close my eyes
Awake in my bed I lay
Dried tears across my face
I scream out in anger
And try to dream of that night
Just a thought
What used to matter
Now its all useless.

All those those things I thought were true
Seems like I didn't even had a clue.
Even though I was used to the pain
Cause it was the only thing made me feel alive!
Now it seems to not matter
It was all useless!

Waking up everyday with the same burden
Caught in the web I, myself had woven
What it really seems
Is that nothing really matters!

My head starts spinning
My body's shaking
Thinking about what could've done!
My feet starts walking
My hands are reaching
Desire for my world to burn!

And still I am here
Just waiting for you...
Drowning in the pool of agony
With disbelief in Separation!!!
Sunstrike Apr 25
This quarantine days just has no end.
Alone in this empty space.
No one ask me how was my day went.
The hate you keep inside won’t help you float.
But you cling to it, so below you.

Push it under you, to get above the waves.
But eventually the swell will drag you to hell.

Cling to it so below you.
It’s weight will stretch your arms.
Drag you down.

Down into the undertow. Against progress.
So vile, repugnant and insipid. You rot.
Your fingernails leave scars on hate.
You cling to it so.
But shout opposed to such accusation.

Now low enough the crash of the waves blind you.
Squinting through their spray, you struggle.
Treading in denial as you try to pull your hate to breast.

I’d reach out to you, if your hate wouldn’t drag us down together.
And we’d be clinging to something so below you.
Isabella Mar 20
Little girl, no strength in her heart.
Little girl, so weak she's falling apart.

Quiet girl, no words on her tongue.
Quiet girl, speaks to no one.

Lonely girl, a flicker of a candle.
Lonely girl, she can't even handle.

Invisible girl, a ghost in the dark.
Invisible girl, not even a spark.

Useless girl, breathing, wasting air.
Useless girl, no one will ever care.

Little girl, incapable of what?
Little girl, you call me, but,
I have words and I have love.
From your names, I'll rise above.

I can think, I can create.
And hopelessness is not my fate.

A little girl is not all I am.
I won't die blindly like a lamb.
I'll die in paper I'll never share.
All because you didn't care...
N Mar 2
I am but a shattered
ashtray that once
belonged to a dead smoker
Izzy Feb 29
One could say that pensively staring out of the window sill is poetic I think it’s wallowing...

I'm not going to get myself into recovery by self-isolating,
Makes me wonder if I even want to recover,
Think it makes me cool being this sick,
It gives me reasons to be such a ****.
Izzy Feb 29
Nary an original thought possesses me,

maybe I should become mute?

But then how would I boast about my obnoxious self perceived importance?
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