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Gender Fluid/Nowhere   
F    I am a floating notion but I do not exist
happiness is a mood, not a destination


Aa Harvey  Jul 2018
Useless love
Aa Harvey Jul 2018
Useless love

I’m so full of useless love; nobody wants it.
They can have it for free; I can’t even give it away.
I’m so sick of this useless love; there is no point,
In being so pessimistically disappointed,
Or even trying to speak about, this hopeless romantic love.  Hooray!  
Is not a word I use lightly, only sarcastically.
Misery, my only continuous companion; gone is passion,
For useless love.  Take it all away.

Remove this heart, this useless thing;
This useless love that exists, inside of me.
Remove yourself from my nothing; the bitter waste of your pity.
Keep it all; you need it more, than you will ever need me.
The final fall, worth nothing at all; this useless, useless love.

Loser speaks; says nothing, of interest.
Stop listening to my silence;
Just try your best to be apathetic and not detest.
Just admit that you do not care; join me in my despair.
Go away, I will lock the door.
You will not have to see me crawl
And beg for this useless love, once more.
Just take it all!  This useless love.
I cannot take it at all, anymore.

Stone; gone; pause.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Riq Schwartz  Mar 2012
Riq Schwartz Mar 2012
I wrote a book called "Useless"
a thousand pages long,
and every page is useless
a thousand letters strong.
And each disjointed sentence
on each disjointed page
makes up another chapter
that I could call a day.

And in this book called "Useless,"
each task I was assigned
took up another hour
I wanted to call mine.
But in this useless novel
where nothing lasts for good,
it made such little difference.
I wish they understood.

It seems most of my pages
were writ without my words
by many other people.
Oh, had I only heard
the voices of the others
who told me not to write
unless I was the author,
and never stand contrite.

The creases in these pages
were put there not by me,
but by the "Learned" people
who thought it best to be
the leaders of my charges!
The heroins and kings
that lead me on to vic'try --
the "freedom" that it brings.

And so they tore those pages,
divided from the spine
of that old book called "Useless."
I loathe to call it mine.
There each and every paper,
now added to their own
collection of these useless
thoughts, was ne'er made known.

'Till dust began collecting
upon the golden leaf
that read the title "Useless"
so powerful and brief,
until I dared to read it
and so lament each time
I had no say in rhythm,
in meter or in rhyme.

And there spread out before me,
each letter cold and black,
contained my very life, still
no life was reading back.
I wanted so to burn it
and send it to its grave.
'Till, better or for worse, I saw
this book is all I have.

I quietly replaced it
between the other books,
now something less embarrassed
by all the space it took,
and realized there with reverence
I needed a new page,
to change my manuscript and
above all else, engage.

And so I keep old "Useless"
so that they might believe
that I write in these pages
for them and not for me.
And here I write another.
It does not have a name
since only time will dictate
the nature of my game.

Now tired of that story,
monotonous and prose,
I altered my technique. now,
it, something like this, goes:
I wrote a poem called useless
though I dont think it is.
You see, it is a prologue.
Peter DeSpirito  Nov 2019
Peter DeSpirito Nov 2019
Keeping what I have inside to hide my true self for others to benefit without throwing a fit

'cause I'm useless and getting sick of it...

useless is a new feeling like an empty thought revealing to people that I am less than them...and to make them feel good about themselves...

high on their pedestal like trophies on shelves earned by greatness I don't even have a medal...

though I'd settle for pats on the shoulder...Or smart *** commendings....but I am useless..

my pen feels my pain....but I remain my strong witted ordain...sleep the same and stay a sucker in the love game...

I am useless like a soldier without a gun...

nothing to show for my gain closer to my own head fame....RUN!!!...

I wear my war face outside to hide my battling pain inside...bite my tongue and take the strikes of a tongue lashing being insulted destroying my strive driven pride

intelligence I seem not to heart is filled with stress....hanging my head in shame wearing a hood to hide my face for I am useless...and I'm to blame...cause I let it happen...

I am useless and show that I cannot be counted on...but I struggle strong and will 'til my life is gone...

invisible head can no longer hang...dang...what to do's a **** shame...but I am to blame...

I am useless like a gun without a I mature much older my shoulder becomes brittle...mind shrinks little...hop becomes a wiggle..shakes become worst

useless like liverwurst...

like dirt I am walked on looked upon like I'm incompetent...

but I am content at being useless like steak to someone with no teeth...eyes open to disbelief for a brief second...listen to me when I am useless...

By: Peter T. DeSpirito December 23, 2011
Depression makes you feel different things...